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  1. CaminoMatto

    No Permethrin in Canada?!

    Good day all, Starting my Camino in April and I have a question regarding bed bugs and preventative sprays. Eye rolls and groans I know I know there have been so many bed bug posts but despite searching the forums I have been unable to find an answer. My plan is to pre-treat my gear with...
  2. CaminoMatto

    Biarritz Airport Transfer??

    Hello all, I am just wondering if anyone has used or has heard of this airport transfer service? I will need to get to SJPDP from Biarritz on Saturday the 17th and I am wondering if this would be a good option...
  3. CaminoMatto

    No phone....risky?

    Good morning everyone! Just this morning as I was getting into my truck to drive to work, I dropped my cell phone into a huge snow drift. It's now totally dead which isn't a huge deal as it was very old and ready to be exchanged basically anytime. However, I was planning on bringing my phone...
  4. CaminoMatto

    Winter Sleeping bag (too heavy?)

    Hello everyone, I have a question about winter sleeping bags. My camino begins January 15th and I will be walking until sometime around the 20th of February. I purchased my sleeping bag recently which I was happy with.....until I started reading some forum posts that is. My bag is rated...
  5. CaminoMatto

    Electronics question.....overwhelmed!

    Greetings all, I would like to present my dilemma to the group for some input if that is alright, please keep in mind I am very technologically inept and know basically nothing about photography or smart phone technology. My camino is coming up in January of 2015 and as part of my experience...