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  1. aname4me

    Logrono Wine Festival.... 2020

    Logrono Wine Festival 2020 I did my Camino #5 in 2019 with my Son. I (actually HE) regretted missing the Logrono Wine festival 2019. We arrived in Logrono Sept 26. 2019..... the day before it really started .. Question:.... When is the Logono 2020 Wine Festival ?
  2. aname4me

    Where to eat Lunch+Pee in SJPdP ?

    Next week I will be arriving at SJPdP on the Bus at 11:45am and have booked Orrison for that night. I don't remember SJPdP having a Bus Terminal.... they just park outside the city walls. Can anyone suggest a place to both pick up a quick Lunch (sandwich) and use their washroom ?
  3. aname4me

    Camino Canal Boat near Frómista.

    There appears to be a Boat operating along the Canal between (just past) Boadilla del Camino and the Locks at Frómista. Does anyone has any Info, or can share their experience?
  4. aname4me

    VISA Card and Calling Canada collect

    I was reading my VISA Credit Card Statement. If you lose your Credit Card, or have it Stolen, or someone has your “numbers” and is using it..... Just call the number on the back, Collect. Back in the “Old Days”, when telephone companies had Operators, and we had Land Lines..... it was...
  5. aname4me

    Do THEY speak English ? Clues ? ?

    I am a Retired Monolingual North American. When I'm walking the Camino.... I often wonder.... Do they speak English? I am look for help in how to find (or elicit) clues. Two things I already do.... I don't say “Buen Camino” I say “Hello, Buen Camino” My hope is to let people know I am...
  6. aname4me

    Swollen Feet = Blisters

    I am proposing... Swollen Feet = Blisters I believe the Camino can make people's feet swell. Not puffy swollen.... just ½ a shoe size, or even a full shoe size worth of swollen. Just enough to make your quality made , well broke-in shoes fit.... just a bit tight. Imagine.... you have...
  7. aname4me

    Camino Vlogs to watch

    Hola... I am Camino Vlog-oholic. Oh well. My preferences are ones that post every day (as opposed to a 10min summary at the end of the trip) I prefer the full Camino Francés. Please let us know of any others worth watching. World Towning (Today)...
  8. aname4me

    Help selecting Boots for our Walk.

    I am looking for some input. On our three Caminos we have used KEEN Targhee II Mid Outdoor Boot. We were happy with everything about them. Height. Weight. Thickness of Sole. Waterproof. Great shoes. We are now planning our 4th Camino and our old Boots are worn out. I was blindly going to...
  9. aname4me

    Why should you Over-Night before SJPdP

    Long flights and time-change have always affected my digestion. I am not talking about getting sick from - recycled cabin air, germs/bacteria in food/water. My gateway to SJPdP has been... flight to Barcelona, train to Pamplona, bus to SJPdP I am talking - Stress of Travel, poor quality Sleep...
  10. aname4me

    Snoring on an Airplane?

    I was on a overnight flight this week. The lights were dimmed for several hour. Many people were sleeping. Not the best sleep... but sleeping. What I noticed was, no one was snoring. A hundred people “sleeping” and, no one was snoring. In an Albergue, snoring is really common. In a room of...
  11. aname4me

    I have two lists of Albergues to stay at.

    I have two lists (PDF) of Albergues to stay at. The first... is a list of the Albergues my Wife and I stayed at on our third Camino in Sept-Oct 2017. If, like us, you are a retired couple who doesn't do well with others Snoring, with public washrooms, with people who insist of talking after...
  12. aname4me

    Help finding a Video Editor for my Tablet

    I have watched many YouTube Vlogs. They are (seem to be) edited while on the Camino, and posted daily. I am a Video-NewBee and don't need anything too powerful (and confusing). Can anyone recommend a Video Editor for my Samsung Tablet. It uses Andriod 7.0. I have searched and they mention...
  13. aname4me

    Is Spain cold this Spring?

    I have been watching a Video Blog on YouTube.... Stephen Jones is walking the Camino de Frances right now (March 2018). The latest Vlog is... Camino de Santiago 2018 Vlog - Day 28 - Ruitelán – Fonfría O Cebreiro is covered with a foot...
  14. aname4me

    Compeed Blister Plasters... Pro/Con

    On my last Camino I was introduce to Blisters. It was my fault. New boots with only a month of break in. I bought Compeed Blister Plasters. Great produce... with a flaw. Pros.... It sticks on. It is very smooth. Allowed me to walk. Cons.... On my heal, my socks loved them. They would catch...
  15. aname4me

    HELP!!! Paris (BVA) Airport to SJPdP

    Help.. RyanAir has just canceled (on Sept 15th) our September 21 flight to Biarritz. I will spare everyone the details.... but.. We are now flying into Paris at 9:00am Sept 21 I am now desperate to figure out how to get from.... Paris (Beauvais) (BVA) Airport to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port...
  16. aname4me

    Are there other Churches to see in Santiago de Compostela?

    This year I will have 3 days in Santiago de Compostela. I was wondering if there are other Churches to see. Santiago de Compostela has been at the center of Spanish religion for a millennia. There must be more then just the Cathedral (open to the Public). I came across this website that lists...
  17. aname4me


    Hello. My name is aName4Me, and I am a YouTube-Camino-Junkie. I have been following several Video Bloggers this Spring Camino John Father Roderick Camino de...
  18. aname4me

    Churches on the Camino

    Bien Camino My question is..... Does anyone know of a book, or webpage that lists the Churches along to Camino? No matter how small, every town on the route has a Church (even Churches without a town). Every Church (Cathedral) has a built date, by who, religious orders, why, architectural...
  19. aname4me

    The Other, Other way into Burgos

    Just past San Juan de Ortega, about 20 Km before Burgos, there is a sign that shows and alternate route into Burgos. Go to Google Earth and paste in... 42°22'34.21"N 3°26'28.55"W There is a Photo, near this spot, and it shows the alternate route sign. So.... Here are my Questions Has...
  20. aname4me

    How too edit the videos into a story?

    OK..... I leave mid-Sept for my second Camino Frances. I bought a new camera. I want to take some (many) videos.... Question? What should I use to edit the videos into a story. (Something to cut out the crap I shouldn't have shot.) Free download would be nice, but... Spending a few $ for a...