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  1. fitoldbloke

    A delicate subject

    A tie pin in a bow tie! Good god! What sort of madhouse am I coming to?
  2. fitoldbloke

    A delicate subject

    Thanks everyone for all the considered responses. I'm working hard to keep clothing weight down (to compensate for the weight of the meds!!) so had decided that this time I'd just have three man-made "running" shirts: I reckon I can get three days out of each before they need washing, so wash...
  3. fitoldbloke

    Bed bugs and black bags

    Presumably you remove your chocolate biscuits from your rucksack first :rolleyes:
  4. fitoldbloke

    LIVE from the Camino Help!!

    Joodle, this is your Camino, your journey, for better or worse. And it could be that your Camino calls you to stop and take stock of your health; if that is the case, then accept it for what it is. I suffered similar pain and it was a year before it eased enough for me to have anything like a...
  5. fitoldbloke

    A delicate subject

    Of course I will be showering every day, and using my crystal deodorant (a little last a long time) but from past experience it can be difficult to get walking clothing washed effectively and dried sufficiently, with the potential for body odour. Sure, this is the Camino and we put up with such...
  6. fitoldbloke

    Whittling down my luggage

    Whittling down my luggage
  7. fitoldbloke

    Biarritz to Santander

    I can't advise you of an itinerary, but my view is that you wouldn't manage to fit much in, and you'd always be looking at the time, rushing for your next stage. Maybe just chill out instead and just take an "easy" walk to Pamplona, taking in the sights and experiences along the way. That'll...
  8. fitoldbloke

    I'm out

    Well done you, Rob! Very sensible, no point in doing it if you aren't enjoying it. Buon Camino ... wherever life takes you.
  9. fitoldbloke

    Getting worried about a June Camino

    Hi Mina. I walked it in 2008 and have been rather shocked to hear how the numbers have increased, so I also am somewhat anxious about my Camino this year. I'll be starting from St Jean on the 1st June but just going to Orisson that first day, and have already booked my overnight there...
  10. fitoldbloke

    So tell me what's wrong with this phone idea

    I just bought a new Android smartphone, imported from China costing £109 inc shipping. It is dual SIM. New EU laws mean that call & data charges through my existing mobile operator are reasonable, but I shall buy an additional PAYG sim for a Spanish operator to ensure I have coverage when...
  11. fitoldbloke

    Safety for women on the Camino

    Sad to hear this, but I'm afraid it is largely a reflection of life in general, not the Camino in particular. With so many people, and with the opportunities we have to share our experiences, these events will happen and stories will travel. A whistle to hand is a good idea ...