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  1. twh

    Really Dumb Albergue Question. Sorry.

    I would prepare one’s kit for the least comfortable, least user friendly conditions. Some Albergues have modern “spacious” accommodations for showering, changing, hanging clothes, bench to sit on, shelves for toiletries etc.. In my limited experience thats about 25%. Another 15% are so small...
  2. twh

    Update on Dave Bugg

    Thanks for letting us know Dave is facing a medical challenge. He is in my thoughts and prayers as I put on the hiking shoes he recommended for my daily walk.
  3. twh

    Assault near Lisbon on the Portugués

    With all due respect to those apologizing above, regardless of gender, age, religion or physical stature I will warn and/or advise my fellow humans that I come into contact with about any dangers, minor or major I perceive they may be walking into. On and Off the Camino. I hope they would do...
  4. twh

    News Related to the Future of Credencials

    It will be so much fun to return home and reminisce while gazing at each unique and precious QR code in my phone. I don't think so. My sweaty, rain stained stamps in my credentials are my best tactile souvenirs.
  5. twh

    Assault near Lisbon on the Portugués

    We need a Camino App that includes all relevant “new” information on all the major routes. This App would have a feature allowing the user to send updates to the App maintenance team (for verification & updating the App) on criminal activity, bad experiences with law enforcement, accommodation...
  6. twh

    Father/Daughter Camino book - Published July 2020

    On every Camino there are always a number of fellow travelers that you meet for a brief and pleasant moment that you think you’ll never see again. That was the case between me and Kristin with her Dad. Each one of the numerous reunions that followed were full of smiles and laughter and good...
  7. twh

    Portuguese Coastal to Central link.

    From Vila do Conde I walked 22 km to Pedra Furada, you can just see that name at the very top of the picture in the second map. I stayed at a private Albergue called Antonios. It had a warm feeling bar and restaurant and Antonio was personable. The next two possibilities are at 27 km and 31 km...
  8. twh

    Portuguese Coastal to Central link.

    I crossed over in October 2019. The municipal albergue is modern with hot showers, good beds, washing machine and just 7.50 euros. If you stay there be sure to check out the aqueduct just a few blocks to the east. The first building north of the Albergue (across the parking or paved lot) has...
  9. twh

    Bus from Muxia to Santiago

    I took that early morning bus in Oct 2019. I bought the ticket on the bus from the driver. I was not focused on looking for people with prepaid tickets so perhaps it is possible to get tickets ahead of time. I arrived at the stop in the dark about 15 minutes before departure time and was...
  10. twh

    Partial coastal or full inland route?

    I like variety so I did a similar route. First day from Porto along the ocean on the board walk, then the central route to Pontevedra where I turned west on the Spiritual route loop (that includes a boat ride) to Padron where I joined the crowds for the final day and half of walking into...
  11. twh

    Please read this about Bed Bugs

    I completely agree with the “100% ownership decision” but it’s hard to "know the risk" of a bed bug encounter, if you only poll people who have been bitten. I now realize my guess of < 1% of pilgrims getting bit is meaningless, I should have left that out...it could be less, it's probably...
  12. twh

    Please read this about Bed Bugs

    it would really be a shame to miss out on a Camino experience due to a fear of an infrequent event...bed bugs. I cannot offer a reliable probability of getting bit by bed bugs but it must be incredible low, less than 1% chance. Of all the people I met during my 500 mile journey and all the...
  13. twh

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    I know exactly how you feel Jill and Dave. However, the introductions one gives at Orisson are very brief. You can get by with "Hi my name is Dave, I'm from Canada, I found an opportunity to do this Camino and here I am". Five seconds of talking, sit back down, performance over. Others will...
  14. twh

    Too ambitious?

    This is something I did not at all anticipate. It seems silly now but while on the camino it was the only source of stress for me during those first couple weeks. No matter how I packed my backpack, it was difficult to remove only the things I needed from my back pack upon arrival at an...
  15. twh

    Too ambitious?

    As others have stated, when you get there, listen to your body, ease into the camino, walk at your comfortable pace and not someone else's pace. Take lots of breaks, take VERY good care of your feet during the day and after arriving at your accommodation. Training: walking on flat land without...
  16. twh

    To those on the Frances now...

    Agreed on La Finca. Very comfortable bed, excellent group dinner and the owner is very proud, in a good way, of all the hands-on hard work he has put into the construction of the group dinning room at this Albergue...be sure to ask him about it. I stayed in the newer building and the bathroom...
  17. twh

    Bed bugs once again

    For those who have experienced first hand the uncomfortable skin reaction from bed bug bites (redness, swelling, itchy feeling), are you also sensitive or more reactive than the people around you to mosquito bites or other insect bites? I'm wondering if most people who get bitten by bedbugs...
  18. twh

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    Hello ChristinaD, Like Dani7, I’m sorry that you missed the magic of Orisson. I think your very honest and open post is extremely helpful to newbies traveling long distances to their starting point on the Camino. Jet lag is real. It slows you down physically and mentally. Everything is harder...
  19. twh

    Show Up; Get Bed?

    Bring a tent in case it rains that night....or all the other nights of gambling on the Camino Royale...may the odds be with you.
  20. twh

    To Orisson or not to Orisson...

    4 reasons NOT to spend a night at Orisson. 1. You are time constrained. You’ve planned your trip itinerary to the day and you have no buffer, no zero days, no recovery days etc… 2. You are budget constrained. The 10 or 20 extra Euros you will spend here means you will miss a meal or two during...