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    Question for those who have walked in Scotland

    Hi Paul. You've got many useful replies. Just to add to the general consensus...I based my thoughts on this 'strenuous' first day to Roncesvalles on visualisation of my ascents of Ben Nevis. In fact The Ben is a full 4400 ft vertical ascent from Ft William. The Col de Lepoeder the highest point...
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    Anyone presently on CF but not yet to Triacastela?

    Hi Tom. I saw your message. Last night A friend of mine was in the cafe on the right, after coming up the steep hill. She asked about the phone but was told that none had been found. This morning just before noon I went into the other cafe on the left and was told once again that no phone had...
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    SJPP is Packed with Pilgrims.

    Hi Jan79. I'm starting from SJPP on September 21 too. I'm booked in to some place in SJPP tomorrow September 20, booked into Roncesvalles for September 21, then some place in Larrasoana for September 22. After that it's 'nada'. Like you I'm hoping it's quiet enough for obtaining accommodation...
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    Starting Sep 19- Do I need to carry a sleeping bag?

    I'm commencing from SJPP on the 21st September and plan to be 'on the road' right through until around November 3. I'm definitely taking a sleeping bag - it's a Highland Trekker 'Superlight' which weighs about 540g and is over 2m in length. It's the only sleeping bag that I've ever had into...
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    Alternative Route - Camino Frances

    Hi I too will be a first timer starting on Sept 22. I share to some extent your concern about 'crowds' and racing for accommodation. There's someone named John Lloyd already on the Camino who posts 'Live Forum' posts quite regularly. He was in Puente la Reina a few days back and someone asked...
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    Hiking Shoes

    I will be using Salomon trail/walking shoes as the MAIN pair - upon which my hopes of a successful and problem free Camino are very firmly based. A couple of years of walking experience have endeared my feet to them. But I will be taking other footwear for use after the day's walk has finished...
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    Dithering big time over Go decision.

    My Back Pages - One of my favourite Dylan songs. Those particular lyrics '...I'm younger than that now'. have always struck me. Recognised them straight away as I read your post. Mr Tambourine Man is my absolute favourite - once again it's all in his lyrics. I was 12 yrs old at the time when...
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    John Elsewhere.

    Many Thanks for your reply John. I'll most definitely look out for it in the not too distant future, as I'm partial to omelettes of any description. It'll make a bit of a change from tortilla espanola. I hope your Camino continues to be problem free.
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    John Elsewhere.

    If Popeye had have ever done the Camino they'd have never got him out of this place where you had the spinach omelette. I'll be starting in 4 weeks time. Do you remember what the place was called where you encountered the spinach omelette?
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    Not getting my training time in....

    I wish you and your companion all the very best for your venture. I commence from St Jean PdP in exactly 4 weeks time from now. It's undeniable that being in good physical shape is highly desirable at the outset of such an adventure that we're all about to embark upon. But as important as that...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    That's a very interesting reply Dave. So I'm not alone in having 'awkward' feet.
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Thanks for the reply Dave. Your guide to shoe fitting for the Camino is eminently sensible in every respect. The well being of the feet has to be the most important consideration for anyone hoping to have a successful Camino. It follows that ensuring the shoes fit well has to be the most...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Thanks Priscilla. Your comments support what others have said about how good the Lone Peaks are. As long as they would survive the CF and Finisterre mileage they'd do for me. If trying the Salomon shoes half a size up doesn't solve my problem (they arrive tomorrow!!!) I will be definitely...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Many Thanks. There is a very good running shoe retailer not too far away handily located opposite a sports arena. The staff are very well informed and take great care to ensure that you leave the shop with the best fitting shoe that they have available in the store. They have a contraption that...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Very Many Thanks for this. Within seconds of reading your reply I checked the outer edge of the right foot and lo and behold there is a small but distinctly tough pad of hard skin very very close to where I feel the pressure on the little toe to be. Without a sock this pad is more underneath the...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Thanks for your reply. I'll be trying a pair of Salomons half a size bigger next week and then I'll have to experiment with the socks, as the left foot will then be in a slightly longer shoe than the one in which it currently feels very comfortable. I suppose I could still make do with a...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Hi Pilar Many Thanks for your reply. Your comments on the durability of the Lone Peaks seems to echo the concerns that I've seen expressed in some of the reviews. Would you have an approximate idea of how many miles you did in them before moving on to a new pair? My daughter works for a company...
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    Powder toothpaste?

    Never argue with a dentist. I shall try this 80 dabs recipe. I've got baking soda and a small zip lock bag. As long as I don't take more than 40 days to do the Camino I'll be ok. I had already intended to take a couple of those little TePe brushes with me and it's reassuring to see your...
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    Hiking Shoe - dilemma

    Hi Tom Thanks for this reply. I've seen others comment on this business of going up half a size or a full size from 'normal' shoe size. I've always been vaguely aware that it's not uncommon to find that our feet are of different size. I've just done a very quick check on Google and it seems...
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    Powder toothpaste?

    Hi Anthony I'll be the second person to nominate Lush's Toothy Tabs. I've never used them but we have a store close by and I will be taking a bottle with me in 4 weeks time for the start of my first Camino. When I return I'll post you a review. Buen Camino.