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  1. Juspassinthrough


    I apologize for the Live from Camino prefix, limited choices and this is not about a Hazard. On Monday, Jan. 11th, @biaritzdon posted a story about a German Pilgrim having been successfully rescued as he tried to cross the Pyrenees from SJPP to Roncesvalles. After reading his post, I commented...
  2. Juspassinthrough

    Silly Christmas Tradition

    While I know we’d rather be reading or writing about something more topical, this year has not allowed for many tales from the Camino or epic sock or trekking pole finds or failures. So, I thought I’d share a different tale, my silly Christmas tradition. For over 25 years now, it started when...
  3. Juspassinthrough

    Good Wishes in this moment

    What a year 2020 has been and, 2021 is looking like it's going to get off to a rocky start. With all that said, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for their spirit, generosity, kindness, wit and for the most part, level headedness (is that a word?). Approaching 2021, let's all try to...
  4. Juspassinthrough

    COVID Be the storm

    As we approach the end of an incredibly challenging year, I’ve begun reflecting on 2020, the year of COVID-19. And while there are many things to be negative about, far too many, I can’t help but think about how others have dealt with adversity. The Casa Ivar site is a place where Pilgrims...
  5. Juspassinthrough

    COVID Tread Softly

    As Europe begins to open its borders and Pilgrims once again walk the Camino masked and physically distanced of course, I’m curious what the experience will be like. The Camino, by its nature, is for most people a highly social event. Will the smiles of joy be hidden away behind masks? Will the...
  6. Juspassinthrough

    One More Time

    At some point in the foreseeable future I plan to retire. Freed from work related time constraints, I plan to do an extended Camino beginning in Oloron-Sainte-Marie on the Camino Aragones and joining the CF in Puente la Reina. I walked the CF in 2017 beginning in SJPP and did most of the...
  7. Juspassinthrough

    COVID Staying Connected In Difficult Times

    While we're all going through difficult times, it seems that a lot of people are feeling disconnected and a bit isolated. In 2017 I walked the Camino Frances with a small group of friends from here in Dallas, Texas. By the time I finished, I'd met a group of people from around the world and...
  8. Juspassinthrough

    Favorite Leg/Section

    Having now completed the Camino Francés and Camino Inglés and having read many posts by the experienced and first time Pilgrims represented here. My question is this: Regardless of the route, What’s your favorite leg/section and why? Thank you all in advance.
  9. Juspassinthrough

    Pensión Universal Betanzos

    ‘This Pension is now closed, it is still listed in the Wise Pilgrim App. I called today, 5/24/19.
  10. Juspassinthrough

    General Renfe Question

    I’ve travelled extensively and when in Spain, I’ve travelled one Renfe. My question is this, will the ticket machine work with a US credit card without a PIN? I’ve had problems in other countries because it asks to enter your PIN. I have not used the ticket machine in Spain but the station I...
  11. Juspassinthrough

    Inglés June 2-6

    I’m starting my second Camino, the Inglés this time on June 2nd. Any tips or must see suggestions? Anyone else starting then?
  12. Juspassinthrough

    Leon Cathedral

    After completing the Inglés on June 6th, I plan to take the train to León to rewalk some of my favorite stages of my 2017 Camino. I’d like to get my credential stamped at the Cathedral. I can’t remember if the gift shop is open during siesta, anyone know? Thanks in advance.
  13. Juspassinthrough

    Sauntering, not hiking

    Reflecting on my Camino, I started reading John Muir. Many Americans know who Muir was, for those who may not, he was an American Naturalist who founded the Sierra Club. He walked the mountains of the American West, especially around Yosemite in the late 1800's. I have on many occasions said...
  14. Juspassinthrough

    I miss my bandana and I hope it's doing well!

    On June 27th, I finished my Camino at the Faro in Finisterra. For some reason, I felt compelled to leave my bandana there tied on a trekking pole left by another pilgrim. Both are near the radio tower below the lighthouse, I hope it's still there physically because it will always be there in my...