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    Penasillas - Taberna do Peto questions

    Does anyone know if Taberna do Peto in Penasillas has rooms to rent above their bar? Tried calling and no answer. Much thanks - 73
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    Complete your Camino de Santiago at Burger King in Leon!!!

    This falls under the category of "I wouldn't believe it if I didn't see it myself.......
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    Camino de Invierno Backpack Transfer

    Does anyone know if backpack transfers are available on the Camino de Invierno? Seems like Jacotrans and others concentrate on the Camino Frances. I am having shoulder surgery this week, and carrying a pack in April might be problematic. Much thanks - Steve
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    Mass Times in other Santiago Churches

    Is anyone aware of a resource that lists Mass times for other churches in Santiago de Compostela, not the cathedral? I do enjoy an early morning Mass. - Thanx
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    LIVE from the Camino Bayonne to SJPP

    I am at the Bayonne train station now. The train line to SJPP is out again. There are buses available out the door to your left. Be sure to print and validate your ticket before you board.
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    Zubiri, Urdaniz or Larrasoana??

    I am leaving SJPP on May 29th, first night in Orisson, then Roncesvalles. I am torn between staying in Zubiri, Urdaniz or Larrasoana. I have a suspicion that Zubiri, being one of the Brierly stops, might be crowded. Any opinions on the above towns? Any recommendations on places to stay?
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    Suggestions for Bayonne, France

    I will be in Bayonne France for one evening on Sunday, May 28th. I am staying very close to the train station, so I can get the first train to SJPP the morning of the 29th. I know the cathedral is very pretty, but is it close to the train station? Are there other places of interest I should...
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    Signage from SJPP to Orisson

    I am walking solo this summer from SJPP to Burgos. Some people commented that the signage from SJPP through Roncesvalles is sometimes hard to find. Are there maps available at the Pilgrim Center in SJPP? Any comments on applicable signage? I did walk the CF from Burgos into Santiago, with no...
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    SJPP Market

    I will be leaving SJPP on Monday, May 29, 2017. I need to buy lunch for my walk to Orisson and heard that there is a very good outdoor market on Monday to buy sandwiches, meat and such. Does this exist, and if so where? In the alternative, I arrive by train that morning in SJPP. Is there any...
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    Orisson Food Question

    I have reservations to stay at the Orisson albergue at the end of May, 2017. Should I bring my lunch when I arrive or is there food and drink available for purchase? I know that dinner and breakfast are included. Additionally, how long is the walk from SJPP to Orisson? I arrive by train...
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    My 2.2 Kilo/4.3 Pound CF Packing List

    After three past Caminos, I have managed to get everything I need to bring down to 2.2 kilos, (4.3 pounds), not including my pack for my upcoming May 29th 2017 Camino Frances. I have found in the past that you don't need even a fraction of what you think. I especially hate getting home after a...
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    Camino Mass Times

    I am looking for a good resource on finding Mass times on the Camino. I am particularly interested in Santiago, but not at the Cathedral. I have seen that numerous times, but am interested in some of the other, less known churches. Any help is appreciated. - Steve
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    Bayonne/St. Jean Travel Question

    I arrive very late at the Biarritz airport on a Sunday in May to begin the Camino Frances. It is too late for the last train from Bayonne to St. Jean, and all the transfer services are horribly expensive due to the hour and day. I am thinking of staying the night in Bayonne by the train...
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    Orisson Response/Saint Jean Question

    Friends: First, I have sent two e-mails to the albergue in Orisson asking whether they have a bed for one night in May. I haven't seen any response in more than a week. Is there any magic into securing a reservation? Also, do you pay in advance or at the time you arrive? I am concerned that...
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    St. Jean to Burgos - One day to skip

    Guys: Due to time constraints, I need to remove one day from my Camino this June in the stretch between St. Jean and Burgos. Is there any day that sticks out in your mind that I could skip, perhaps using a taxi that I might not miss? On my recent walk from Astorga to Santiago, the awful...
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    Pamplona to St. Jean on a Sunday night

    I will be arriving in Pamplona about 6:00 PM on Sunday, May 28 and need to get to St. Jean that evening. Unfortunately, the Conda buses do not run on Sunday. Is there any option to a 150 Euro taxi? Due to time constraints, I must start walking from St. Jean on Monday, May 29th. Any advice is...
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    Early Camino Frances Question

    I have a limited time to complete my Camino Frances this summer, and am considering starting from either Pamplona or Roncesvalles to fit the trip into my schedule. Ho much am I missing by starting from one of those two points, as opposed to St. Jean? Any insight is appreciated.
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    Roncesvalles to Burgos Time Needed

    I will be walking the Camino Primitivo in May of 2017. Once completed, I will be walking from Roncesvalles to Burgos. Convoluted, but I already walked the Burgos/Santiago route three times. I have two questions: 1. Can I complete the Roncesvalles to Burgos walk in 12 days? According to...
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    Ambasmesetas to Fonfria

    We will be on the CF this September. I am concerned about one of our legs, Ambasmesetas to Fonfria. With the steep climb up to O Cebreiro, how difficult will this leg prove? - Thanks - Steve
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    Camino Facil or Jacotrans

    On September 1 of this year, I will be on my third Camino, this time starting in Astorga. Due to a bone marrow transplant, my oncologist is letting me go, but won't let me carry a backpack. I did see both Camino Facil and Jacotrans on my last two trips moving backpacks from one albergue to...