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  1. dcorrea951

    Twelve things you didn’t know about the Camino de Santiago

    Thanks for the information. Some I knew, but others were new to me !
  2. dcorrea951

    Useful apps for planning route

    I use You can download the routes here.
  3. dcorrea951

    Pilgrim drowns in Ourense

    Rest in peace, my Brother.
  4. dcorrea951

    Portuguese pilgrim passport - can I get in Santiago?

    Be sure to check if you can get a Compestella where you end. I think that your Camino has to end at Santiago. If this is not true PLEASE let me know so that i don't disseminate incorrect information.
  5. dcorrea951

    Would you still walk the Camino if you could not access the Internet ?

    Simple, you need to keep your family informed. I don't think they want to hear from you to be sure you are safe.
  6. dcorrea951

    Diversion of route outside León

    Thanks for the info !
  7. dcorrea951

    Testimonial from the Invierno

    VERY INTERESTED for a short Camino in 2018 !
  8. dcorrea951

    Looking for books with sites to see Freemasonry, Masonic, Templar sites

    I am also a Freemason, On my last Camino I visited a town called Tomar. The Cathedral there has many symbols and one of only two statues of the Virgin Mary breast feeding the baby Jesus (a must see). You while in Ponferrada you will see the Knights Templar Castle. You will see MANY symbols in...
  9. dcorrea951

    accommodation St Jean

    My suggestion is L'Esprit de Chemin. Almost across the street from the registration office, and excellent food and accommodations. It is run by a Dutch couple.
  10. dcorrea951

    I am preparing for the Caminho Portuguese in September with my brother Pilgrim Mike who I met in...

    I am preparing for the Caminho Portuguese in September with my brother Pilgrim Mike who I met in October last year in Santiago. I can't wait to show him Lisbon !
  11. dcorrea951

    LIVE from the Camino The River that is the Camino Deposits Me and My Fellow Peregrinos in Santiago Tomorrow...

    When I worked at the Camino Office last October, I told everyone that I spoke to, that their Camino had just begun. The end of their walk, is the beginning of their Camino of life. What you learn on your Camino will influence not only you, but those around you. You will see, as will your...
  12. dcorrea951

    A Camino Miracle (Astorga to Santiago)

    Thank you for this wonderful story. I will be walking for several friends who are in ill health, and in this year of forgiveness for myself as well ! It happens more often then we realize/ Bless you.
  13. dcorrea951

    Comment by 'dcorrea951' in media 'Just a few more steps...'

    We were there in 2013 during the drought. Spectacular ruins and views !
  14. dcorrea951

    Help With Planning / Credential

    I have Brierley's guide, but if you decide on the coastal route, I would recommend ordering the Brierley maps since the coastal route is not clearly defined. I wish you a Bom Caminho
  15. dcorrea951

    Promoting the Camino Aragones

    I would love to find out. It is YOUR Camino. I had a friend who wanted to go with me, and I told them that I didn't know. Don't limit your time, you will miss more than you will ever know !
  16. dcorrea951

    Comment by 'dcorrea951' in media 'Horses on top of Pyrenees'

    If that's where I think it is, they walk past Orrisson in the evening ! Sorry, cannot figure out how to attach a photo, but we saw them pass by in the fog !
  17. dcorrea951

    Comment by 'dcorrea951' in media 'Favorite Tree just prior to Triacastella'

    I remember that Chestnut Tree. The section just before we named "The Hobbitt Path".
  18. dcorrea951

    Caldo Gallego

    Sorry to do this to you !
  19. dcorrea951

    Hydration bladder ?

    I think that the only time you will need the bladder, or additional water is on the meseta. I used bottles (except on the meseta where I used my bladder), BUT, I am going to look at the Smart Tube. Thank you all for the information.