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  1. jgiesbrecht

    Getting Cash on the Camino?

    Yes you can go a few days without atms, but never more than a few. More places accept cards now than they use to, but you are correct, many are still cash only. I was just there in Sept/Oct. I carried 500 on me, all in 20s. Kept most in the back part of my pouch so any time I needed cash people...
  2. jgiesbrecht

    I would not advise traveling to Spain and walk right now

    There are none. I am 2 days from Santiago now and even leon you could walk through
  3. jgiesbrecht

    Live from Camino Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    I can check it out tmw...I have a short day, only samos to sarria, so I'm going to try atms again and if they dont work I'll try to look at western union again....I was just looking at the app but my one credit card wants to text a code...which I wont get causethat phone is at home hahaha..I...
  4. jgiesbrecht

    Live from Camino Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    I've never used western union but I could even send it to myself.... genius if that's true
  5. jgiesbrecht

    Live from Camino Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    Yes I started walking Sept 15, should be in santiago on the 22 and muxia the 28. has some basic updates, I really havent written much
  6. jgiesbrecht

    Live from Camino Need cash.....Any canadians in or near sarria tomorrow?

    Are there any Canadians in or near Sarria tomorrow? I've been on the camino for over a month and very low on cash. My cards have not been letting me do a cash advance (which I could pay off right away)..... I'm looking for canadians because I could do an etransfer to you on the spot. I have...
  7. jgiesbrecht

    LIVE from the Camino I'll Never Tire of the Mountains

    Nice pic. I went valcarlos route so didnt see those few things that are up on the other side
  8. jgiesbrecht

    Discouraged in Florida

    I am 37, but obese and though I trained a bit before I was going to come in march, I ended up w0rkong a sitting job this summer only doing a out 5000 steps a day (so like 2 miles) before coming and starting a few days ago. 8 miles is more than many do before coming, but you still have to...
  9. jgiesbrecht

    AlertCops registration issue

    I might just wait until I get over there and try it I guess....I have activated my phone, but I'm wondering if maybe I can't get any messages except system ones while in North America or something. Once I land if I still can't get it then I'll message their support. Good to know about the 0 though!!
  10. jgiesbrecht

    AlertCops registration issue

    Has anyone else had trouble registering with the app? I'm scheduled to start on Tuesday, so just setting up my sim card and phone and things today. I'm from Canada, using a uk vodafone card, and it keeps telling me its an invalid mobile phone number. Not sure what else I can do to register :/...
  11. jgiesbrecht

    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    God-willing I start next week!
  12. jgiesbrecht

    Question regarding Covid, Spanish border

    Wonderful, I was just hopping on to figure that part out, as i should arrive in a few days
  13. jgiesbrecht

    Bayonne to SJPDP

    Also I was able to finally purchase a ticket later yesterday....biarritz to bayonne, 10 minutes to switch to the 641am
  14. jgiesbrecht

    Bayonne to SJPDP

    No, I'm staying a night in biarritz, then starting from sjpdp the next day...only walking to vLcarlos the first one.
  15. jgiesbrecht

    COVID Wearing a mask on the CF

    My thought is if someone has severe enough issue to not wear a mask, how in the world can they handle the work of along camino
  16. jgiesbrecht

    September camino!!

    I plan to start later this month as well. And just recently booked my flight. As long as you're smart, respectful of regulations, etc, if you are comfortable go for it.
  17. jgiesbrecht

    Bayonne to SJPDP

    I've been trying to by a ticket on raileurope for the 641am train on Sep 15. Has anyone else been having issues with the website? I know its not on my end, but I'm not sure what else I can do. Does anyone know of any other site I can buy from?
  18. jgiesbrecht

    LIVE from the Camino How Green was the Meseta?

    Ouch you're killing trying to semi-annual to come in a few weeks,and no there's no way I can walk from leon all the way to hospital.. Guess I'll have to walk and then talk a ride back to leon for the night and continue on the next morning. In reality though you're giving great info for...