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    LIVE from the Camino I just saw Martin Sheen!!!

    I'm in SJPdP RIGHT NOW and I just saw Martin Sheen. I'm 100% sure...he waved at me when he saw me staring inquisitively! Why's he here?? I'm off tomorrow walking. Thanks to everyone on this board for all their help over the last few months!!
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    Lockers at the Austerlitz train station in Paris?

    Are there lockers in the Austerlitz train station in Paris? I arrive early in the morning and don't leave until later that night and would love to drop off my backpack and wander the town for a little bit. Thanks!
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    Bed Bug question

    Permethrin is WAY BAD for cats...
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    Anyone ever use Yoigo mobile service?

    Hmmmm...I'm bringing a Blackberry Curve (8900) which is a GSM phone. Will that work with a Yoigo SIM card? Are the costs the same roaming on the movistar GSM/3G network?
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    Anyone ever use Yoigo mobile service?

    Any suggestions on a mobile carrier that's prepaid (or pay-as-you-go) that would work in France AND Spain? (I'll be returning to France for a week and a half after my Camino.) Ivar, did I read the Yoigo site correctly that they have a pretty cheap prepaid service? I don't speak much Spanish...
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    Bed Bug question

    Please don't spray permethrin in an Albergue. It needs to dry COMPLETELY before human contact.
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    Anyone ever use Yoigo mobile service?

    I'm leaving on Friday for SJPdP via Paris. Has anyone ever used Yoigo ( mobile service? It looks pretty cheap with data capping out at EU 1.20/day and rates sounding reasonable. There's also an office about a block off the path in Pamplona, where I should be on day 3 of...
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    Bed Bug question

    Mosquito spray and Permethrin are not the same thing, though in areas where malaria is a problem, it's advised to use a Permenthrin coated mosquito net over your bedding. I think (at least Annie) is talking about DEET or some other insect repellent. If you spray Permethrin, the bedbug is more...
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    Bed Bug question

    Permethrin needs to be sprayed and dried completely. You shouldn't touch it when wet. I would use it on things you're bringing and not there.
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    Bed Bug question

    I leave in < 2 weeks to do Camino Frances. I plan on bringing a tyvek sheet sprayed with permethrin to cover my mattress. Unfortunately, I'll be on bottom bunks as I've been known to fall out of bed in the middle of the night. That means I risk bugs falling from the top bunk as people move (if...
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    Private Messages / Conversations

    So walking from SJPdP, what does that mean? One per day until you reach Sarria, then two per day until you reach Santiago de Compostela? Or from SJPdP, just one per day the whole way?
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    Stolen baggage-Clyde who can translate it? Is it most likely locals stealing bags? So wouldn't Spanish be enough? "This bag does not contain any valuables, only dirty clothes." Would people mess with it just to mess with it then?
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    PBS Documentary

    Hey, Overlander, I've watched your documentary a few times! Just wanted to say that I love it: all of the great film and still camera work, the commentary, and your honesty. Thanks!
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    BEDBUG update and Villafranca de Bierzo

    Swell. Thanks for the update. I leave for SJPdP a week from tomorrow. Does anyone know if a Tyvek sheet will keep them away (not counting any that might fall from the top bunk)? I'm thinking of bringing one. It's light and durable enough that it can make a quick picnic throw if needed as well.
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    Stolen baggage-Clyde

    I wonder if thieves think there are valuables inside. Ivar should sell a patch that says (in Spanish): "This backpack contains no valuables: only dirty clothes."
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    Just noticed this on the AP news wire ... wD9A7AJ980 Spain: For sake of swine flu, don't kiss the saint By DANIEL WOOLLS (AP) – 2 hours ago MADRID — Spain's Catholic Church has new advice for pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela: Don't kiss the saint. For centuries, pilgrims have visited one...
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    Any bedbug news this season?

    I've heard that putting a sheet of tyvek over the bed keeps the bedbugs from crawling through. Any truth to this rumor before I carry one (though they are light and would double nicely for a picnic "blanket"). I'm thinking it's a slick material and one they can't get through. Of course, any bed...
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    Will I need sleeping pad on Camino Frances in October?

    I leave SJPdP on September 28. I know some of the albergues will be closing for the season (e.g. I miss staying at L'Espirit du Chemin by one day). So will I need to carry the weight of a sleeping pad? With the fewer open albergues, will I probably see a need for it? (Or do you think some kind...
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    Place to stay in SJPdP - Sept 27

    This is fun. I land in Paris on the redeye on September 26. I leave for SJPdP on the overnight train that night and planned on starting to walk on September 27 to Orisson. So apparently, the contact form on the Orisson site doesn't work. I didn't know this. For the last 3 weeks, I've been...
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    Weather history in Spain on Weather Underground

    I love Weather Underground. I've been using that site for a few years. :)