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  1. Camino Bear

    Virtual Camino Virtual Camino

    Thank you for posting! My family's Camino for this month is cancelled so we will be walking our virtual Camino in NYC.
  2. Camino Bear

    COVID My "CoronaCamino 2020"

    Thank you for making me smile :-)
  3. Camino Bear

    Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma

    Thank you everyone for the ideas! I'm going to reach out to a few of the hotels mentioned. I'm think we may need to bring a car seat with us (with a traveler case) and pay for the Correos to move it to each stage for us. Might be the safest and simplest way to take advantage of the hotel owners...
  4. Camino Bear

    Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma

    Thank you! You're right, can't hurt to look on Bookings or Airbnb. But I also remember that stretch not having much in way of accommodation.
  5. Camino Bear

    Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma

    That's a good idea! Thanks!
  6. Camino Bear

    Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma

    Thank you for your response! I am concerned that since we will not have a car seat, that a cab will not want to shuttle us. Of course, it is always best practice to use a car seat anyhow. Not sure if that will be an option for us.
  7. Camino Bear

    Betanzos to Hospital de Bruma

    So does anyone know if there is private accommodation anywhere in between Betanzos and Hospital de Bruma? We would be walking with our 1 year old so staying at the Preseo Alburgue is not really a good choice (although we stayed there in 2016 when we walked the Ingles without a baby and loved...
  8. Camino Bear

    Eating vegetarian in Logrono

    We stayed in the Alburgue Santiago Apostle and really liked it. We reserved a private room the night before but they also have bunks. Located right when you walk over the bridge into the city. They had a massage table (think massage chair but your laying down) when I was there in 2016. Buen Camino!
  9. Camino Bear

    Equipment for Chubby Girls (perhaps an ongoing guide)

    Wow! What a n amazing thread! I am a curvy woman (wear XL or US size 16) and have walked the Camino Ingles and the first section of the Camino Frances (SJPDP to Logroño). Some much good advice so far but I'd thought I'd share what I wore on my Caminos! First off, Old Navy all the way! Cute tops...
  10. Camino Bear

    Water in the Pyrenees

    Thank you friends for all the help! All the info is very useful. I will be bringing at minimum 2 liters with me now. And if it's sunny and very warm, more! Emily 'Camino Bear'
  11. Camino Bear

    Water in the Pyrenees

    Hi Camino Friends! I'll be walking from SJPDP to Orisson and then Orisson to Roncevalles next week. I'm trying to keep my pack light and am wondering how much water I'll have to carry. My questions is how many potable water fountains are there on this stretch of the Camino? Is the Roland...
  12. Camino Bear

    Camino Ingles

    Hi Jane, Regarding your original query, I would also highly suggest the Johnnie Walker guide so you have a better idea of the stages and accommodations. It is my understanding that you can get a Compestela from beginning in Coruna if you do the missed KMs in you hometown before you leave -...
  13. Camino Bear

    Camino Ingles

    Hi Jane! Yes, you can stay at the alburgue in Presedo. I met some pilgrims who do the walk from Mino to Presedo. I, however, walked there from Betanzos.
  14. Camino Bear

    Porto to Santiago to Finistere to Muxia and then the Ingles.

    Hi! I walked the Camino Inlges last summer and really enjoyed. I really loved the town of Mino, although most pass by it on day 2 or 3, I stayed the night and loved exploring the bay and beaches, but I am partial to small ocean towns. I also enjoyed the Meson Museo restaurant in Presedo (on the...
  15. Camino Bear

    Advice for the Ingles

    Hello! Last summer I did the 7 stages that Johnnie Walker described and enjoyed the afternoon into the evenings in each of the towns. We also used his guide. I brought a cell phone and used it to book ahead a few private accommodations. I did not need to call a hospiletero, but I am slow walker...
  16. Camino Bear

    Camino Ingles - August 2016

    HI CAMINO FRIENDS! Wanted to post (a rather late update) on my Camino in 2016. First off, the Ingles is a wonderful experience. My husband and I loved the Way so much, we are returning this year to walk for a week on the Frances! As for the 'beds race' I asking about, it was very clear that...
  17. Camino Bear

    20 KM days possible on the Ingles?

    My husband and I walked the Ingles last August over eight days and took the route listed below EXCEPT we added an extra day by going from Betanzos to Presedo (we loved that day too because there's now a wonderful restaurant that's family owned near the Presedo alburgue where we ate lunch and...
  18. Camino Bear

    Tips for first time Camino Pilgrims

    I walked the Camino Ingles (my first Camino too!) this past August. A lot of people we met were surprised that we chose this route as our first Camino, but I wouldn't have had it any other way. I agree with the hill out of Pontedueme being more challenging than the one after Casa Julia :) If...