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  1. LoriLosch

    Footwear advice

    I’m surprised. I used Hokas (Speedgoat 2 non-waterproofs) Le Puy to SJPP. It’s about the same distance as SJPP to Santiago. That was 2 years ago and I still have my shoes. And they’re still going strong. (I only use them once every month or so ... can’t seem to bear to throw them out.) 😂 You’re...
  2. LoriLosch

    Le Puy or Not Le Puy?

    I walked LP to SJPP solo in 2018. Loved EVERY second of it. The terrain is gorgeous. Food incredible. Trail is very well marked (I read the Miam DoDo prior to leaving, but didn’t bring any guide books with me.) I didn’t wear hiking boot ... was just fine with my Hoka One One Speedgoat 2 day...
  3. LoriLosch

    Who has packed the lightest pack?

    Wait, what? You had leftover wine from the night before? Wth? Lol. Seriously though, impressed you fit all that into a 22L! Nice.
  4. LoriLosch

    The Introverted Pilgrim

    So perfectly said! Love it. I can relate. Apparently my outside appears extroverted, but my inside is definitely introverted. Like the proverbial duck gliding along the water peacefully, when in reality its little webbed feet are furiously kicking below the surface. What's visible and what's...
  5. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Thank you everyone! Chose to bring the ponco and cover. Used each once for about 20 mins. Just finished Le Puy to SJPP. Was absolute epicness!! Have 3 days before my flight leaves from Paris. Considering walking to Bayonne. Feels too weird to not get to walk a long distance tomorrow. By the...
  6. LoriLosch

    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    I took the insert out of my favorite (and pretty weighty) Mont Blanc pen (that normally goes everywhere with me) and just brought that.
  7. LoriLosch

    Flights - Carry on Rucksack

    Thank you for your service. :)
  8. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Perfect tips. Thank you!
  9. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Sweet. I have a Ferrino. Love it. :) The Packa looks great too!
  10. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    I always use Ponchos. They're the best. :) And I normally take my pack cover also, but all my other treks have involved sherpas or porters, so I've never been as focused on the extra milligrams of weight. This will be my first walk where I carry everything on my back. I'm wishing myself luck and...
  11. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Perfect. Thanks!
  12. LoriLosch

    Flights - Carry on Rucksack

    You can put the rain cover on it backwards. Works great to keep all that mumbo jumbo contained. :)
  13. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Great idea! But I should have been more clear. It was not really one specific thread. I just did a couple searches under Rain Gear and Poncho and Pack Cover, etc. There were many differing opinions, so it seems (like most things) :) it is really a personal preference. :) My personal conclusion...
  14. LoriLosch

    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    Hi Camino Friends! Just finishing my packing list for my solo Le Puy to SJPP Camino starting Aug 24th. Yay! Question ... my Osprey has a rain cover of course. But it's actually quite heavy. I am bringing a poncho that covers my pack, so I'm thinking I won't bring the back pack rain cover. Bad...
  15. LoriLosch

    Flights - Carry on Rucksack

    I would never check my backpack. Not for cost reasons, but because it contains literally everything for my treks. I've had checked bags get lost one too many times on regular holidays. No way would I check my one and only bag for my Camino. Not a chance! (And if it was "oversized" they would not...
  16. LoriLosch

    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    Thanks, Chris! I did a bunch of research and decided on the Hoka One One Speedgoat 2. They are EPIC! They fully redesigned the Speedgoat 1 and they are awesome. I took them out on a 25km steep up and down hike a few days ago and it was like walking on marshmallows. :) Highly recommend. They are...
  17. LoriLosch

    Stuff I was wrong about - And Trail Runners

    Hi Chris! May I ask what exact Hokas you used? Thanks!
  18. LoriLosch

    Le Puy in JUNE...question.

    I'm wondering the same thing for walking Le Puy to SJPP in Aug. :) Seems it will be plenty warm. Wondering also about the necessity of a poncho in Aug. I always bring one, but it may just be wasted weight. Any advice for Aug as well would be welcome! Have an awesome walk, Camino Chris! I guess...
  19. LoriLosch

    Comment by 'LoriLosch' in media 'Camino del Norte Packing List'

    @Tania Reano Veitch ... such a great post! loved this. thank you. the last picture made me smile. ;)