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    Cup of tea on the Frances?

    Do the café shops and bars get upset if you just order hot water then pull out your own teabag?
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    Words, words, words. Which ones bug you and why?

    Spell check does it to me everytime
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    dry sacks/trash bag/ziplocks?

    Hi Eve, my 1st Camino is in September. In my excitement I purchased pouches for everything, put all my things in them then into my pack. Put my pack on "OMG!" took pack off. Ended up with dry sack for shower (tolitries in zip, change of clothes and valuables) dry sack for clothes and sleep...
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    Thoroughly inconsistent!

    You hit the nail on the head :) went from my parents house to a house with my husband who had a 3 year old son. We have been together 32 years. I have never been on my own. this is a major part of my needing to do this pilgrimage. "I've gone to look for myself. If I should return before I get...
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    Family walking

    Congratulations on your marriage and new baby :) I wonder, do they have wickng and fast drying clothes for babies? Have a wonderful adventure with your husband and Santiago! Buen Camino
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    Reservation at Orisson's is the correct email address for them. It took a few days to hear back from them. Thanks to trecile for the email address :)
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    Thank you :) don't think ill stay there, 55-60 euro!
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    Just got my reply back from Orisson's! Got my reservation they also recommended the Villa Harriet in SJPD. Has anyone stayed there?
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    Lol. My 1st email back in Dec was in English. Guess I thought that might have had something to do with them not responding :)
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    I am not to good with French either lol Took your advice and emailed them in French but forgot to include an English version. More of my dorkness coming out :) I do have a translater downloaded so I'll be able to read the response from them. Thanks again to all of you, really appreciate your advice
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    Thank you for the email address. I did not have on the original address. Just emailed them. Thanks again
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    Do not have a reservation yet. Going last week of August this year. I have emailed them back in early Dec but have not heard back. I don't speak Spanish so am hesitant to call. Am I to early to try to book for August? After reading your responses i am looking forward to staying and...
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    Reservation at Orisson's

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked already, I looked but could not find it. If I have a reservation at Orisson's but find when I get there that I want to continue on, can I cancel and get a refund? If not, can I donate my bed to someone who would really need it?
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    Manners of Cyclists and Walkers (moved from another thread)

    Can't we just have the bikes on the right and walkers on the left. Maybe widen the path little where you can. Where there are small trails have the bikes on their own path in just those areas. I don't mind walking to the left. Everyone should be able to expierence the Camino in their own way...
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    End Scene The Way

    I got a different take from the end scene. There was a flash back when his son said "When was the last time you traveled after mom died?" I see it as him finding himself again. Maybe the dad was the one that gave the son the travel bug? He just stopped traveling when his wife died. Then found...
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    When to go, when not to go...

    Have booked my hotel in Paris for the "adjustment time" and got major butterflies. My husband said I'm like a 5 year old standing in a bathroom Que lol
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    When to go, when not to go...

    Late August 2017!! Just got my passport in the mail today, so excited: )
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    A flower

    Religion is believing in another persons experience, Spirituality is believing in your own experience
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    A flower

    Thank you all for your responses, all are greatly appreciate. I've decided to attach the flower C Clearly, I in no way won't to make it "seem like a deliberate rejection " the flower is actually a good representation of my personal faith :) Viranani, I actually find religion fascinating and...
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    A flower

    I have heard and read that the Camino is for all faiths and all faiths are welcomed. I hope this is true. I am of no structured religion. I believe in a higher power and am very spiritual. My question is this, I have a Buen Camino patch on my pack and would like to put a flower over the small...