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  1. Rebekah Scott

    YOU can be a Camino Ditch Pig in 2020!

    You can't keep a Ditch Pig down, not even in a world put on hold by a pandemic! We won't have the usual Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup crew this year, as most of our volunteers are locked down or face quarantines on their return home... and large swaths of the Camino are off-limits as well. BUT...
  2. Rebekah Scott

    Winter Hospitaleros needed

    The word's gone out: The Amigos of Ponferrada want to keep the donativo Albergue Domus Dei in Foncebadon open over this winter, so there will be at least one place for pilgrims to stay up there. Hardy volunteers are needed to take two-week stretches on the mountain. For details contact Rafa at...
  3. Rebekah Scott

    Bus to Avoid locked-down Leon

    This just in from FICS: FREE DAILY BUS: DEPARTURE: Mansilla de las Mulas bus station TIME: 09:00 Exclusively for pilgrims with credentials Starting today (Friday 8 Oct.), General Tourism Directorate of the Junta de Castilla y León will provide a daily bus service for pilgrims on the Camino...
  4. Rebekah Scott

    Food pictures needed

    I am working with a camino old-timer to update a classic Camino book, and suddenly we find ourselves short two photos of Castile... no more churches! We cried. Everyone likes cuisine! Does any of you have excellent, hi-res pictures of garlic soup, cocido, tortilla, and/or lechazo, and...
  5. Rebekah Scott

    Could you be a Hospitable Hermit?

    We are kicking around an idea for camino hospitality and I wonder if some of you can help me hash it out. The Camino ethos, at least among some of us hardcore hospitaleros, is based on donativo albergues, simple shelters with minimal facilities, watched-over by volunteer hospitaleros. Some...
  6. Rebekah Scott

    Beds for Pilgrims in Tabara: a Peaceable Project!

    The latest Peaceable Project opportunity is in Tabara, in Zamora province on the Camino Sanabres branch of the Via de la Plata. The little donativo albergue there opened 16 years ago, and thousands of pilgrims have dined, rested, and slept there since. But 16 years of hard use have taken a toll...
  7. Rebekah Scott

    Portuguese Trash: Ditch Pigs Cleanup 25 November 2018

    The Ditch Pigs trash wagon is rolling up the Camino Portuguese Central this year! The Portuguese Amigos have identified the Top 5 most nasty spots along their part of this classic camino corridor, and we'll be the first crew on the scene. It's historic trash, so the work will be heavy, the...
  8. Rebekah Scott

    Warm a Pilgrim

    The Benedictine Monastery in Sahagun has been sheltering Santiago pilgrims for a thousand years. In 2017, Marist Fathers stepped in to take on the hosting duties, offering a traditional communal dinner, pilgrim Mass, and low-cost shelter for any pilgrim in need. But centuries-old convents are...
  9. Rebekah Scott

    Strip Mine Proposed: O Pino!

    I massive open-pit strip mine is proposed just outside Santiago de Compostela, alongside the Frances path. The FICS has taken it up, alongside hundreds of locals concerned about the noise, dust, traffic, blasting, and long-term effects on air and water quality. For details on the proposal...
  10. Rebekah Scott

    Peaceable Projects: Newest Camino non-profit

    Peaceable Projects, the newest Camino non-profit group, is now LIVE! Come to our lovely new website at www.peaceableprojects.org and see we´re all about.
  11. Rebekah Scott

    A Memorial for Denise Thiem

    (a continuation of "A Shell for Denise" thread) There is now a memorial stone in place for Denise Thiem, American pilgrim who was killed along the Camino Frances in 2015. The people who use this forum have been great supporters of our efforts to appropriately remember our friend and sister...
  12. Rebekah Scott

    Mystery Liquor No. 103

    I am sitting in Caamaño, a family bar in Santiago with Sybille, finishing off a long day´s journey west. She recommends a brandy that´s numbered, she can´t recall the name, it´s recommended by the illustrious Tinkatinker, a habitue of this very forum. So I ask the enthusiastic waiter what...
  13. Rebekah Scott

    Ingles re-routed by local businesses

    The merchants are at it again... waymarks on the final etapa of the Camino Ingles have been dismantled, the signs now point pilgrims away from the wooded stretch most of us know that begins just outside Siguero, and keeps them walking along the busy highway. Where they are more likely to spend...
  14. Rebekah Scott

    Ditch Pigs Cleanup Crew: 2017

    Don't look now, but the DITCH PIGS are back, cleaning up our 100 kms of Camino for the NINTH consecutive YEAR! We've trimmed down our numbers and shortened out work-week this year, gathering on 26 Nov. and clearing out of town on the 30th. We did a really thorough job from Castrojeriz all...
  15. Rebekah Scott

    Why were we not informed??

    All through this year the Paradors were trying to lure pilgrims into their lairs! Why were we not informed sooner...
  16. Rebekah Scott

    BiarritzDon in the Hurricane

    Some of you may know, our friend Don lives in Naples, Fla., right in the target zone for Hurricane Irma. He's spent the last couple of days working dawn to dusk, setting up safe shelters in northwestern Florida with the American Red Cross Disaster Relief team. (He's been a volunteer with them...
  17. Rebekah Scott

    Camino Lebaniego Castellano

    Don't look now, but here's ANOTHER pilgrimage path to plan for! The Camino Lebaniego Castellano is a newly waymarked bike and hike path that connects the city of Palencia to the shrine of Santo Toribio de Lebaniego, up in the Cantabrian mountains. It is waymarked from south to north, and...
  18. Rebekah Scott

    "Great Westward Walk" now in English!

    https://www.amazon.com/dp/8461792874/?tag=casaivar02-20 You probably saw ads for "El Gran Caminante" all over Spain if you walked in the last three or four years. The Spanish Camino best-seller is much more than another pilgrim diary -- it's a skillfully written, witty, and sometimes...
  19. Rebekah Scott

    The future of Camino Hospitality

    This is an address delivered at the 2017 gathering of American Pilgrims on the Camino (APOC) in Atlanta, Ga. last weekend, on "the future of hospitality on the camino." It ruffled a few feathers, which is always good. I post it here by popular demand: The future of hospitality on the Camino...
  20. Rebekah Scott

    Ditch Pigs Camino Cleanup 2016: They're BACK!

    The Pigs are Back! We'll converge at Peaceable Kingdom in Moratinos on the 27th November to work our way across the wilds of Palencia for the following four or five days, clearing up trash from Puente de Itero to Sahagun. Don't complain about the trash on the trail, come and be part of the...