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  1. islandwalker

    Resources for the Mozárabe in the province of Córdoba

    El Día de Córdoba recently published an article that may be of interest to people planning to walk the Camino Mozárabe. Vídeo-presentación de Paisajes con Historia The provincial...
  2. islandwalker

    Bus schedules app/website

    I stumbled across a website this morning that shows the bus schedules for all the companies in Spain. It looks like it might be useful to others. It shows which companies serve even the tiniest of villages and includes routes that are not shown on Rome2Rio. Very handy if you are wanting to...
  3. islandwalker

    Málaga's new pedestrian bridge

    This week a new pedestrian bridge opened that offers some interesting possibilities for pilgrims starting the Mozárabe in Málaga. If you have an extra half-day at the beginning of your camino, you could use the bridge to explore the Parque Natural Desembocadura del Guadalhorce. There has long...
  4. islandwalker

    Wikiloc article

    For anyone interested in learning a bit about the background of Wikiloc, here's an article that appeared in the Olive Press today. Although the headline writer gushed a bit with his use of 'revolutionized', it was interesting to read that Wikiloc is a Spanish app, started in Girona by Jordi...
  5. islandwalker

    Buying Alhambra tickets online system changes

    For anyone walking through Granada, this posting on a TripAdvisor forum might be of interest. It says that starting March 1st, instead of the current 29% of tickets being available online for 14 euros, there will be a progressive change to 70% being available online to private individuals. I...
  6. islandwalker

    Melide iglesia: model for the 10 euro note?

    The other day when we were in Melide, we took a close look at Iglesia San Pedro because the author of the Moon Camino de Santiago guidebook says its Romanesque church doorway served as a model for the illustration on the 10 euro note. (Edited to add: be sure to read @kathar1na’s note below...
  7. islandwalker

    LIVE from the Camino Meeting Sara

    Every day, we have been hoping to run into other forum members, but we have not met any (that we know of). So what incredibly good luck to be delayed in our start this morning and thus be leaving the bar in Salceda just as someone started recording a video at the door. “I know that voice,” I...
  8. islandwalker

    LIVE from the Camino Snow/Rain info source

    We have found the app Windy (recommended by VNwalking in this thread, #43) so useful in the last few days that I put together a few photos for anybody who might have missed the original mention. You can save yourself hours of searching for weather info on the individual towns in front of you by...
  9. islandwalker

    LIVE from the Camino Weather near Foncebadón

    We walked from El Ganso to Foncebadón yesterday and badly wanted to continue, but having looked carefully at the new snow and snow depth screens on Windy, the weather app @VNwalking recommended the other day, we knew we weren’t equipped for the 24 cm of snow and wind gusts over 100 kph they are...
  10. islandwalker

    LIVE from the Camino Memorial at Alto del Perdón

    I must have missed this thread in we almost missed the memorial at Alto del Perdón yesterday; I’m putting a note here so perhaps some others who missed the original post will be aware of it. We expected to see the iconic sculptures, the crowds of pilgrims taking photos, and the massive...
  11. islandwalker

    LIVE from the Camino Wikiloc help needed (now solved)

    ## RufokF_Map ## In our first five days, we’ve had good luck in resolving most of our glitches, but one problem has us stymied: we are recording our track each day to post in our journal, and we can’t figure out how to get my daughter’s Google Pixel 3a phone to continuously record our track...
  12. islandwalker

    Climate seasonal outlook info source

    The other day @Kathar1na posted some very useful information in another thread (see her post #4) about the meteoblue weather site. While spending some time last night happily exploring it, I stumbled upon a page that might interest others looking for information on seasonal forecasts. The...
  13. islandwalker

    New search tool available on Wikiloc

    For those of you who like to use Wikiloc for such things as finding alternative trails that lead to accommodation off the camino or for seeing what trails in an area would allow you to detour around disruptive roadworks, there’s a new way to search called “Search by Passing Area.” (I know many...
  14. islandwalker

    Ruta del Fray Leopoldo in Andalucia

    We are walking in southern Spain right now, and a few days ago when we visited the birthplace of Fray Leopoldo in the village of Alpandeire, we had the good fortune to be able to talk with a great-granddaughter from his extended family. She gave us information about the pilgrimage route that has...
  15. islandwalker

    Resources: weather, mapping, gpx tracks

    Thanks to all of you, over the last few years I have learned a lot about walking in Spain. I’ve tried to consolidate some of this on the planning and resources page of a journal I am writing about our walking trip to Andalucia. Although our route is not on a designated camino, perhaps the...
  16. islandwalker

    Free online courses about Medieval Spain

    (I'm not sure what forum this belongs in, so feel free to move it.) EdX and Coursera are offering three free online courses about medieval Spain this spring that might be of interest to those walking caminos. All the courses can be taken online at any time of day the fits your own personal...
  17. islandwalker

    getting .gpx file onto Goggle Earth on an iPad

    Hi, Can anyone help me figure out how to get a gpx file onto Google Earth on on my iPad mini? I successfully used Base Camp to get the file onto Google Earth on my computer, but I have no idea how to get the file onto Google Earth on the iPad which is going with me to Spain. Thank you for all...