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  1. Pipmahoe

    Problems with Carry-on Back Packs

    Hello, Having read many of the posts on this forum looking for advice about footwear, travelling with poles, which rucksack is the best, poncho or rain jacket etc etc etc.....everyone has there own preferences and different experiences. I have now been on 4 different Caminos, the first one we...
  2. Pipmahoe

    Raincoat or poncho?

    My experiences, walking the Francés during June/July I brought a rain jacket and a rain cover for my rucksack. When it rained it’s a bit of a fuss getting your pack off to get your jacket and cover your pack. Then the jacket acted like a sauna as it was hot, the rain dribbled down off the...
  3. Pipmahoe

    Easter 2020

    Hello Larky, Last summer my husband and i walked from Iran to Bilbao, It was spectacular you will totally love it. I have just booked flights for the Easter, we’re coming from Edinburgh, I booked a flight to Bilbao and back from Santander. Book your flights quickly Easyjet and Ryanair both...
  4. Pipmahoe

    5 things most pilgrims don't do on the Camino (but should)

    Live each day as if it were the last, enjoy that day, look at your surroundings, don’t rush forward, don’t think about tomorrow, ENJOY THAT DAY AS YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT THE NEXT DAY WILL BRING!!! Bon Camino 👣😀
  5. Pipmahoe

    Up the river -- Ruta del Ebro 2015

    Hello Alan, Thank you for writing about your Camino. I was wondering if you can help there any accommodation at or near the Santuare de la Fontcalda? Bon Camino 👣😀
  6. Pipmahoe

    Phone the hotel direct and ask for the pilgrim discount ...

    When walking the Camino I have noticed that some hotels advertise “Pilgrims Rates”, so perhaps it would be nicer to ask if they offer “pilgrims Rates” 👣😀
  7. Pipmahoe

    Warning! Alert to women doing the Camino alone near Logroño - Please share

    I am so sorry for our sister pilgrim, please do not let this one demented soul, who must have mental health problems to behave like this, put you off your Camino. Be strong and continue! I’m not sure How I would react if I were alone walking on the camino and this happened, however I would...
  8. Pipmahoe

    Camino Jacobeo del Ebro

    Dear Laurie, Thank you so much for putting my post in the correct place, I ‘m still getting used to the forum, it took me ages to work out how to do a post in the first place! I have been enjoying your blogs, its been my bed time reading for a few nights now 😂👣
  9. Pipmahoe

    Camino Jacobeo del Ebro

    Dear Alan, Thank you so much for your reply. Is there a memorial for the battle your relative fought in? I absolutely love your photo, I think you took it at a fantastic angle! I will certainly use your link to read all the other pilgrims descriptions of their experiences. 👣😀
  10. Pipmahoe

    Camino Jacobeo del Ebro

    Hello Sabine, Thank you for your reply, yes I saw the editorialbuencamino website, its in Spanish, I do speak a little spanish but I would be scared to misinterpret something vital! 😂👣 Penelope
  11. Pipmahoe

    Camino Jacobeo del Ebro

    Planning my third camino but I can’t find a great deal of information in english. Has anyone walked the Camino Jacobeo del Ebro from Deltebre to Logrono? What are the facilities like? Is there a guide book in English? Absolutely any information would be most welcome 👣😀
  12. Pipmahoe

    I lost 900€ after Puente de la Reina

    What a horrible thing to happen to you, I feel very sad for your situation. Did you take out holiday insurance/does it cover you for losing money? I wish you all the best😄🙏
  13. Pipmahoe

    Gite Beilari or Orisson

    Hi Jenny, My son and I did the Camino Frances in June 2018. This was our first experience of walking a pilgrimage and the Beilari was our first experience of staying in an Albergue. Although that first night at the Beilari felt a bit strange, I might discribe it as being thrown in at the deep...
  14. Pipmahoe

    Total Hip Replacement

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I am reaching out to all pilgrims that have walked the camino after a total hip replacement. On Monday night I had a fall and broke my hip requiring a total replacement of the said hip, this happened on wednesday and I am now being discharged home from hospital (Monday)...
  15. Pipmahoe

    Walking the CF for the Second Time?

    Hi Les, I am so glad that you shared this very personal experience with us all. All this time I thought there must be something wrong with me as I wasn’t sure what to expect from ‘the end’, I only felt sad. Whilst sitting in the square beside the cathedral on our arrival, where we spent a...
  16. Pipmahoe

    John Brierly

    Sorry Thornley, I think we must have misunderstood one another. I have JBs’ new guide for the Portuguese Camino, I also have the information, but thank you for this recommendation. In a previous post you Recommended the Miam Miam Do Do guides who recommend alternative...
  17. Pipmahoe

    John Brierly

    Whose Portuguese one?
  18. Pipmahoe

    John Brierly

    Can you tell me if Miam Miam Do Do have written a guide for the Portugués Camino?
  19. Pipmahoe

    John Brierly

    Thank you Thornley, I’ll have a look at that 😀👣
  20. Pipmahoe

    John Brierly

    Hello there, what reference do you use for your camino/ Penelope