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  1. Sparrow in Texas

    From the Aragones to the Alto de Perdon

    Greetings all, with many happy and encouraging wishes during this season!! I have two questions and hope that someone will have some ideas. Thank you for any responses! I hope to walk the Aragones again sometime, perhaps even this coming year. Rather than connecting to the Frances near...
  2. Sparrow in Texas

    A pet peeve

    Last evening I attended a talk intended for people who are interested in walking the Camino. It was not a good talk, the woman spoke only in generalities with no current knowledge, for example she did not know why next year is a Holy Year, she asked me as a member of the audiece. Then she...
  3. Sparrow in Texas

    Altus poncho repair help needed

    The seam sealing tape on my trusty Altus poncho is coming loose. Since the poncho is in otherwise good condition I would like to try to replace or reapply the tape. Does anyone know how or a product to use, @davebugg or @trecile perhaps?
  4. Sparrow in Texas

    Black Diamond Z poles

    currently walking with my new Z poles. Even after watching the video and reading the instructions I am having trouble getting the right one to snap into position. It is as if the part that you extend from the handle will not pull out quite far enough. If you have had a similar problem and can...
  5. Sparrow in Texas

    Contactless debit card

    I have just received an offer from my bank to get a contactless debit card. Would it be of any use on the Camino, as in will it replace a chip and pin card or are they currently in use at cash machines in Spain? Europe has always been ahead of the US on technologies like chip and pin cards at...
  6. Sparrow in Texas

    Path between Monasterio de Leyre and Lumbier

    This past year in order to go from the Monasterio de Leyre and Yesa to Liedena and the Foz de Lumbier I walked along the old highway from Yesa to Liedena. It was not bad but I have wondered if there is a better way. On Wickiloc I see that hikers go on a route from the monastery descending to...
  7. Sparrow in Texas

    Souvenir plate

    My family lived in Spain near Madrid for a few years in the very early 1960's. We were able to travel throughout the country, Segovia, Toledo, Valencia and much more. I have many memories that have been rekindled as I plan and walk on the Camino. Of course, Spain has changed a great deal in...
  8. Sparrow in Texas

    Route Portalet to Sallent to Sabinangio to Jaca

    I saw this route mapped in The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago. Has anyone walked this? Photos of the mountains near Sallent are stunning and the route sounds intriguing though ski resort oriented.
  9. Sparrow in Texas

    Renewing prepaid phone plan

    Each of the past two years I have purchased a Vodafone prepaid SIM card for my IPhone. It has served me well, each year Vodafone seems to add more data or calling minutes to the plans which is attractive to the camino customer. The prepaid plan is for four weeks and then has to be renewed to...
  10. Sparrow in Texas

    My recent journey on the Aragones

    This journey for me came together through indecision, nothing "clicked" until I started reading about this marvelous route which has it all: mountains, history both religious and political, and an aerodrome. So I did it all, most guides mention 6 stages, I walked the route in 11 days starting...
  11. Sparrow in Texas

    Correos and luggage

    I will be arriving in Spain in three weeks, the first two weeks will be at a language course in Salamanca. After the course I will need to store a small suitcase for about 3 weeks in either Mardid or Burgos while I do some walking. I have been reading the Correos website about their services...
  12. Sparrow in Texas

    Help identifying an animal

    This past April after enjoying a delicious tapa at La Siesta Food Truck shortly beyond Camponaraya in the woods, I had just a very brief sighting of an animal with a beautiful longish redish brown coat. It could have been my Border collie except that she was at home in Texas. This animal...
  13. Sparrow in Texas

    Showing passport in an albergue

    When registering in an albergue I was always asked to show my passport in addition to my credencial. I felt reluctant to pull my neck wallet out of my shirt to get my passport. Is there a better way of handling this that I have not thought of? Perhaps I could show a photo copy of my passport...
  14. Sparrow in Texas

    Are "piropos" still common in Spain?

    While traveling in Madrid 35 years ago it was common for young women to receive a number of "piropos" seemingly innocent flirtaceous compliments. It could be quite startling if you did not know what was happening. The best response was to simply ignore then and go on your way. Is this still...