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    Le Puy (or Geneva) to SJPdP in Autumn

    If you guys have the time start in Geneva. Everyone we met on the GR65 from Le Puy that commenced in Geneva were in awe with the scenery and everything associated with the path before Le Puy.
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    Tui to Santiago

    Now altered David , Finally got there .
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    Tui to Santiago

    Parador was it🤭🤭😂😂
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    Tui to Santiago

    No problems with April . Start in Valenca , changed it at last , sorry all. Stop in any of the 3 mentioned above , more to see and do in Pontevedra according to HRH Not a long distance , take your time and maybe the stop is not required. Some lovely CR and pensions available which will love your...
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    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    Just letting members know about lease agreements David
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    Looking for a casa rural to run on the Camino in Galicia?

    If a person advertises the lease of a small pub the price will be 2.5 times the annual profit. This means that after 2.5 yrs you should have recouped your outlay. Now lets look at the most important aspect of this long is the lease ? If the lease remaining is only 5 yrs you...
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    Porto to Santiago

    Better to take the river from the middle of the city. Lovely casual walk [10km] to Matosinhos for lunch , a room and dinner. This is the fish market where ALL who live in Porto eat.
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    Porto to Santiago

    Walked it 3 times. most enjoyable was Coastal , then SHIP @ Caminha to coastal Spain. should have taken Espiritual when getting close as the crowds commenced after Tui. Read Elle’s day 15 , commence late and stay the night @ Matosinhos for the best seafood .
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    Any cafes or fountains between Lires and Muxia?

    Stop at Lires , great place for stopping.. No need to leave Muxia early , easy walk .
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    Which airport is more convenient from Finisterre - Santiago or ACoruna?

    The 2 days from Muxia to Finasterre would suit HRH HRH could give you a few days start whilst you take 4 days from SDC . HRH arrives and spend 2 days in the new Parador in Muxia. Then Divide the walk into 2 beautiful sightseeing days stopping at Lires in a wonderful pension. Enjoy lunch @...
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    Transport from either Pamplona or San Sebastian airport to Saint Jean pied de Port

    Most Spanish we have encountered commenced in Spain , that’s Roncesvalles. The whole thing starts in Paris, Le Puy , or from your front door.. When we got a sweater in SDC 13 yrs ago it never had StJPP on it , just the Spanish side 🤫
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    Does the Pilgrim office in St Jean still have transport to the Cross?

    These 70 yrs old love the Valcarlos way , taking 2 days.
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    COVID Santiago closes down today (Fri Oct 30) from 15.00

    We have already shelved 2021 , the first time in 12 yrs we have not walked on a Camino in Spain/France or Portugal. If there is a dose that arrives within a few months , Feb 2021, we will return according to the Boss She has indicated Le Puy with the better accommodation options in the country...
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    COVID Leon in lockdown

    The isolation being used in NT is outdoors. June & July having a walk and eating fresh food . Maybe commence again in Le Puy , miss a bit In the middle , when ending @ St JPdP get train to Bayonne for Baztan. Take 9 days to Pamplona , no crowds and private rooms from the day we commenced 5...
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    COVID Leon in lockdown

    Has the regional , city Govt of Madrid defied the rulings on the lockdowns? Mentioned Leon to my daughter and she said Madrid refused.
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    COVID Leon in lockdown

    We bolted to our country cottage ( Mt M ) 8 weeks ago , Saved the 48 yr marriage🤫🤭😇 MtM to Gisborne is flat to Woodend - Hanging Rock = hills. The 20km will do us fine Jim , that’s our distance under pressure , less when o/ seas . In saying that we did take a 2 days to walk to our then home in...
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    COVID Leon in lockdown

    Jim , I would give my left ... to be just outside Leon at this present time. The Baztan & Invierno were scheduled & booked this June / July , however i find the Spanish situation interesting and enlightening. When will it end? Vaccine or Learn to live with it? As you know we have nearly reached...
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    Dodgy knee

    Save the dollars and spend 5 euro a day for your luggage to go ahead. small personal backpack , sticks , magnesium , Vaseline and good luck.
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    Vegan on Camino Del Norte

    In jest Bruce , if I was walking the Norte I would take a years sabbatical , the fish is matched only by the start of the Portuguese. Safe trip whenever you commence.
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    Muxia-Finisterre-Santiago October 2019

    Hope you stop in Lires Paddy . Leave Muxia latish and enjoy this peaceful resting place Next day full of joy and a wonderful lunch on broad walk in Finisterre.