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  1. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Exactly! 😊
  2. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Home Country "Caminos"

    Thanks so very much for the many suggestions from everyone! You all have given me a needed boost out of my Camino doldrums and hours upon hours of investigative happiness.😊
  3. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Home Country "Caminos"

    😀You're nearly my next door neighbor! Bet you're a regular at the REI store.😉
  4. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Home Country "Caminos"

    I've read about the Oregon Coast Trail but, no... I mean the 2,170 mile Oregon Trail route the pioneers in covered wagons traveled from East to West (United States) in the 1860's. I live in Oregon and walking near/on a windy beach and/or walking on Hwy. 101 is not in the least bit appealing to...
  5. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Home Country "Caminos"

    I've been desperately searching around for some sort of Camino-like experience in my own country (U.S.) in case Covid still has the world closed down. Problem is, every long distance trek here involves packing along food & cooking gear, along with everything else you'd need for a month or...
  6. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    2021 Camino Frances - will be more expensive !

    I daily swing between total dispare of things ever opening up for another Camino and detailing my plans for my next Camino. It's almost like a sickness. I'm willing to pay the price of admission. My mental health is worth it.
  7. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    The Ireland Way

    Does anyone know if there is a business in Castletownbere that sells hiking, trekking poles and tent stakes? I'm wanting to do carry-on only.
  8. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    The Ireland Way

    Thanks! Your observations and experiences are invaluable. I did see that the latest guidebook was 2017 so assumed the info was probably a bit outdated. I'm still in the curious, fact gathering stage. Due to I realize it's Ireland and rain is a given, but which months might be a little less...
  9. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    The Ireland Way

    Has anyone walked The Ireland Way lately? (1,000km/620 miles) If so, could you share in way marker coverage, accommodations; general infrastructure. It sounds incredible and I'd love to have more personal observations about it.
  10. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Missing Spain & CF dearly, however happily walking Dutch Pilgrimpath

    While I've not given up going on the Camino Portuguese, I have finally calmed my Covid-19 induced frustration by finding fairly local hiking areas...I call it going "off campus" from my usual hill trails on the property I live on. It's a poor substitute for the real Caminos, as I never come...
  11. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Story: The 3 Camino Amigos – Why it started to fall apart on the Camino Frances (and a Question)

    I had (sometimes verbal) conversations with my original hiking stick I'd picked off the ground in the SJPP park. I discovered the stick was a "He" and I named him Stick. He was my buddy, my pal, my emotional support and I became nearly hysterical when I thought I'd lost him in a small town...
  12. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Discouraged in Florida

    Frankly, I never thought about the distance. It's like eating an's one bite at a time. There'll be days when you'll think you're nuts for putting yourself through it. Days when you'll cry..just because. Days when you're thrilled with the beauty & the awesomeness of it all. Days...
  13. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Ashes to Spain?

    The Wee Folk were there with me all the way... especially on the family property and on The Big Rock overlooking Attical at sunrise.
  14. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Ashes to Spain?

    My husband was Catholic and the priest said the same thing about ashes being in a sanctified place. I ignored him. Since his family was from there, the Mournes were the most sanctified place for my Irish husband's ashes.
  15. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Ashes to Spain?

    To be more precise, I didn't ask Ireland for permission to set my husband's ashes loose on the winds. Nobody inquired; I didn't say.😉
  16. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Ashes to Spain?

    Don't know about Spain, but I took my husband's ashes back to Ireland in my carry-on backpack. Airlines invariably pulled my bag aside to investigate the opaque quart plastic container of ashes as it probably looked like cocaine or something. I had all of my late husband's documents with me in...
  17. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    CP from Lisbon - Sep 2020

    Thank you for sharing your Lisbon to Santiago de Compostela Camino. I was also planning on doing the same Portuguese Camino route in September this year (not to be for U.S. people, though). I will be very interested in hearing all of your journey!
  18. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    2020 - you ain't nothing,,,,,,,,

    Yeah, I'm with you on that! Since my Camino Portuguese is a no-go, I've been clearing hill trails through trees & brush so I can ride my horse on them. Or crash and tumble off them, as the case may be.🤕 I hope my Camino plans get back on track before these mountain trails are the death of me.
  19. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Should Rock Stacking be Banned?

    I say to those critics..puleese. You got nothin' better to when this world is full of seeming endless real issues? 🤨
  20. Joyce Dunn Rogers

    Where did you walk ( locally ) in 2020?

    In 2020, I find myself walking. Yeah, walking into the kitchen. Way too much.😏