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    Poll What (thread topics) shall we talk about?

    I am interested in getting to know more about the forum members who want to share some of themselves and where they live. We all walk (train) somewhere in the vicinity of where we live. What about sharing pictures of our daily “home “ Camino routes? It would be interesting to see different...
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    Camino Covid survey

    I enjoyed thinking about my Camino and the future through your questions which I, too, thought were excellent and very insightful. Best wishes, Gabriel, on your project.
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    COVID Covid19- groceries...what to do

    Excellent video. Interesting to know that, while heat kills the virus, freezing does not. I agree about the plastic, but in our town, at this time of COVID-19, we are not allowed to bring our cloth bags into the store.
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    Ladies Osprey Packs

    I have a Kyte 36 and really like it- the three compartments, large stretch pocket on the front. and the flexibilty of threading elastic cord through the front loops to create more carrying possibilities. I like all the straps that give options for carrying. As you said about your Osprey it is...
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    Which section of Tuscany Via Francigena to choose?

    Thanks so much for the suggestions! In searching transportation I see the issues. I think that will probably be a deciding factor.
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    Which section of Tuscany Via Francigena to choose?

    My husband and I are presently in Italy and will be in Florence soon. We would like to walk one day section of the Tuscany Via Francigena. Some thoughts were: San Miniato - Gambasse Terme? San Gimignano- Monteriggioni? Monterriggioni - Sienna? Are there any suggestions or thoughts on...
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    All About Osprey

    I am also an Osprey fan. I second the vote for shoulder strap water bottle holders!
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    I second ShaLaw. I walked during the same time frame she did. I valued my down jacket, rain jacket and rain pants which also covered the ankle of my boots. Very helpful to keep water out ( and for warmth) Yes, with the pack cover, the pack straps .... got wet, but all of the contents were in...
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    Average Incline....

    Yes bag transport is available. Ask at your albergue. Our usual daily walking distance was around 20km ( give or take ) and we never had any trouble finding accommodation. We switched to the Primitivo and then there were a few days of with longer stretches ( for us - around 30 km) between...
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    First Aid Kit - Basic items to take?

    I second the Omnifix tape! Whenever I felt a hotspot I applied and never got any blisters on two Caminos. I also used Leukotape or Kinesiology tape. Even a few pieces can support an injured joint until resupplying at a pharmacy ( they do sell in Spain). Buen Camino!
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    Bus service to Muxia

    Muxia is absolutely worth it! I am so glad I didn’t miss experiencing what was for me a powerful, beautiful and meaningful end to my Camino. The beautiful picture above is only a small snapshot of what you will see there. There is more. Go at sunset on a clear day!
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    Finisterre or Muxia first?

    I was so glad I ended my Camino in Muxía. it is interesting to read that others did too!
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    Broken Toe

    I, too, broke my right little toe in June before my Camino began the end of August. I did not train much because i wanted to let it heal, I even went on crutches for a few weeks to try and help the process. I, too, was in a dilemma about going. The bone was not fully healed when I left for my...
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    Which Camino???

    I have walked the Camino Francés. My second Camino with my husband was Camino del Norte. It was stunningly beautiful! We switched to the Camino Primitivo at Oviedo and while missing the ocean at first, came to love its rugged off road beauty. Other pilgrims would have more experience with...
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    List of Albergues, Le Puy to St. Jean PP

    I am hoping to walk Le Puy route next year. 2019. I would very much appreciate it if you could send me your list? My email is Thanks so much
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    WHat size backpack for a small woman?

    Hi Brenda. I, too, am 5.1 with a short torso. I have walked two Caminos with an Osprey Kyte 36L. I love how it sits on my body. It has in built adjustable torso length. Always best, as many said, to get measured, and try some on. Good luck to you. Buen Camino!
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    Le Puy Camino May/June or Aug./Sept ?

    Much appreciated! It was toss up on th first Camino re poncho or rain suit and pack cover. The rain jacket won. I haven't regretted it especially on very windy days. Thanks
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    Le Puy Camino May/June or Aug./Sept ?

    Thanks. I am so glad for this forum and all the information that can be shared!
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    Le Puy Camino May/June or Aug./Sept ?

    Thank you. Very helpful information!
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    Le Puy Camino May/June or Aug./Sept ?

    Thanks! In May, with the holidays, is there a challenge to get accommodation? What is the weather like in June?