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  1. QuailHiker

    WiFi On the Olvidado y Invierno?

    Two of us are planning to walk the Olvidado and Invierno in April/May of this year. How would you compare WiFi access on these routes to say, the Primitivo? Thanks. Fred
  2. QuailHiker

    Need Help From Lost and Found at Airport!

    I left a small shoulder bag with my point-and-shoot Canon camera inside at the Santiago Airport on May 25. Fortunately it has been found and is being held at Lost and Found at the airport. That’s the good news. My challenge has been getting someone there to pack it and ship it back to me in the...
  3. QuailHiker

    Lost Shoulder Bag with Camera in Santiago

    Should have thought to post here before. On May 25, the day I left Santiago, I lost my very small shoulder bag with my Canon 780is small camera inside. I stayed at Seminario Menor and left via taxi about 05:05. I’ve checked with the albergue and they say they’ve checked with the taxi service —...
  4. QuailHiker

    Go on Primitivo or Finish on del Norte?

    I am approaching Oviedo and a decision on which route to take. I started in Irun and, although the first week was tougher than I expected, I completed the standard stages in decent shape. Since then I’ve probably gained a bit of strength. I’m concerned about all the elevation change on the...
  5. QuailHiker

    Protein Supplements

    Anyone know if it is possible to buy protein powder or other protein supplements in supermercados or elsewhere? I make a protein smoothie daily and would like to maintain my protein intake on my upcoming second Camino. Looking for good options -- thanks!
  6. QuailHiker

    Best Early One-Week Route

    I am hopeful of walking the del Norte and Primitivo in spring 2018 after walking the Frances last year. My wife has expressed interest in joining me for approximately a week on the del Norte, probably early on. I am a bit concerned about the early days out of Irun for her. I think it's practical...
  7. QuailHiker

    Guidebooks for del Norte and Primativo?

    After a great experience doing the Frances this spring, I want to research a combination of the del Norte and Primativo for next year. Checking Amazon, the only guidebook that comes up is the one by Whitson and Perrazoli. How is that, and are there other good options in English? Thanks, Fred
  8. QuailHiker

    Rest Day After Leon?

    If you were to pick one town after Leon to take a rest/off day, which would it be, and why? Thanks. Fred
  9. QuailHiker

    Backpacks in Churches, Museums, etc.?

    Can you bring your backpack into churches and other public places along the CF, or are they restricted due to security concerns? Trying to determine if I need to bring a small, light pack for wandering in towns and villages after I've reached the evening's destination. Thanks! Fred
  10. QuailHiker


    I will be starting from SJPP on April 25. I have had a terrible problem with pollen allergies this spring in the U.S. Anyone have an idea how bad seasonal allergies might be on the CF beginning in late April? Fred
  11. QuailHiker

    Security in Albergues

    I noticed the large albergue in Roncevalles has (apparently lockable) lockers for "your stuff." Is that typical or, if not, what do folks do with your belongings when you wander in town, etc.? I am sure most peregrinos will leave your stuff alone, but how much should you be concerned about your...
  12. QuailHiker

    Training Question

    I realize that training and getting into “Camino shape” is very specific to each individual, but I’m hopeful of getting feedback from Camino veterans. I am a 65-year old male planning to do the Camino Frances this spring. I run regularly (around 15+ miles each week), with a weekly long run of...