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  1. jgiesbrecht

    Live from Camino Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    Are there any Canadians in or near Sarria tomorrow? I've been on the camino for over a month and very low on cash. My cards have not been letting me do a cash advance (which I could pay off right away)..... I'm looking for canadians because I could do an etransfer to you on the spot. I have...
  2. jgiesbrecht

    AlertCops registration issue

    Has anyone else had trouble registering with the app? I'm scheduled to start on Tuesday, so just setting up my sim card and phone and things today. I'm from Canada, using a uk vodafone card, and it keeps telling me its an invalid mobile phone number. Not sure what else I can do to register :/...
  3. jgiesbrecht

    Bayonne to SJPDP

    I've been trying to by a ticket on raileurope for the 641am train on Sep 15. Has anyone else been having issues with the website? I know its not on my end, but I'm not sure what else I can do. Does anyone know of any other site I can buy from?
  4. jgiesbrecht

    Train Bayonne SJPdP

    I have purchased my train ticket from raileurope for Bayonne to SJPdP. The email says I can print the ticket. I have read other people in the past posting about a) trouble with the right train (I don't speak french) and b) not having the correct ticket, needing to do something at a station, etc...
  5. jgiesbrecht

    Astorga Chocolate in SdC?

    Yes I know it's a weird question, but is good local chocolate available in SdC? Im asking because my MIL loves dark chocolate (like 70% or greater). I don't want to pick some up and carry it with me for the remainder of the trip, so looking to pick some up before flying back out of SdC. Any good...
  6. jgiesbrecht

    What to make for a pilgrim

    So I leave next weekend for my Camino and a friend of mine bought a piece of fabric not too huge I don't even remember specifically how big like maybe like 2 feet by 2 feet or something tops.... anyway she wants to make something small it doesn't have to use all the fabric but for me to take...
  7. jgiesbrecht

    Passport, Credencial and Certificate Care

    Just a couple questions... First, how did you keep your passport and credencial from bending/damaging during your walk? Second, in Sahagun, I have read different answers....has anyone been there recently and can they tell me if you can or cannot buy a tube to keep that certificate from...
  8. jgiesbrecht

    Early morning Biarritz to Bayonne

    In march I am staying near BIQ airport, and am taking the 641 am train from Bayonne to SJPDP. It appears that bus transportation from BIQ area to Bayonne doesnt start early enough. So is my best/only option to call a taxi at like 530 am to go from my hotel near the airport over to the bayonne...
  9. jgiesbrecht


    How have you all attached your patches to your backpack? I know theres diff methods: sewing, adhesive etc just wondering specifically what has worked for you guys. I'm not a sew-er but I do have a friend who could info ask her....just wondering if theres a better way
  10. jgiesbrecht

    Trekking Poles (yes I know....but I'm torn on which)

    This is a question for any of you who have walked hiked with poles.... What have you used? I am definitely going to bring a pair to use because I get swollen hands when I walk much, and I know they will def. help on the ups and downs in spots too. I currently have this pair from Canadian Tire...
  11. jgiesbrecht

    Which poncho (between these 2)....

    So my plan has me starting in SJPdP on March 17, and for Christmas I received 2 different ponchos. If these were your two choices which would you bring: Adventure World Globetrekker vs FroggToggs I am leaning towards the globetrekker just because of the season and the possibility of spring...
  12. jgiesbrecht

    Motivation for Training

    Has anyone else really struggled with motivating themselves to get active before their walk? I work a driving job, and many days probably don't even hit 2 miles a day because of it. In September I did really good, walking 4 or 5 miles multiple times a week, but then the past 6 weeks I've just...
  13. jgiesbrecht

    Elevation Tracking

    I have been keeping an eye on different apps, seeing what I would like to use next spring when I walk the CF. I have a fitbit, so have used that app for a while. I have also checked out mapmywalk, and only slightly browsed polarsteps and walkmeter. With fb it's just flights of stairs....I'd...
  14. jgiesbrecht

    Trekking Pole Suggestions

    I know everyone loves discussing trekking poles!! But seriously, I plan on walking from SJPDP hopefully all the way to Finisterre and Muxia this upcoming March/April. I am new to walking/hiking....but I do know I plan on using poles. Part of my reasoning is that when I walk more than about 5k my...
  15. jgiesbrecht

    Footwear for March/April

    Looking at the time of year I'm planning on going, I'm guessing regular shoes would not be a good idea. However, do I need to go all the way to boots, or would I be better off with something like Oboz sawtooth, etc to have some protection from weather, but not the heaviness of full boots? I know...
  16. jgiesbrecht


    So I was at Outdoors Oriented this morning just having a browse. The guy showed me this backpack, the Farpoint, which is about a pound heavier than the others, but the raincover is also great for packing up the bag for checking it on a flight. Debating whether that extra pound should be avoided...
  17. jgiesbrecht

    Travel from Ontario (Frances)

    Looking at going about March 13thish 2020. I know it's a bit early to buy tickets but been looking them up nonetheless. If anyone here has flown from Toronto do you have any advice ...cost is very crucial...I financially may regret going haha, but I know I need to, so I am preparing for the...