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  1. ShelleyW

    Camino Francis 2018, planning Camino North 2019

    Camino Francis 2018, planning Camino North 2019
  2. ShelleyW

    Dental Care

    Thank you so much for this information! I am in MELIDE now and see a lovely dentist office across the street ftom my hotel !! Reopens in an hour . I’ll use my translator app and hope veneer option works out .
  3. ShelleyW

    Dental Care

    I broke my front tooth this evening (on a piece of crusty bread! ) Any advice / experience with dentists in Spain ? No pain , but not attractive! No dental insurance In Palas de Rei
  4. ShelleyW

    Tell me about the Monasteries along the Camino Francés

    I’m interested in which Monestaries welcome Pilgrams for meals , sleep and mass. I would love to hear of personal experiences with these intriguing historic places. Which monestaries are must see, which are maintained to accommodate, hours, restrictions etc... I would appreciate any current...
  5. ShelleyW

    September and early October weather

    Ah good to hear ! I wonder what kind/brand of hiking Sandles you recommend?
  6. ShelleyW

    Cash on the Camino Frances

    Any issues obtaining Cash / Euros on the Camino? Did you find ATM’s belonging to obscure networks vs “Plus, Star, Interlink, Money pass”. Open to any advise on money matters while walking the Camino
  7. ShelleyW

    Vegan Food on The Camino Frances

    I am starting The Camino Frances in Sept and would like to maintain my VEGAN DIET! Wondering how easy this may or may not be ? Do they make dietary accommodations in the Albergues ? My first stop is the Monastary in Ronscesvalles , I’m not sure if I should get the meal plan option or if I’ll...