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  1. roamingpaddy

    Heading home post Camino

    Here I am at Santiago de Compostella awaiting my plane for home. It has been a wonderful and unique experience.Reflecting here as I wait for flight I am very greatful firstly for the health to have been able to do the camino but also to the people who encouraged me and helped in practable ways...
  2. roamingpaddy

    Finisterre the end of the way for me,for now

    Im too tired to write much as it has been a long day,Muxia to Finisterra except to say I am exhausted but satisfied,and greatful too.I have many many good memories of my Camino.I am thankful for all of the help I got here on this forum and people I have met.As I said too tired so I will leave...
  3. roamingpaddy

    Happy in Muxia

    Yes today was a great day in many ways.I started in Olveirora and walked to Muxia 31km through beautiful country.Fantastic autumn colors.Not many wete walking and for the first 4 hours was alone but happy out taking pics and enjoying the views. I came into one town Moraime I think and saluted a...
  4. roamingpaddy

    LIVE from the Camino Alto da Pena to Olveiroa 25km approx

    I found this stretch difficult as walking a lot on asphalt roads,I found it hard on my feet. The countryside too I think was not as nice as my first day of this walk.However I did try to enjoy but at times it was endurence. The first part of the day was misty rain,just like my home weather in...
  5. roamingpaddy

    LIVE from the Camino First day out of Santiago.

    I am at Alburgue Alto de Pana,about 8 km past Negreira. It was a lovely walking day today and I loved the autumn colours in the woods on my walk today.I spent about 7 hours walking about 28 km.for the first half it was overcast but dry and then came the rain which was not heavy but...
  6. roamingpaddy

    Live from Camino At Santiago de Compostela

    I finished my camino yesterday with a lovely relaxed pace covering the last 20k. For me it was a day of slower pace and time to reflect. On the outskirts of Santiago I met a catalonial group of 5 and I walked along with them ,they were my guides to the cathedral. I was overcome with emotion in...
  7. roamingpaddy

    Hoping to walk Santiago to Finnisterre and or Muxia soon

    Hi I should reach Santiago tomorrow Thursday 24th September and I am keen to walk to Finnisterra and or Muxia. Some folk say walk to Finnisterra,others say walk to Muxia and others say do the two. I will have 7 days do it before my flight on Oct 2nd. I would be greatful for suggestions please
  8. roamingpaddy

    Live from Camino Splurging in O Pedrouzo

    Yes folks ,I splurged on a Pension today and its lovely to be in a room of your own! It was an easy just under 20 km walk today and I got in about 12.30. I will go to the pilgrim mass at 7pm and then go for a meal. I look forward to may last day into Santiago tomorrow,and then I plan to walk to...
  9. roamingpaddy

    Live from Camino I am at Arzúa

    About a 30 km hike today from Palas de Ris through beautiful Gallician country with a good amount of bars open to cater for the lesser number of perigringos. I would guess maybe about 80 walkers I saw today,about 50% Spanish and the rest europeans. I think in covid times that there is an extra...
  10. roamingpaddy

    Live from Camino Today 35km to Palas de Rei.

    It was a beautiful day today ,sunny but not too hot and a great athmosphere and camradee amongst the perigrinos.Today was busier, I would guess I saw 40 to 50 about 50 50 of spanish and european. I walked solo for first half of day and with a pilgrim from france for 2nd part. It was a long walk...
  11. roamingpaddy

    Live from Camino Triacastela to Mercadoiro

    Today I did about a 35 k walk in beautiful Galicia. After a cafe con lacha at a bar I was on the way at about 7.45. It was raining steadily for about 8 km and when it stopped a wonderful organic ,bar for want of a better word appeared it was wonderful and a donation breakfast was laid out which...
  12. roamingpaddy

    Live from Camino Day 1 O Cebreiro to Tricastela

    Got into Padrifita do Cabreiro last night by bus @ 2am .Walked up to O Cabreiro in the dark and slept in porch of Santa Maria Church, it was cold and I had only a micro sleeping bag with my rain cape to lay on. I slept in my cloths and managed to get some broken sleep. I was awoken to the...
  13. roamingpaddy

    LIVE from the Camino In a beautiful church

    I got into Santiago de C. today on a flight. I am now awaiting a bus to O Cebreiro to continue where I finished last year. Im in this beautiful little church on the outskirts as I want to avoid seeing the cathedral and old town untill I finish my camino there in 7 days time. It is very quite...
  14. roamingpaddy

    Please help me to figure out how to phone ahead for accommodation

    When phoning ahead while on the Camino for accommodation with my Irish cell phone what do I need to do with this example number to get through? +34982548067
  15. roamingpaddy

    Sadly I have to resign my planned october 2020 last stage.

    Yes I am very sad that I wont be able to finish my last stage from O Cebreio to ST.D.C. this year. I have had 2 flights cancelled to Santiago D.C. ,on sep 15th and sep.26. From Ireland I cannot see any other flight that will get me nearby. Malaga is the only option but it is so far from O...
  16. roamingpaddy

    Bus from Santiago de compostella to O Cebreiro

    Hi I am looking into getting from S.D.C. to O Cebriero in mid September,I know I can get Asla bus to nearby but I would loose too much time. By googleing it looks like another bus company goes from S.D.C. to Santa Irena and then go by taxi for last 6 km to O.C. Unfortunatly there is no...
  17. roamingpaddy

    Help about passport stamps and Compostela

    I have walked the camino francais in sections these last few years and hope to do the last section,O Cebrieo to Santiago d.c. possibly this autumn or next spring. Will I qualify for the compostela? I think I will but just checking. Also,my Brierley guide book mentions that you need 2 passport...
  18. roamingpaddy

    Where is this on the Camino?

    Hello,I am not sure where this is on the Camino and would like to know please?
  19. roamingpaddy

    The journey has begun

    Here I am at 1 am, leaving a rainy Cork city by bus on a 3 hour trip to Dublin airport.6.25 am flight to Madrid and bus to Burgos to continue where I left off last year.I should get there by about 2 pm later today. Hey its my birthday today,65.I am full of enthusium and wanting to hit the ground...