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    NEW update on Dave Bugg

    Dave: Please be sure to keep the faith. I had two allogenic bone marrow transplants for CML leukemia some time back with my brother as a donor. I am in remission, and have walked multiple Caminos since then. At 58, I might add that my appreciation for the joy and wonder of walking any of the...
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    COVID 2020 Camino a "To be" or "Not to be"? - and "Why?"

    We will be leaving SJPP this May 30th, and have reservations for Orisson for the first night on the CF, but nothing further. In this health environment, are we better served staying in albergues or choosking small hotels instead to stay away from large crowds in contained albergue spaces? This...
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    Casa rural in Vianas just canceled

    There is nothing anywhere near Penasillas, no albergues either municipal or private.
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    Penasillas - Taberna do Peto questions

    Just spoke with them. No rooms to rent. Much thanks
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    Penasillas - Taberna do Peto questions

    Does anyone know if Taberna do Peto in Penasillas has rooms to rent above their bar? Tried calling and no answer. Much thanks - 73
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    Complete your Camino de Santiago at Burger King in Leon!!!

    Just found this in looking through old photos...Gave me a good laugh.
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    Complete your Camino de Santiago at Burger King in Leon!!!

    This falls under the category of "I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself.......
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    Camino de Invierno Backpack Transfer

    Correos confirmed this morning that they do not cover the Invierno. Oh well........ Assuming I can't find a way to carry my stuff in a waist bag, Billy may be my mule. On my last Camino, everything I took weighed less than 5 pounds. I am looking to trim that weight even further. We can make...
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    Camino de Invierno Backpack Transfer

    Does anyone know if backpack transfers are available on the Camino de Invierno? Seems like Jacotrans and others concentrate on the Camino Frances. I am having shoulder surgery this week, and carrying a pack in April might be problematic. Much thanks - Steve
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    Mass Times in other Santiago Churches

    Is anyone aware of a resource that lists Mass times for other churches in Santiago de Compostela, not the cathedral? I do enjoy an early morning Mass. - Thanx
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    Doing laundry along the Invierno

    Step 1 - Get in the shower with all your clothes on Step 2 - Wash/rinse your clothes on your body Step 3 - Walk around until dry. I did this during my 2012 Camino Frances in the summer, and got by with only the clothes on my back and a spare. Really looking forward to going on the...
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    Anybody else walking The Invierno during Easter 2019?

    I am arriving in Monforte de Lemos on April 23rd. Maybe we will cross paths.......Steve
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    Back Pack Rain Cover AND Rain Poncho?

    In May of 2017, I too brought an Osprey pack with rain cover, but only a jacket, no poncho. What I found is that in driving rain, water seeps between the pack and your back and gets to the inside of your backpack. I didn't realize this flaw until after I left. Solution was to alter a poncho...
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    What's the craziest thing you have done to save weight?

    Not including my backpack or water, my entire load for my May, 2017 Camino weighed approximately 5 pounds, 2.25 kilos. Some tips: - I agree with bringing your scale to the store. I did that to weigh shirts, socks and shorts. Again, the lightweight camping gear is great. Super light and...
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    Rain Pants?

    I took a set of Frogg Toggs rainwear. For 20 bucks, they were completely waterproof, and held up better than some of the $200.00 goretex jackets I saw. I walked the Camino Frances in late May 2017, and some of the rain was simply driving. Rain pants, even for those with ponchos, were...
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    Numbers leaving from SJPP in August

    I left from St Jean on September 1, 2016. Crowds were large both because it was the beginning of the month and because it was a
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    I started my passport in 2012 in Burgos, walking only to Astorga. I filled the remainder of that Passport in 2014 walking from Astorga to SDC. I did run out of space and had to start a new Passport. However, the Pilgrim office in SDC had no problem joining the two passports to issue my...
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    Sleeping bag weight

    On my last Camino Frances, I reached out to my "target" albergues by phone or e--mail and asked them if they had blankets available. All except one did. Saved quite a bit in terms of weight in not carrying a sleeping bag. BTW, when you get your bed in the albergue, the FIRST THING you do...
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    If unable to walk each day

    I was on the CF from St. Jean to Burgos this past June, and had the same problem. One of our group was unable to walk. We asked the drivers from both Jacotrans and Camino Facil, the backpack transport people whether they could also take the one person in our group. Both refused, saying that...
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    Steep (really steep) descents on unsealed surfaces - how to avoid them?

    In September 2016 I walked the trail down to Molinaseca. In June 2017 I walked the roadway into Molinaseca. Although the trail is tough I will NEVER walk that road again. When I walk this piece of the Camino again I will break up the Rabanal to Molinaseca trek with a stop in el Acebo.