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  1. roamingpaddy

    Video/Pocast Thank you for your support in 2020

    Thank you Ivor for your helpful updates,wishing you a very happy new year,to you and all our forum members.
  2. roamingpaddy

    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year, Ivar!

    Merry Christmas to Ivor and all from Ireland.
  3. roamingpaddy

    Video/Pocast State of Emergency. Again.

    Thanks Ivar,its sad to see Santiago and all the caminos suffer due to covid.Hppefully 2021 will see this virus diminish and dissapear and we can all get back to walking and hugging and all that we had.
  4. roamingpaddy

    Back home again

    Gosh I was dizzy reading your fantastic post! You sure did pack alot into your camino! Huge admiration and respect,Well done.
  5. roamingpaddy

    New restrictions in Galicia and Santiago starting Thursday Oct. 22 AM

    Sorry to hear ,take care,levels are rising here in Ireland too. Natefaith , if forum members open your post in Chrome,it translates to English.
  6. roamingpaddy

    LIVE from the Camino Doing the Camino Frances.

    Buen Camino,I look forward to following your camino
  7. roamingpaddy

    Photos of Santiago today

    Lovely pics,safe home.
  8. roamingpaddy

    Finisterre the end of the way for me,for now

    It was dark descending from the lighthouse to Finisterre but luckily a full moon and my small torch helped,I was always concious of the steep drop on my right towards the sea ,luckily no mishaps.
  9. roamingpaddy

    Heading home post Camino

    Here I am at Santiago de Compostella awaiting my plane for home. It has been a wonderful and unique experience.Reflecting here as I wait for flight I am very greatful firstly for the health to have been able to do the camino but also to the people who encouraged me and helped in practable ways...
  10. roamingpaddy

    Finisterre the end of the way for me,for now

    I think I will be walking in Ireland ,there are lovely walks there,but winter coming
  11. roamingpaddy

    Pre-Pilgrim times - photos of when you were young?

    I am still only a boy in a mans body
  12. roamingpaddy

    Finisterre the end of the way for me,for now

    Buen Camino,have a great one.
  13. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    Thaank you,I will call in tomorrow
  14. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    Thank you,yes finito fir awhile now
  15. roamingpaddy

    Finisterre the end of the way for me,for now

    Im too tired to write much as it has been a long day,Muxia to Finisterra except to say I am exhausted but satisfied,and greatful too.I have many many good memories of my Camino.I am thankful for all of the help I got here on this forum and people I have met.As I said too tired so I will leave...
  16. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    That is true my friend
  17. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    I know Jham Jooie :)
  18. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    Pics from today
  19. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    Yes today was a great day in many ways.I started in Olveirora and walked to Muxia 31km through beautiful country.Fantastic autumn colors.Not many wete walking and for the first 4 hours was alone but happy out taking pics and enjoying the views. I came into one town Moraime I think and saluted a...
  20. roamingpaddy

    LIVE from the Camino Alto da Pena to Olveiroa 25km approx

    Yes good move alright altough the purists would frown lol. I listened to my body and it will be sent on tomorrow too to Finisterre:)