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    The Number of Hours of Daily Walking

    I walked the camino in 2007 and in 2008 and even though I have forgotton many of the places I passed through I still have vivid memories of the people I met. Meeting people of different nationalities , all with a common purpose of getting to Santiago at some point in the future is a marvelous...
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    Woman alone on the camino frances: safe?

    Lora says "I was coming down a hill into the town just before Astorga. There was an elderly Spanish man with two canes, sitting on a bench reading his paper. As I approached, he put down his paper and stood to great me." Amazingly I walked down the same hill with my wife a few weeks ago. An...
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    Camino Blues

    peter, An excellent post. again I am just home form the Camino and can so fully understand what you so capably put into words that I could not express. My wife accompanied me this time and after a couple of days told me that she then understood why I was on such a high after I returned...
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    St. Jean to Roncesvalles

    I walked the route Napoleon and for me it was one of the most beautiful days walking of the entire Camino. I agree it is tough and long , but if you pace yourself , allow plenty of time to reach Roncesvalles ,and take food and water you will be fine. The views over the Pyrenees are the most...
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    Alternative accomadation on the Camino Frances

    It's comforting to see that many people seem to agree with my sentiments on this topic. I do not believe that to be a genuine pilgrim it is necessary to endure penance as well. We found the Hostals and pensions in almost every case to be clean with hospitable and friendly staff. A few of the...
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    Alternative accomadation on the Camino Frances

    I realise that not everyone on this forum will agree with what I have to say but for what it's worth here goes.! At the very least perhaps I will stimulate some interesting discussion! Last September I walked from St JPdP to Fromista and stayed every night in albergues along the way. Some of...
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    Camino over

    We arrived in Santiago in a deluge of rain on Sunday morning in time for the pilgrims mass. The weather for the last 4 days was dreadfull, heavy driving rain and strong winds but our spirits were high and we soldered on nevertheless. Arrived home this evening to an equally wet and windy...
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    Leaving tonight

    On Camino today Today we walked from Leon to Hospital de Orbigo, weater is beautiful, Camino not as busy as I had been led to expect. Lots of (nice) Germans and many other nationalities. Short day tomorrow , just planning a nice 15 kilometers to Astorga John
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    Leaving tonight

    The taxi is booked to take us to the airport in a few hours and we will leave a wet and dreary Ireland behind us and begin to walk from Leon on Tuesday morning. Buen Camino to everyone walking this month and may your Camino be an enjoyable experience Dia libh go leir !
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    Do I really need a sleeping bag in Sept/Oct?

    A sleeping bag , definitely yes ............but not because of the cold, last September I found the nights pretty warm, but because some of the refugios the beds are not the cleanest.
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    My two halpennys worth on Irache ! My memories of Irache are arriving at 9:00am and enjoying a cool glass of wine and refilling my water bottle from the fountains. Wine is an unusual drink in that the taste of the wine can vary depending on the occasion , the ambience , the quality of the...
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    Thigh chafing

    Talcum powder librally applied each morning before you start. Works wonders
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    The Irish Society of the Friends of St James
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    Hi Pabloneill, Firstly, many Irish pilgrims get their first sello at the main reception in Guinness's brewery, which I did last September. It was noticed by many a albergue volunteer in Spain as being unusual but not totally uncommon. so at the very least do this. Also remember back in the...
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    last minute questions about Roncevalles!

    I'm not sure why you do not want to walk from St Jean to Roncesvalles but I would personnaly say that for me this was one of the most beautiful stages on the entire Camino. The scenery in the mountains is spectacular and the peace and tranquility amazing. If it were not for the constant ringing...
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    June's Pilgrims!

    My wife and I will be starting on June 21st from Leon , I walked from St J PdP last September and came home so full of enthusiam for the Camino that she decided to accompany me to Santiago this year.
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    Options to Paris/Madrid/London from Burgos?

    Ulysse, This June I intend to start walking from Leon and will fly into Vittoria. what's the best way of geting from Vittoria to Leon, bus to Burgos and second bus from there to Leon? or is there an option to take a train?
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    Options to Paris/Madrid/London from Burgos?

    I caught the bus at central bus station in Burgos. easy to find, buses leave from street directly outside office. company was ALSA but if I remember correctly the actual coach was Continental. Fare was about 14 euro
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    Options to Paris/Madrid/London from Burgos?

    Last September I walked from St Jean PdeP to Fromista. From there I bussed back to Burgos ( only 1 bus per day at 7:15 am) and took a coach from Burgos to Madrid. Non stop about two and a half hours. Pleasant journey arrived in Madrid before noon.
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    We are all real pilgrims

    we are all pilgrims One morning in September I walked from Lorca to Los Arcos on a pretty dull and dreary day. I had starrted walking at about 7:am and the sun came up about 7:30. Whilst I was walking in the dark I was aware that there were other people in front of me and I could hear...