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  1. MichelleElynHogan

    Backpacker Tips - 100 of them.

    This is not my list but one I have crossed paths with several times. It is from a commercial site in North America so there are a number of references for that part of the World. So, take a look and see if it teaches...
  2. MichelleElynHogan

    Bucking the System

    Ok, I have now been home 6 full days. After falling on May 5, head first down a spiral staircase in Paris, just leaving the Hostel for the train station, I had to miss that morning train. After laying on a couch in the hostel common area for nearly an hour, waiting for a taxi / ambulance, I...
  3. MichelleElynHogan

    Technology Reaches the Camino

    Gone are the days where you ever need to carry a backpack on the Camino. This nifty little number will carry up to 44 lb / 20 kg. :cool:
  4. MichelleElynHogan

    Talon Camino 2017 Final Cut

    For those waiting to start their Camino, a very enjoyable Vlog of a couple throughout their journey.
  5. MichelleElynHogan

    New Rain Kilt Just Arrived, I am PACKED!!!

    A new rain kilt was shown here a few weeks ago and I ordered one immediately from China. It is light, (nylon, though I first thought it to be cuben), with a velcro belt allowing for a proper fit. It falls below the knees which is just perfect. Did I say it is very light? It is replacing a pair...
  6. MichelleElynHogan

    Spanish for Pilgrims on Youtube

    A wonderful British chap has created a number of videos including pilgrimage preparation, logistics, packing and my most recent find of his is a short list of 5 or 6 videos on Spanish for Pilgrims. Most main topics are covered and words / phrases are provided in written form so they can be...
  7. MichelleElynHogan

    Bus Share - Bayonne to SJPP on Sunday, May 6

    There are no buses or trains that I have been able to book from Bayonne to SJPP on Sunday, May 6. The Train, leaving Paris Montparnasse at 9:52 AM arrives in Bayonne at 1:47 PM and Express Bouricot the Baggage Transfer Company, will have a small bus at the Bayonne Train Station at 2 PM. We will...
  8. MichelleElynHogan

    The Most Important Question Ever Asked

    In all seriousness, as I walk the Camino Frances this Spring, I need to ask the best places to find, “Guinness.” Any and all help is very much appreciated. I am mildly anemic and it helps build the iron in my blood. BTW, did you know that St. Peter’s Gate is right next door to St. James Gate...
  9. MichelleElynHogan

    Posting for a Friend - "Walking Alone: a pilgrim's guide to the inner journey"

    A friend, Mony Dojeiji, lives in Ottawa, Canada and is a Caminoist. Here is a copy of a post I received from her on Facebook; Announcing...my new book "Walking Alone: a pilgrim's guide to the inner journey"! :-D In the many presentations I’ve done over the years, one of the consistent themes...
  10. MichelleElynHogan

    A Bit Heavier Than Ear Plugs

    Hello Everyone, I just received news of a new product that cancels out noise and is designed for hotel accomodation. Here is the link; http://www.modio.audio/ Not posting seriously but for fun and a few smirks. Buen Camino
  11. MichelleElynHogan

    New Camino Movie Trailer

    This is not my production. I wish. But for a trailer, I did find it compelling. I found it was sent to me through my FB News feed.
  12. MichelleElynHogan

    For Those Who Are New....

    There is an article that is fairly complete in showing you what it will take and what you will need to walk from St. Jean de pied de port to Santiago de Compostela. Here is the link; http://www.squidoo.com/path-of-saint-james Hope this helps.