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  1. DonCamino

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    thank you for this idea, done,
  2. DonCamino

    Albergue with no Electricity

    Hi all, my most impressive experience on all my caminos over 7 years! So fantastic. Mass at night, ritual foot washing, delicious dinner with wine and candle light, cosy hospitality! And donativo, imagine: there are people asking, „hmmm, how much should i give“.... Must shed a tear sometimes...
  3. DonCamino

    What did you love best about walking la Plata?

    Hi @JillGat , the VdP is boring, some people say. Some say „so we have seen everything, let‘s go home“ after 100 or 200 kms, ho ho. The Plata was my meditative Camino! Quiet, calm, relaxing. It was not boring at all. Depends on your motivation, what you are looking for, your feelings and...
  4. DonCamino

    Which size rucksack?

    Hmmm, hy @pookiebear2002, first of all i fully agree with @FSP and @dougfitz. AND: i used my beloved 66 liters Gossamer Gear G4, the great great grandfather of all ultralight packs: ~385 grams plus ~75 additional grams for the hip belt, almost ~470 grams (can be loaded with ~15 kgs) for the...
  5. DonCamino

    If you were to choose your Camino based on the food?

    Uuuups, my answer is very different from the other ones given here. Having to choose a Camino for its food and drinks i would vote for the Camino Frances. After 7 years on Caminos in Spain and Portugal i have many memories of so many common dinners together in pilgrim communities. I remember...
  6. DonCamino

    This map is GREAT!!!

    Hy all, one of the last ones (?) is mine now. Just ordered. So long DonCamino
  7. DonCamino

    What to pack for my First Camino?

    Hi @Gibbo147 , perhaps you will find one or another useful idea in my pack list i developed over the last 7 years of walking caminos (starting unexperienced on 8,5 kg :eek:in 2013 (dry and without food!)): So long DonCamino
  8. DonCamino

    A Water Bottle Holder For Backpacks.

    look for Waterbottle clip look here:ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Flaschen+clip&qid=1591444747&sr=8-1 Or...
  9. DonCamino

    Bladder vs water bottle

    Same discussion here: my evolution solution: My point of view after 7 caminos is the (ultra)light one. First i used a 2 liter Camel bladder: 180 grams. Hard to clean and dry. And heavy. Then i used the...
  10. DonCamino

    A Water Bottle Holder For Backpacks.

    You are right. Believe it or not: i bring my own two plastic bottles (30 grams 1.5 liters and 17 grams 0.5 liters) and take them back home afterwards!
  11. DonCamino

    Need advice - Hydration Bladder

    My point of view after 7 caminos is the (ultra)light one. First i used a 2 liter Camel bladder: 180 grams. Hard to clean and dry. And heavy. Then i used the mentioned tube system delivered with different adapters. Almost 90 grams. And daily „fresh“ 1.5 liter bottles (avg. 30 grams for the...
  12. DonCamino

    A Water Bottle Holder For Backpacks.

    an alternative that i have used for years: ultralight 5 grams, 1 to 2 Euros. Can really recommend it. I take one or two 1.5 liter bottles in the back and refill a 0.5 /0.6 liter bottle and click it in the front. So i can drink regularly and am forced to stop sometimes, even just for a refill...
  13. DonCamino

    What is the one Albergue that you would say not to miss

    I agree! The best, spiritual, friendly, warm place i stayed on all of my caminos in Spain and Portugal in 7 years. So long DonCamino
  14. DonCamino

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    That's so sweet of you @Rachael @Kiwi-family . I hope to meet you on the way to buy you the best red wine! 🙏 You're already the angel of my camino 2020. Bon Camino4U DonCamino
  15. DonCamino

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    @Kiwi-family, might it be possible to send me your spreadsheet too? Thx a lot DonCamino
  16. DonCamino

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    Hello again, Rachael (@Kiwi-family), muchismas gracias, thank you so much, mille grazie, danke schön! This will help a lot for my Camino 2020, starting around April, 25. DonCamino
  17. DonCamino

    Maybe Levante for 2020, guidebook?

    Hi Rachael @Kiwi-family, could you do me a biiig fafour and send me your document, please? Would be so nice. Thank you so much in advance. DonCamino
  18. DonCamino

    New? umbrella clips

    Where can i get them in Europe / Germany? I couldn‘t find them anyhwere but at Gossamer Gear in US. Shipping them to germany is .... nope! Have the phantastic HandsFree TeleScope with the clips and the half weight one without any clips, can only adjust them with velcro (really bad solution). So...
  19. DonCamino

    Windy maps

    Hy @All, i use since a Czech Girl recommended this app on the Portuguese from Lisbon. I really love it. Downloading offline maps it brings all the ways in the downloaded area automatically. The maps are really accurate and detailed. Every path in the middle of a forest is known...
  20. DonCamino

    Tips on walking less traveled caminos

    Same here from May, 24. to June, 20. on Salvador and Primitivo But: to avoid („flee“) overcrowded caminos it seems that meanwhile even beginners walk „the more special“ caminos as their first caminos. And so i think, the formerly less travelled caminos get more and more crowded. When i did...