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  1. Dromengro

    Thru Hikes v Camino - Motivations?

    Surely this depends on where you start "The Camino", those starting in Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia, or even further afield would disagree about the lack of wilderness or challenging situations that would be better tackled with high levels of safety, preparation and experience, even closer ones...
  2. Dromengro

    How to make the Camino more tent friendly. Ideas?

    I wasn't thinking quite that as far back as The Middle Ages, but more like just before I walked, (which in some ways feels like it was the Middle Ages) and it started getting really popular, with Albergues and other pilgrim infrastructure, technical clothing and lightweight gear. More like...
  3. Dromengro

    How to make the Camino more tent friendly. Ideas?

    I think it is a useful thread, especially the points you made at the start. I would like to see legal camping as a normal acceptable option, especially along the Frances. Surely in these days where one hopes we are trying to lessen our carbon footprint, it's more environmentally friendly to...
  4. Dromengro

    West Highland Way

    Probably lots has changed since I walked it in 1980, the biggest change probably is that you can have your bag carried for you. I carried a heavy canvas tent with wooden poles, a wool army blanket and a frying pan to cook over a wood fire and keeps the midges away. I think I walked it before it...
  5. Dromengro

    Poll Which Camino are you planning next?

    The Frances again, but this time I want to do it properly, starting and hopefully finishing from home.
  6. Dromengro

    When was your first Camino?

    1984 was my first and last pilgrimage along the Way of St James via the Frances. I have no idea how I found out about it, pre internet days and of course no forums to find out anything beforehand, but somehow I found myself in SJPdP. I felt a bit uneasy as there was a lot of Basque ETA grafitti...
  7. Dromengro

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Yes I realise that there would not be the same connection, like there is in Spain, with everyone heading towards the same goal. Even here in the U.K. there is not the same connection, even on popular routes. Leaving that aside as well as the cost, as that too would cost a lot in the U.K. I was...
  8. Dromengro

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Forgive my ignorance as I've not been to the U.S. but I've often wondered why people travel half way around the world to walk in Spain, particularly if they are not doing it for religious reasons. Luckily I live in the U.K. where there is a huge network of footpaths that connect everywhere, as...
  9. Dromengro

    Question for those who have walked in Scotland

    I'm Scottish and brought up on the hills. I didn't know much about the Francis before going but I had heard about the really steep climb over the Pyrenees. I was expecting a rocky scramble, with maybe a nice scree run down the other side. I don't remember much about the climb, but I do remember...
  10. Dromengro

    The wild-west days of the camino

    I walked in 1984, probably closer to a medieval experience than that of todays pilgrimage That's the way it was for me. I didn't even know anything about stamps, or even that you got a compostela. Water and especially food wasn't easy to come by.
  11. Dromengro

    Dealing with ticks in inaccessible places (on the body not the Camino)

    Despite many years of hill walking, camping, grouse beating, deer stalking, and even helping with tick surveys in the Scottish Highlands, my first encounter with being bitten by ticks was in Spain on the Frances. I'd pitched my tent in the woods and settled down to sleep. I awoke to the sound...
  12. Dromengro

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    I'm not a fan of rock stacking, however I'd much rather see a pile of rocks created naturally by passing pilgrims than the artificial concrete pillars and metal motorway type signs that there is now along the Frances.
  13. Dromengro

    Backpacks (again)

    So you want a lighter weight 30L pack with an external hydration system and a ventilated back that's comfortable. At least that narrows it down a bit. :)
  14. Dromengro

    Backpacks (again)

    If it's served you well for 2 Caminos and has been used for 15 years why replace it now? If you can sew, I can't think of anything that couldn't be easily and cheaply repaired or replaced, you could even add some extra features that you feel your pack is missing. It can be re-waterproofed and...
  15. Dromengro

    Camino themed curtains?

    Zazzle has Camino themed fabric too.
  16. Dromengro

    Which size rucksack?

    @dougfitz It never ceases to amaze me the calculations some people do. :) Obviously I wouldn't recommend going overly large, no one really needs a 80L+ but having a bit extra room comes in handy rather than having it so tightly packed that you've no room for extras. something around 5 to 10L...
  17. Dromengro

    Which size rucksack?

    I think that a comfortable fit (back length, strap position), as well as durability and colour is probably more important than Litre size. If it's too small things can be strapped to the outside if its too big you can cinch it smaller with a few straps, if it's the wrong colour you'll hate no...
  18. Dromengro

    COVID Traveling from UK - where to go?

    Yes! It seems I can travel to Spain easily but can't travel to the nearest shop without being questioned if I have a valid reason to travel further than 5 miles. :)
  19. Dromengro

    What the ......

    I've met 2 old man of 80+ who had never travelled further than 10 miles from their homes in which they were born, never seen a town or city, no T.V. or many other things we take for granted. One was a crofter (small farmer) another a gamekeeper. Although "uneducated" they knew more about the...
  20. Dromengro

    Don't forget Masks, Hand Sanitizer, Sleeping Bag, Sleeping Pad and Contactless Credit/Debit Card..

    When I said Credit card I meant extra money in the bank to cover the unexpected, whether you carry that in Credit/debit card, travelers cheques, cash or gold. Personally I always make sure I always have at least one usually more, alternative ways of paying for anything. Even in those extreme...