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  1. gmag

    Entertainment... How to look at a painting of ... Velazquez again.

    Hello everyone, I hope and wish you all are well, and your families and friends ... Well let's go! I have chosen this painting, also by Velazquez, because it has something that I want to show. It is only one thing, which we have not talked about in the previous paintings, and it is something...
  2. gmag

    Entertainment... How to look at a painting of ... again?

    Since -I think- December 29 I have not entered this forum again. My abrupt departure, after so much enthusiasm, and several requests from some members to continue with the subject of " Entertainment... How to look at a painting of ...", forces me to give an explanation. In order not to bore...
  3. gmag

    Entertainment... "How to look at a painting of Velazquez"

    NEW PAINTING TO MAKE SOME MEMBERS OF THE IVAR FORUM SUFFER... Advice: do not look for anything, let your eyes move everywhere, without thinking too much, so that things start to speak by themselves ... a painting has to speak to us. Often, if we use our logic, we see what we know or what we...
  4. gmag

    Entertainment ... "How to look at a painting."

    I have seen, in recent weeks, the interest in art of many of the members of the forum, and that some of them say they do not have great knowledge about art, although that does not mean anything when it comes to being able to appreciate and enjoy an artistic work, be it a cathedral or a small oil...
  5. gmag

    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2021!!!

    Dear friends, we want to wish Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the members of this fantastic forum. Hope must never be lost, and the desire to fight, to live and to walk crazy long distances with a great weight on our shoulders, either. This forum is a good demonstration of this...
  6. gmag

    Hoy ha llegado a Santiago, Robert, desde Leipzig. 3379 Km. Today he has arrived in Santiago, Robert, from Leipzig

    Robert, from Germany, was in our albergue days ago (3 dec.). I just received this email, and I like to share it with other pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. His sympathy, his strength and his intelligence have given life to our hostel, and others, for a few hours. El Camino still exists...
  7. gmag

    Coronavirus...What can we do now at home?

    Yesterday I found the thread titled What do you do when you cannot walk anymore? The answer that occurred to me was immediate: Time to write !!! That post is old, but very current, now that some of us are locked up at home or will be, not knowing what to do. Surely there are amazing and...
  8. gmag

    LIVE from the Camino COVID 19 - Offers of help on the ground

    Hello, we are Anita and Gabriel, from the Luz de Frómista hostel. The circumstances of the virus have made the Camino de Santiago and the lives of pilgrims change drastically in the last hours. Hostels are closing, Burgos is already closed, airports, possibilities to return to the countries of...
  9. gmag

    The group of albergues thieves has been arrested by the Guardia Civil.

    It is great news! I summarize and translate: The group of hostel thieves has been arrested by the Guardia Civil. 108 criminal facts have been clarified. Five people have been arrested and another 7 have been charged. All domiciled in Bilbao. 66 mobile phones have been recovered. They acted in...