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    Where to watch all Ireland in SDC

    Will be in SDC on Saturday and missing the All Ireland Senior football final replay. Any suggestions where to watch it anyone #drive45
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    Sandals with or without socks or trail runners?

    Ok I'm sorta done with boots, too hot and sweaty in the heat and too hard to dry when wet. Should I go the trail runners or the sandals and if the sandals with or without socks and what socks. Do I need liners like boots?
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    Grenwich meridian

    I think I may have found a question that hasn't been asked before. ( is that possible??) Where does the grenwich meridian cross the Camino Frances. Is it marked. I must have passed it without realizing it....
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    Sung Sunday mass tomorrow in leon

    Hi, does anybody know is there a sung mass tomorrow in Leon. The website says the times are at 9, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 18 hours.
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    Leon is full!

    Probably shouldn't be too surprised but Leon has no beds tonight. And that was at about 2:30. Should have booked ahead. Got an expensive ok hotel n the outskirts. Oh the joy of soaking tired legs in a bath.....
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    Dormitory size & single vs mixed sex

    After a recent unsatisfactory experiences I have come to the conclusion that generally as a man a larger mixed sex dormitory with no pre booking leads to a more civilised experience.
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    First night tonight in burgos

    Hi I am currently on the bus to burgos from Madrid. Last year I finished my Camino in the lovely municipal alburge in burgos and spent my last night there. Will I be allowed to stay my first night tonight there starting off again..... And how busy is that section now? Can't believe I'm on the...
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    New Vlog

    Hi, A pal of my son is currently vlogging from the camino. some of the shots are just so beautiful, enjoy
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    Cosmic Camino

    Yes, I'm definitely doing the Camino and will be somewhere between pamplona and Santiago. It will be awesome..... Proper awesome..... https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/solar/2026-august-12
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    tarta de santiago

    anybody got a recipe that works. Want to bring back the memories.......
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    alsa bus booking with foreign credit card

    I have been trying to book an alsa bus on their site with a foreign credit card. Has anybody got to to work?? Their are a few old 2012 trip advisor posts saying it doesn't work. It accepts the data and then just spins and spins with no message saying that the payment has been accepted??
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    primitivo in the autumn

    hi, I was hoping to do the primitivo from ortivo in the autumn. When is the beat time in your opinion. I am looking for a quieter Camino where there is no issues with accommodation yet also when there is still some heat max about 22c. no rain would be nice too ☺ . Is early October too late? Mid...
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    villafranca tonight need to get to burgos busstation for 1pm sat

    hi im in villafranca tonight. I need to get a 1pm bus to Bilbao from burgos on sat and want to walk. Should I just do a biiiiig day tomorrow 38km and enjoy burgos before getting the bus or just stay in alburge in atapuerca and walk to burgos sat morn...... Oh the decision's feet knees etc are in...
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    1 week where to start

    I Hope to do a week of the Camino with my 15 yr old son in the spring. Anyone any suggestions on which route and where to start...... Onece we finish in santiago. I am more of a walker myself but he only wants to cycle I have walked the porteguese and last part of the Francis already. I'm...
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    arriving late in los arcos

    Hi, with flights etc.. I will be arriving to start my Camino in Los arcos via bilbao and bus to lograno on the 15 Oct at about 10:30pm. I can foresee two issues here. 1 the curfew at most of the alburges.... And getting a 2 getting a bed at such a late hour..... Any ideas or suggestions? thanks...
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    bilbao to los arcos

    Hi, I am hoping to do about 7 - 10 days from los arcos to burgos (picking up from where I left off some years ago) Flying into bilbao seems the best airport from dublin. does anyone have ideas or experience of this route? Thnks S
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    Starting from porto on the central route sat 26th September

    Hi I will be arriving in porto on the 25th and plan to start from the cathedral and then take the metro to vilar do pinheiro early morn 26th. I will be doing it solo! Anyone else out there planning to do the same or am I realy on my own!!! S
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    How busy quiet will it be in late sept

    Hi, I am planning to go from tui to Santiago starting 29 Sept to 6th Oct? How busy/quite can I expect it to be will most of the alburgues still be open? Thanks