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    What a reaction to a simple question. The OP simply asked was it allowed. The question hasent been answered but the opportunity was taken to round on the OP with scorn and negativity. Was a single comment re litter not enough? The OP needs to be commended and encouraged in their charity work...
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    Daily walking while we wait

    6pm to 6am.... ouch thats pretty hard core, made me feel appriciative of what restricted freedoms I have. IMHO gratitude is so important.... saw an abondoned broken zimmerframe the last couple of nights by the side of the road.... we are so lucky and take for granted to be able to walk. I will...
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    CF May 2021

    @trecille.... Did it again didn't I that what's happens with vino inspired posts !!!
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    CF May 2021

    Oh I'm from Dublin Ireland. My
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    CF May 2021

    More than a week. Please don't burst my hope bubble...
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    CF May 2021

    Yes, I am planning mid may if at all possible. The vaccination rates in spain look quite positive. Hopefully the current wave will be finished by then Fingers crossed. Need to start looking at a training schedule. I've never done tha
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    Booked our flights at a good rate

    There will be plenty of naysayers...... Even the hope is great to have.....
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    Have you been married a long time?

    120 years, if it how long do you feel your married for lol. Still yet to do a camino together.
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    Can walk 800k but cannot figure this forum.

    While everyone tries to figure out the details of the forum functions. I just want to say that for a donation\free service I think it's amazing.
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    Santiago to Finisterre by Bus during Covid

    Be sure to go downstairs to get the bus in the bus station.... Don't be like me and wait for the bus upstairs where the local bus is....Doh I missed my bus and ended up starting to walk to finisterre the next day instead. Worked out gr better....
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    2020 vs 2019

    By country would be interesting.....might give an idea as to how many English speaking pilgrims might be about ... It might be very quiet for those only speaking English....
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    COVID Governmental guidelines albergues

    Would camping not work?
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    Shockingly accurate

    Yes a bit like ...how do you know somebody is going to run a marathon....they tell you
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    Towards a theory of difficulty

    Id imagine that age doesn't matter as it would be a constant when you are walking it and the same would go for the level of your fitness. Weather might be different..... It all depends on what gronze did to calculate their score
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    Monbus station location?

    Remember the bus station in sdc has an upstairs and a downstairs. The bus leaves from downstairs.... I found that one out the hard way
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    Sarria pilgrims

    From experience walking in a group like this is very different from walking solo. I found that most of my interactions were with fellow group members which insulated me somewhat from some of the negativity that could be encountered from fellow solo pilgrims. That said I didn't encounter...
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    Pillows in albergues

    Another option is to stick your tee shirt over it as well if you want to have a cooler fabric.
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    Start in the rain

    Another option is to just not to look at the forecast beforehand and take it whatever day it is..... (Obviously for safety check the pilgrims office before you set out. )
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    Where to watch all Ireland in SDC

    Thanks, I do have the app, wasn't sure it would work in Spain. Good to know.... That's a plan. Thanks everyone
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    Where to watch all Ireland in SDC

    Thanks ivar