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  1. FourSeasons

    To those on the Frances now...

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I am currently on del Norte for 11 days and already on my 3rd rest day. I’m thinking about the possibility of switching to the Frances going to Fromista. I know there is a train station there. I’m current above Burgos perhaps I could go there. How are things currently...
  2. FourSeasons

    Please Help! On del Norte now.

    Hola, I’m in Castro-Urdiales with only my Wise Pilgrim app as a guide. Hard cover was left behind 😕 The upcoming stage/stages are really confusing me. Please help, red or blue line on these upcoming stages to Laredo then to San Miguel and why. I’m so confused. I gotta say del Norte Camino is...
  3. FourSeasons

    Municipal Albergue or Pension? (on first night)

    Hi all, I'm getting close to boots on the ground (two weeks) just shoring up a few last minute details. In your opinions and experience what would you choose on your first night on Del Norte in Irun. Train arrives at 12:30PM (plenty of time to get to albergue to que up) Municipal Albergue...
  4. FourSeasons

    Veer Off to the Primitivo or?

    :) Hi, I'm curious to know how many pilgrims veer off to the Primitivo from the del Norte. I would think it's a large number. Does anyone out there know? How many? Pros and Cons of going Primitivo: Pros and Cons of staying on del Norte: Thanks for your experience and suggestions. :cool:👣
  5. FourSeasons

    Osprey Sirrus 24 (women's) enough for a del Norte Summer?

    I've used the Osprey Kestrel 38L for my last two CF. Just yesterday I partially loaded it with del Norte gear and I just couldn't get it to feel right. I seem to have plenty of room and would like to down size. Has anyone used the Sirrus 24 for a Camino? (Summer) Any experience/feedback would...
  6. FourSeasons

    Where oh where can it be? Pilgrim Passport.

    For the life of me I cannot find any info on where to get a Camino Passport other then to purchase it here on the forum. I'd really like to save on the shipping cost if possible. I'd appreciate any direction you all could give. 1) Can I pick one up in Paris, if so where? 2) Can I pick one up...
  7. FourSeasons

    Altra Lone Peak 4 Trail-Running Shoes?

    Hi, does Anyone have any experience on the Altra Lone Peak 4 on a Camino 500 miles? I've heard they don't have enough cushion due to their lightweight feature? They have great traction and are lightweight but are they enough? Thanks so much for any clarity you can throw my way, as I'm...
  8. FourSeasons

    Walk from Ribadeo to Ferrol?

    I have plenty of days to walk this summer and after much research I've decided and I'm pretty sure I will walk to Ribadeo instead of taking the Primitivo. Once in Ribadeo I'd like to continue on to Ferrol then take the Ingles to Santiago. Is there a way? Is there a guide book that would show...
  9. FourSeasons

    Paris train to Hendaye in July

    Hi all with European train system experience, Is it important that I purchase my train ticket now from Rail Europe for first week in July? The day I want to get to Irun there is only one cheaper train, the time of departure is the earliest train, which works great for me. All the other trains...
  10. FourSeasons

    Start on Friday or Saturday (del Norte)

    Hi, is it best to start walking out of Irun on a Friday or Saturday? Are shops closed on Saturday? Do they open late, close early? What would be the pros and cons? Does it really matter? Time frame will be the first week in July. Thanks for your input 😊
  11. FourSeasons


    I’ve seen more and more GoFundMe for the Camino. Is this a new thing? Is it absurd? Is it acceptable? I’m going for my third Camino, I am not retired so I have to work extra hours, save my PTO and wait 1 1/2 years for 1st Camino, 6 months for 2nd and over a year for my 3rd coming up this...
  12. FourSeasons

    Camiga Patch

    Does anyone recall the Camiga patch? I got mine in 2016 and for the life of me can’t recall who I ordered it from. Anyone?? Asking for a future pilgrim. Thanks!
  13. FourSeasons

    Dilemma (del Norte in peak season)

    Hello again, My head is spinning trying to decide if I should or shouldn't. It's going to be peek season when I go July/Aug and Alburgues will fill up fast and prices on Hotels and other accommodation will be higher. I am not so much into booking ahead, I do like to let the Camino provide...
  14. FourSeasons

    What to do with extra time?

    When booking my round trip flights from the American Northwest to Paris so I can walk Camino del Norte July/August, I gave myself way too much time. I've heard del Norte is difficult this is why the extra time. However, I walked CF in 34 days so I'm now confident I can walk del Norte in 5...
  15. FourSeasons

    My Packing List for Summer on del Norte (Yay or Nay)

    This is what I am hoping/planning to take on my Summer del Norte. Please offer any suggests or give me the thumbs up...........:) Clothes (wear one, pack one) I will wear a ball cap for shade and keeps rain off face sunglasses trekking poles hands free umbrella for rain/hot sun (yeah or nay)...
  16. FourSeasons

    Follow the yellow arrows?

    I am wondering how do I walk from the Gare de Heydaye train station to the Albergue de Peregrinos on 18 Lucas de Berroa. I have google mapped it and the walking looks like it takes me on highways not suitable for walking. How do I find the Way, the yellow arrows? Thanks in advance.
  17. FourSeasons

    From CDG to Biarritz or? to get to Irun

    Hi :) For those who have walked before me on del Norte I am in need of some direction. How do I get to Irun? My plans are to fly into CDG then to Biarritz. I see there are trains going from Biarritz to Irun. I need help navigating. I plan to travel early July so also need suggestions on lodging...
  18. FourSeasons

    Weather is unpredictable

    We all know how unpredictable the weather can be on the Camino, especially on the Norte. So, I am seeking your experiences to the amount of rain fall in July and August on the Norte. I'm hoping I won't need rain pants and can get away with a lightweight poncho. Thoughts and stories welcome...
  19. FourSeasons

    July and August

    Hello fellow pilgrims. I'm planning my July and August del Norte. I am expecting hot temps but how hot, average for that time of year? In Fahrenheit please. Also cost per day staying in Alburgues and food. Should I bring a tent due to Alburgues becoming completo? I am hoping for 7 weeks to go...
  20. FourSeasons

    Average Incline....

    Hello :) I'm nervous about the challenge of the Norte. I've started some training for my 2019 Camino. I've done the CM twice, so have gone up and over the Pyrenees. What's the average incline on the many hills across the Norte? 12%? 18%? Is it like the Pyrenees, leaving Castrojeriz or...