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  1. marktqm

    Camino Pilgrim from the Philippines

    Re: Camino Pilgrim from the Philipines there's also peskywabbit (bunny) and her brother vincent, both from manila. not sure if they are still active here, as they completed their camino from sarria to santiago in 2006/07. we had dinner at podium pre- and post-camino (theirs). and also yours...
  2. marktqm

    Portico de la gloria ?

    The Portico de la Gloria is open always; it is at the cathedral's main entrance. The crypt under the altar is open everyday and the apostle can be hugged anytime, unless the authorities forbid it (H1N1 scare?). The Holy Door (not the Portico) at the back of the altar is opened only on Holy...
  3. marktqm

    LIVE from the Camino I just saw Martin Sheen!!!

    Wow, a mainstream film about the Camino. Millions of people will know more about the Camino, and guess what - we can expect a torrent of pilgrims in the next few years along the Road. Good or bad?
  4. marktqm

    food - utensils

    This just adds up to the weight of your pack. If you intend to eat in bars, no need for utensils. Water bottle (or Camelback) is essential though. It would be nice to have a 'waiter' Swiss knife for the wine and canned goods if you're buying from the tiendas along the way.
  5. marktqm

    Should I buy train ticket ahead of time?

    I was on the train from Hendaye to Bayonne, and Bayonne to SJPP on 28 April 2006. I bought my train ticket that morning in Hendaye. While it is true the end of April will have many walkers, our train to SJPP (consisting of two short rail cars) was barely 20% occupied.
  6. marktqm

    Schengen visa and accommodation

    Sil is right. If you are a member of CSJ, show your credencial to the consul. Mine had a first stamp from my parish church already. I also showed the confirmation email from the first hotel I'll be staying in (jet lag adjustment), and prepared a day to day itinerary along the camino (which...
  7. marktqm


    I believe there is also a snorers' room in the Ave Fenix albergue in Villafranca del Bierzo, although I didn't sleep in that room. I tried using earplugs at one time but I'm not comfortable not hearing anything at all; what if there's a fire? Let's admit it: some overcrowded albergues are...
  8. marktqm

    Photos with the bronze pilgrim at Burgos

    Here's my photo with that well-known sculpture, taken May 2006. Does he have a name? There're also sculptures of resting pilgrims in front of San Marcos in Leon, and in Monte do Gozo (looks like she's ready to prick her blisters). I know there's another at Mansilla de las Mulas, but are there...
  9. marktqm

    Do you remember?

    And here's another pair of those scarecrows, near Palas del Rey, May 2006. The lady is carrying a shopping bag and the guy at the back is carrying a bottle. I wonder if they're still there...or have they made it to where they're supposed to go? ;-) Mark TQM
  10. marktqm

    Characters on the camino

    Does anybody know the name of the old man who welcomes pilgrims to Boadilla del Camino? He wears a name plate on his shirt but I regret not having taken his photo when I met him by the fountain where you turn the wheel and water comes out.
  11. marktqm

    Need advise. Schengen visas & Santiago trip

    In late April 2006 I started on the camino. As early as December 2005 I have already submitted an application for a Schengen Visa (yes, US and EU people are lucky -- they can just leave for the camino on a whim). It is an unusual sort of 'vacation' where there are no confirmed reservations...
  12. marktqm


    Today is also our town fiesta in my hometown of Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. Guess who our patron saint is... We have our own version of the Fiesta de Toros. Nothing as potentially violent as in Pamplona, though. Check out this video:
  13. marktqm

    A meeting place for pilgrims?

    Back to Martin's original post above, I sort of remember having seen (in June 2006) a poster and donation box at the pilgrim's office meant for raising funds for a new refugio somewhere near the cathedral. Does anybody know of any update on that project? Mark
  14. marktqm

    Poll: Best time to walk

    In my opinion, it's MAY, or just after Semana Santa. Never mind the occasional rain. The fields are all green, including along the meseta, and the flowers blooming. Only downside is there are no grapes to pick yet ;-)
  15. marktqm

    Where can I get Camino stickers/decals online?

    Thanks summer2005 for having the stickers available online. I bought a few and I hope my new car will have something Camino-related on it by Christmas. ;-) Salamat! MarkTQM
  16. marktqm

    Sunrise in THE CAMINO.-Autumn 2007

    Ah those ubiquitous phone/electric lines again! They're everywhere along the camino, sure to render imperfect an otherwise perfect photo. Congratulations, Javier, for that great shot. Not perfect, but great nonetheless.
  17. marktqm

    Mission Sunday

    Last Sunday was Mission Sunday. I'd like to share with you some words from an article featured on the misallete, recounting the life of Fr. Jimmy Afable as a missionary to the Solomon Islands who wrote his book "Sharing the Gift of Faith" after he came back home. His thoughts on his 'journey'...
  18. marktqm

    Re-measuring the Camino Frances

    It wasn't the path; I never got lost. It was keeping track of the distance traveled (or remaining) that was frustrating because those 500m markers seem to have disappeared in the last 25 km or so. I thought I'd be somewhere near Monte do Gozo by 2 PM, I ended up arriving at 5 PM, after walking...
  19. marktqm

    Where can I get Camino stickers/decals online?

    I just sold my old car and I'm looking for an online store where I can buy a Camino de Santiago-related sticker/decal for my new one. Suggestions anyone? Thanks! Mark
  20. marktqm

    Re-measuring the Camino Frances

    Finally! I hope the last stage to Santiago gets re-waymarked as those signposts every 500m have disappeared in the last stretch. I was frustrated in that penultimate day of walking and the CSJ guide didn't help.