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  1. markmcilroy

    COVID Four cases from the Camino

    Yes so true about the lack of flu cases in NZ now and it is peak flu time, I haven't heard of anyone with influenza there is still the odd cough and cold about but even these seem to be less than usual. I believe this was the highest uptake of the flu vaccine this year so this would also help...
  2. markmcilroy

    COVID Covid positive pilgrims arriving in SDC. (if any)

    With the covid numbers unfortunately starting to take off again in Spain (as in some other countries) do we have any idea how many (if any) of the pilgrims arriving in Santiago de Compostela now which is around 400 a day or enroute to SDC become covid positive during their pilgrimage? Or don't...
  3. markmcilroy

    It is still dark.

    ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.’ (Hamlet Act 2, Scene 2)
  4. markmcilroy

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    A very small atomiser filled with rubbing alcohol or methylated spirts. Great for sterilising / cleaning, needles, blisters, hands, sunglasses. Virtually every grocery type store in Spain sells the rubbing alcohol for 2-3 euros, so easy and cheap to refill........also a couple of large safety...
  5. markmcilroy

    Time to campeed, vaseline or duct tape?

    We only now use the non-woven paper tape that dougfitz mentions as a preventative on any hot spots and have had no blisters on our last camino...only took a 1000 plus kms to find out what works for us!....this paper tape is available all pharmacies in Spain.
  6. markmcilroy

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    We stayed in Montbonnet on the first night. Just a couple of suggestions (if you haven't already) there is a excellent Face Book group and the Miam miam Dodo guides books are great resources.
  7. markmcilroy

    Starting slowly on the Le Puy route

    Hi Kathy, I had a quiet chuckle when I read the title of your post.....we started on the Le Puy in May 2018 and are going back this May to carry on from Conques where we stopped. But no one can have a fast start on the Le Puy as the first hill you encounter which is still in Le Puy is rather...
  8. markmcilroy

    Rocamadour too many tourists?

    We are thinking about walking the Rocamadour variant this May but 2 different websites say the tourist numbers in Rocamadour are massive i.e over 1 million people a year which is around 4,000 people a day assuming tourists only visit for 8-9 months of the year. So in a small village with fixed...
  9. markmcilroy

    When did a Refugio become an Albergue? there will be Best Westerns in every town.
  10. markmcilroy

    Plantar fasciitis

    I had PF on my 2nd camino and did all the "stretches" and rolling on round objects but it didn't do anything to help. Then I can across a website that said that stretching and rolling wasn't the best method and they recommended the complete opposite, that is crunching you toes down and pulling...
  11. markmcilroy

    Top tips and gentle reminders

    Great thread !! 1. On your locked phone screen make the wallpaper a screen shot your email contact and emergency contact details ie email. So if you lose your phone your email is shown so whoever finds your phone they can make contact with you by email and also have your ICE (In Case of...
  12. markmcilroy

    Thinking of you NZ

    Hi Kaz, thank you for your kind thoughts. This has certainly sent our little country of 4.5 million people from 200 different races into turmoil. People all over the country are both very angry and very sad. I have had messages of support from my Camino family members all over the world which...
  13. markmcilroy

    Foot care & washing socks

    Wright socks in my opinion are the best socks in the world! Remember that wool naturally has a bit of lanolin (grease/oil) in it so I wouldn't be too worried about a build up of grease. But I'd suggest putting a squirt of undiluted dishwashing liquid directly on the greasy area, rub it in then...
  14. markmcilroy

    LIVE from the Camino Snowing in Chanaleilles

    Haha....or drink in every pub
  15. markmcilroy

    LIVE from the Camino Snowing in Chanaleilles

    We are Chanaleilles, which is 15km past Saugues on the Le Puy route, it has been snowing since very early morning. About 6-7 inches has settled and it’s minus 1. Some pilgrims have continued to walk but this is a planned rest day for us. Others have bussed out. At the moment we have the gite to...
  16. markmcilroy

    Question re. sandals

    Yep go with the larger size...I didn't and ended up cutting holes in the toe area to give me more space....should have done it earlier as lost both big toe nails due to the pressure.....the learnings of the Camino!
  17. markmcilroy

    Rest time during Stage

    Hi Vaughan, I always take shoes/boots and sock off whenever I rest..maybe every 1-1/2 hours of walking, it gives a chance for the feet to dry a bit and I change socks then too.
  18. markmcilroy

    Pilgrims, pilgrims, and more pilgrims!

    I hope this frenzy of pilgrims doesn't decrease, the more people that experience the magic of a pilgrimage surely has to be a good thing.
  19. markmcilroy

    Lyon to Le Puy

    Hi Julene.....yes I do. As we are doing it in 8 days time....well lets hope I do?!? 1. you catch a train from the airport into town 2. you catch a train either directly to Le Puy if possible it seems to depend on the date and time.....or you may need to split the train trip and get off at St...
  20. markmcilroy

    Looking for a new camino route?

    hmmmm....I might need to pack more than one cake of soap for that one!!