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  1. Pelegrin

    Camino del Norte from the air

    For Spanish TV viewers, today at 21:20 (Spanish hour) on weekly TV2 programme: "España entre el cielo y la tierra" El Camino del Norte. This programme usually gives spectacular views from the air, but also down on streets and particular spots.
  2. Pelegrin

    Congrats to our Slovenian friends

    Congratulations to @KinkyOne an other friends from Slovenia because Tadej Pogacar won the Tour de France 2020 and second is Primoz Roglic, also from Slovenia. There are 14 countries so far with winners and I think no more than 5 with the 2 first positions. Slovenia is the less populated...
  3. Pelegrin

    Hymn to the Ribeira Sacra

    This is Himno á Ribeira Sacra By Maria do Ceo.
  4. Pelegrin

    Today elections for the Xunta

    This thread is only informative. The Xunta is often mentioned on this forum. Particularly in relation to rules and investments in renewal of paths, signalling, etc. on the Caminos in Galicia.
  5. Pelegrin

    Curiosities about cows

    When doing a Camino in Galicia is usual seeing herds of cows driven by a shepherd and a dog. Here some curiosities about them. - They always walk in order of age. The first position is for the oldest that receives the orders from the shepherd. She understands in Galician: right, left, up, down...
  6. Pelegrin

    Disabled pilgrims will be able to make reservations in public albergues

    The news says that for Xacobeo21, disabled pilgrims will be allowed to make reservations in public albergues of Xunta de Galicia. Also says: - The Xunta albergues are going to be conditioned for disabled pilgrims. - Some stages in Galicia and other Comunidades Autónomas will have audioguide...
  7. Pelegrin

    Pilgrim rescued on Camino de Madrid

    A pilgrim was rescued yestarday by Guardia Civil in Navacerrada mountains. He was lost in the snow for 3 hours and had symptoms of hypothermia. No more details on the news...
  8. Pelegrin

    Missing woman in Sierra de Madrid

    Since 24th August Blanca Fernández Ochoa is missing. Blanca (56) is very popular in Spain because she was the first Spanish woman who won an olimpic medal in ski. Her car was found yesterday in parking Las Dehesas (Cercedilla). She likes walking alone in Sierra de Madrid and has done two...
  9. Pelegrin

    Mel Gibson visited A Fonsagrada

    The article says that he had lunch at Hotel Cantábrico restaurant. He has been also in Asturias. The locals couldn't believe it. He is not doing the Primitivo and didn´t try the famous pulpo (salad and lamb chops)...
  10. Pelegrin

    1973 Pilgrims

    In 1973 only 37 pilgrims arrived in Santiago. Appart from the lack of infraestucture they found in Galicia the following villages: El Cebrero (O Cebreiro), Linares (Liñares), Alto del Poyo (Alto do Poio), Villavieja (Vilavella), Puertomarín (Portomarín), Mellid (Melide), etc. I have selected...
  11. Pelegrin

    German pigrim died in Burgos

    A German pilgrim of 76 died in Burgos. He fell from a bridge in Villafria. Descanse en paz. https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/espana/2019/06/07/muere-peregrino-aleman-caer-puente-burgos/00031559925129575442766.htm
  12. Pelegrin

    Healthy food in Spain

    According to this article, THE LANCET publishes today an study funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that says food is the main cause of death in the world. Spain is in a good position in less people dead by this issue (third after Israel and France). After seeing France in second...
  13. Pelegrin

    Weather forecast for a long period

    From time to time there are questions on this forum about the weather for two or more months to planify gear. In last December there was a forecast for January and February telling that those months would be more rainy than usual in Spain. The thing is that they has been the oposite, more dry...
  14. Pelegrin

    Private albergues in Galicia are fined for not making the bed

    The Xunta fined one private albergue with 1.000 euros for not making the bed. https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/sociedad/2019/02/13/multan-albergues-camino-santiago-tener-camas-hechas/0003_201902G13P25991.htm.
  15. Pelegrin

    Roman Roads in Spain and Portugal

    This interesting map shows the Roman roads In Hispania: As you can see the Camino Portugués follows Via XIX in Galicia that is indicated on the C. P. near some Miliarium (Roman milestones) that still remain. Via de la Plata follows Via XXIV. To remark is the Roman name for Santiago...
  16. Pelegrin

    Finished my Camino Portugués from Tui

    Just finished my Camino Portugués from Tui (International bridge): ! day Tui ----------- O Porriño 15 kms Hotel Parque 2 day O Porriño ---- Pontevedra 36 kms Hotel Avenida 3 day Pontevedra---- Caldas de Rei 21 kms Hotel...
  17. Pelegrin

    two cyclist pilgrims died in León

    A couple (husband and wife) from the Basque country died hit by a car. The driver escaped but was detained by the police in Mansilla de las Mulas. He was drunk. Fortunately their son survived...
  18. Pelegrin

    Is Galicia important for the Camino sucess?

    Obviuosly the answer is yes because Santiago is located in the center of Galicia. But would the Camino be so sucessful in number of pilgrims if the destination were located in another region of Spain? for example Asturias, León, etc. I don´t think so, because Galicia has two important features...
  19. Pelegrin

    Pulpo, pulpo and more pulpo

    I know that pulpo can be a problem for many pilgrims from outside Spain because it seems that to complete properly a Camino is required eating at least a ración de pulpo. Pulpo is a kind of mythic dish in Galicia and it is present in most celebrations. This last weekend took place a big...
  20. Pelegrin

    Arde Lucus? festival in Lugo

    This weekend there is a festival in Lugo called Arde Lucus? ( Lucus Burns?) that recreates life in the city (Lucus Augusti) in Roman times. Those fortunate pilgrims doing the Primitivo can enjoy that festival on a Camino that has a strong presence of Roman remains ( Santa Eulalia, Gold mine in...