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  1. gschmidl

    LIVE from the Camino Local caminoing

    Most lockdown rules have been lifted in Austria, so a spontaneous walk along the Austrian camino route network from St. Pantaleon to St. Florian in a-little-too-warm weather. Almost no-one else around except some bikers.
  2. gschmidl

    A virtual o-henro on Shikoku

    For those looking for a little different virtual pilgrimage, "tobotobo aruku" has been uploading videos of the Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage for the past six years. They have reached 245 videos, comprising 83 of the 88 temples, just today. Since the channel contains the videos in reverse order...
  3. gschmidl

    The "memorandum"

    The latest version of Raimund Joos's guides mention a "document closer to the original spirit of the Compostela" being issued by "the Franciscans" in Santiago, and mentions the name "Memorandum" for it. I have found absolutely nothing on this either on this forum or, really, on the web, so now...
  4. gschmidl

    May 1st

    Since our camino will take place over May 1st, I was wondering. I assume all stores are closed as I would expect on a public holiday. But what about cafés and the like? Should we make sure and get food for the whole of May 1 on April 30th? I also assume Sellos will not be hard to come by or I'd...
  5. gschmidl

    Santiago - Ourense travel

    I'm currently confused and alarmed by what the Renfe website is showing me. When planning the Ourense-Santiago stage of the VdlP/Sanabrés, I was looking at a random Saturday to see how many trains would run from Santiago to Ourense, and it looked like there was one roughly every 30 minutes. Now...
  6. gschmidl

    Sello "timing"?

    Apologies if this has been asked, but I've not been able to find anything. Is there a specific "time of day" requirement for getting two daily sellos on the last 100km? Or could you get one at 8:00 and one at 8:05 and be good? Or should the last one of the day always be from your...
  7. gschmidl

    Camino Dos Faros and Muxiana/Finisterrana

    Hello everyone, claims that one can request the Muxiana and Finisterrana when walking the Camino Dos Faros. As far as I understand, both of those certificates require sellos, and the Camino Dos Faros is not (yet?) a route recognized by Santiago, so how would this work? Thanks!