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  1. Introibo

    Camino Ingles in May 2021?

    Buen Camino Baru.Vranu. I'm hoping to walk this route in Spetember so will be following your progress with interest.
  2. Introibo

    Camino Ingles in May 2021?

    Buen Camino !
  3. Introibo

    Holy Days celebrated at Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

    Wow, that's some question. It's a bit like asking how many orders of French nuns are there! Even God has lost track. I know that the Bishops of England and Wales have fixed Ascension Thursday on a Thursday. No vigil Masses on a Wednesday to cover it either, much to the dissapointment of a large...
  4. Introibo

    Icebreaker Merino Shirts - Now a Blend - Alternatives?

    I've been using Janus merino wool tops for sailing and walking for 15 years now. Very hardwearing. The long sleeved tops with zipper fastening at the neck are excellent. They're Norwegian. I'm luck to have a Norwegian shop nearby in Keswick which carries them. Not cheap, but the first one bought...
  5. Introibo

    Confessions during the Holy year 2021

    An Indian priest was telling us they used a similar numbering system as he moved around his very large parish where numerous dialects were spoken. My friend in all innocence asked "what if your sin isn't on the card?" The Indian priest took a sharp gasp of breath and said "I can assure you, its...
  6. Introibo

    Confessions during the Holy year 2021

    A non English speaking priest may have it's attractions 😉 Having said that, in Rome for the opening of the Year of Mercy I selected a Chinese priest who listed English as his 5th language. He turned out to be fluent, so left little room to hide!
  7. Introibo

    The Cathedral as a lighthouse

    "See how far that little candle throws his beams. "So shines a good deed in a naughty world"
  8. Introibo

    Live from the opening of the Holy Door (Dec. 31st 2020)

    Great to have a ceremony without a commentary. On the BBC we normally have Huw Edwards talking over everything and rarely adding anything we can't see with our eyes. Producers seem to be terrified of silence.
  9. Introibo


    A 5 iron and a putter are all you need. Now to figure out who makes the lightest golf clubs
  10. Introibo

    Another British Pilgrimage

    An astute observation. Currently I can fight my way from pub to pub but visit a church to pray? Not a chance
  11. Introibo

    Camino Quotes

    From my own Camino, the stock reply from an English chap who spoke no Spanish "Si.Si. Bobby Charlton".
  12. Introibo

    Lets Build an Albergue!

    Definitely need a resident dog. One with broad enough shoulders to bear the tales of woe you pour out.
  13. Introibo

    The Easter Vigil denied.

    Daily Mass is being streamed live from many parishes during this time. A great way to stay connected and an opportunity for Spiritual Communions. Other churches are available :)
  14. Introibo

    Documenting our Caminos - Diaries, blogs, photos, etc.

    I'm just getting round to writing up my Camino and posting it onto a blog site. After posting the first days entry I had negative comments on the use of the present tense. So I posted the second day in the past tense..... and had an equal number of negative comments :rolleyes:
  15. Introibo

    Still starting my Camino

    If it would help I could live stream some snoring for you?
  16. Introibo

    Walking in cooler temperatures.

    Berghaus used to do a jacket called the Vapourlight. It seemed to be made of nothing but thin nylon. However it had a very very thin layer of insulator sandwiched between the two nylon layers. A fantastic mid layer to put on when having a rest break. Sadly unavailable now, but hopefully someone...
  17. Introibo

    Ultralight or DIY Camera Padding?

    Aye Aye Koilife When I'm sailing I put my camera into a dry bag. Exped are my favourites but other brands are available As well as being waterproof you can pad them out with bits of soft clothing for a little protection. You can also use the locking clasp to anchor the bag and contents to you...
  18. Introibo

    Bear spray rental?

    .....or, always walk with someone who runs slower than you do!
  19. Introibo

    Is it true that English-only is a problem?

    It's all very well learning a few Spanish phrases, but the difficulty really starts when the rapid fire replies start coming back. o_O