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  1. La Brique Jaune

    Comment by 'La Brique Jaune' in media 'Angels along the way...'

    Such a beautiful picture. Thanks for the Sharing.
  2. La Brique Jaune

    Why do pilgrims carry on when it is really hard?

    Hi David, Thanks to sharing your experience in your last post, it's explain the why of your question. I thinks the same thing that bring us on the Camino, like a deep wound mix-up with a spark of the idea of walking the Camino, keeps us to continue: I planned my Camino 3 years before I did it...
  3. La Brique Jaune

    Camino Podcast Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray ~ "I'll Push You"

    I was able to understand, it's writing in simple English. So If English it's not your first language and you understand the comments around here you can go for it.
  4. La Brique Jaune

    What is it with these stones?

    If she's a French-Canadian, I know the world...It's a swear world.
  5. La Brique Jaune

    On this date in July...

    On the 8th of july, today 3 years ago, I get my first stamp in Saint-Jean. On that day I had no particular emotions ....this is so strange. But on the Mesata all on this hit me :)
  6. La Brique Jaune

    Video Why do People Walk the Camino - with Ivar Rekve (who shares a Secret!)

    Thanks to both of you for the interview
  7. La Brique Jaune

    Am I in Spain or Heaven?

    Yes, When we love this country and we cannot go in, a thing we can do it's bring the country to us. For myself the meal brings me to Spain its calamares fritos 🤤
  8. La Brique Jaune

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Donde sea hay mariscos ! 🦂🦐🦞🦀
  9. La Brique Jaune

    Trying to understand

    Thank You, I happy than my post make a positive impact on members.
  10. La Brique Jaune

    Trying to understand

    Thank you
  11. La Brique Jaune

    Trying to understand

    Hi, Hope my english will be ok, It's big question, I asked myself so many times after my first Camino three years ago. Why I want to go back to this place ? When I came back, people asked me if I liked it. My response was: I will would go back tomorrow morning. After many questions to...
  12. La Brique Jaune

    Alternate versions of “The Way”

    Two versions of movie "The Way" two different ending....yes like one different ending for each one of us.
  13. La Brique Jaune

    Where to purchase an altus rain poncho in Lisbon?

    I saw you are from canada and you are french. So maybe your live near Montréal ? I bought my Altus Poncho at "La tienda d'ici a Compostelle". I don't have commercial interest Bon Chemin.
  14. La Brique Jaune

    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    And just after watching "The Way" I started to research on the web about the Camino, and found this forum, without knowing it I was preparing my Camino for 3 years after, I watched Star wars many time but theses movies never changed my life.
  15. La Brique Jaune

    Quick “The Way” synopses (and tribute)

    Hi to All, I watched the "the way" so many time, I miss the Camino. There is an another movie call "Tres en el Camino". The second explain more how the pilgrims feel :disappointment ,dolor... This one too I watched so many times and and why not to continue ?. And is in Spanish...so a good way...
  16. La Brique Jaune

    Do tiny rocks jump into your boots? Cheap, easy, lightweight solution

    Hi Mar Orego English is not my first language but I will try my best. I see you are interested to this topic so I will reply even is an old topic. For myself I had this problem when I walked the Camino I had to stop very often to remove these little rocks inside my shoes and sometimes they was...
  17. La Brique Jaune

    Got advice? Share it please!

    Hi Good Advices Above 1. Your body is your best friend 2. If your bring a camera, take pictures of people your meet and take their contact, one thing i will remenber all my life is the people I meet on the Camino 3. Be like a feather in the wind, do not overplan . Example: you want to to stay...
  18. La Brique Jaune

    Bayonne to St Jean Pied de Port train

    Hi It is TER-SNCF I found this: https://www.ter.sncf.com/nouvelle-aquitaine (in french), last year I bought my ticket directly at the train station Buen Camino
  19. La Brique Jaune

    Stupid question

    I just want to make an another one :)