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  1. Ralph Ayling

    The FORUM...means what to you?

    Sorry to hear of your loss. This must be a difficult time for you. My thoughts are with you.
  2. Ralph Ayling


    I read this recently and enjoyed it immensely.
  3. Ralph Ayling


    I’m reading Agent in the Field by John Le Carré. It’s a good read and a diversion from the real world for a short period.
  4. Ralph Ayling

    COVID Staying Connected In Difficult Times

    I agree that September seems a long way off. I have no medical qualifications but it seems to me quite unlikely that the Camino will be open then. Here in Australia we’re grappling with it like every one else and it looks like a long road ahead. Buen Camino.
  5. Ralph Ayling

    COVID Cherish the elders

    So many beautiful and touching photos. Thanks to everyone for sharing them
  6. Ralph Ayling

    COVID When can we walk again? (March 2020 version)

    Thank you SimplyB for your detailed analysis on the issue. I appreciate it very much.
  7. Ralph Ayling

    Camino del Norte

    Have you considered starting at Irun or San Sebastián/Donostia? It’s an attractive walk with some interesting places such a Guernika.
  8. Ralph Ayling

    Services and marking on Camino Verde

    Yes, we did. The marking was generally good. Sometimes we had to look around a little but it all went well. It’s a beautiful walk. The only issue was some aggressive free running dogs at a farm on the second day. Thank you for the work you have done on the route We really appreciate it...
  9. Ralph Ayling

    Poll Where do you come from?

    Great thread. In my case, born and raised in South Africa. Now resident in Sydney Australia.
  10. Ralph Ayling

    Achilles strain

    I do not have a medical background but I agree with Dani7. Walking the Francés a couple of years ago I strained my left Achilles’ tendon. It was painful but I kept on walking taking painkillers. I also took a couple of rest days. Eventually I ruptured the tendon That was the end of my Camino...
  11. Ralph Ayling

    Where to Meet?

    I agree with the comments on Oviedo.It would also be a good place for your partner to do some recovery from jet lag.
  12. Ralph Ayling

    Thanks all for the advice (photos)

    Congratulations. Great photos.
  13. Ralph Ayling

    Ingles in September

    Thanks for your replies.
  14. Ralph Ayling

    Ingles in September

    I am thinking of doing the Ingles in the second week of September and then going on to Finisterre and Muxia. How busy is the Ingles then? Ralph
  15. Ralph Ayling

    A Coruna

    I agree with Trecile and Bogong. I suggest that you go there for several days at the end of your Camino.
  16. Ralph Ayling

    My intended stages on the Camino Primitivo (14 days)

    Hi Melissa, I did the Primitivo in June. Our stages to Lugo differed from yours as we followed the Gronge stages. I suggest that you shorten the 35 km day by stopping at O’Cádavo. Of course this pushes the stage to Lugo towards 30kms. You might want to consider a rest day in Lugo depending on...
  17. Ralph Ayling

    Camino Stamps in Guardia Civil quarters

    We got sellos at the Guardia Civil in A Gandara. The officer was very friendly. I suggest that pilgrims approach the local offices.