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  1. nickpellatt

    Any albergues between Santander and Santillana de Mar?

    I also I walked the Norte in May and never did a 37km day. I mostly did 22-25 I think. Check the Buen Camino app for an up-to-date listing of places. I also had the Ciccerone guide, which had some weird days mapped out at close to 40km, but I never did that ... there is always another stop...
  2. nickpellatt

    Day "zero" suggestions?

    I wouldnt put yourself under any pressure to do anything when you get to Porto other than rest and acclimatise slightly. Sure, if you have some energy go for a walk, treat yourself to a nice meal ... but Im sure your trip is about everything that will follow after Porto, rather than anything on...
  3. nickpellatt

    Starting Sep 19- Do I need to carry a sleeping bag?

    The Norte doesnt have much in the way of altitude, so less likely to be so cold. I needed my two season bag on the Frances, which I walked in the same season.
  4. nickpellatt

    Starting Sep 19- Do I need to carry a sleeping bag?

    Blankets on the Norte are very very common, I took my sleeping bag, but probably only use it 5 - 8 times on a 50 day trip. There wasnt even a fight to get blankets either ... I was also using them to make 'curtains' all around my bottom bunks for added privacy and noise insulation. One thing...
  5. nickpellatt

    “Bed race” You should read this before attempting Camino Del Norte in July/August.

    I started on May 1st this year. I didn't pre-book anything before arrival in Spain, and I used the Ciccerone guide book to decide where I was going to stay each day. I found beds OK without too much stress. I was using a guidebook that wasnt up to date and that caused a few problems ...
  6. nickpellatt

    “Bed race” You should read this before attempting Camino Del Norte in July/August.

    I'll add another thought. I didnt do the Primitivo, and I stayed on the regular Norte path. Why? The Primitivo can be a stand-alone trip. If I did the Primitivo on my trip this year, I think it's unlikely I would have returned to finish the regular Norte route. But coming back and doing...
  7. nickpellatt

    What are the differences between Frances Camino(Spain) vs. Portuguese Camino?

    I've walked both the French from St Jean, and the Portugese from LIsbon. The former took me 32 days (30 days walking) and the latter 28 (26 days walking). I would say the differences lie in the French being a much more social experience, with the vast majority of the route geared towards...
  8. nickpellatt

    Santiago, finisterra, muxia

    I walked the Norte to Santiago, then on to Muxia, Finesterre and walked back to SdC. It was then that I claimed my compostela, just the one ... for 1057km. Actually, I posted earlier to say I dont think many people walk back from Finesterre, this is slightly backed up by my experience in the...
  9. nickpellatt

    Santiago, finisterra, muxia

    I've done it twice, both times this year. First time was just a 4 day trip to Muxia, taxi to Finesterre and a bus back. Second time was 4 days to Muxia, 2 days to walk from there to Finesterre and 4 days back. 4 days to Muxia is perfect I think. Especially if you are starting in Santiago...
  10. nickpellatt

    Camino del Norte

    I walked the Norte in May / June ... of the 3 routes I have done, its easily my faourite. The less positive posts of late seem to relate to how easy / hard it is to find a bed ... It was pretty much OK for me in May / June, and I am guessing the peak season is ending, so perhaps it will get...
  11. nickpellatt

    Detailed Online / PDF Info On Del Norte Stages In Case I Don't Receive My Guidebook

    The Buen Camino app was very popular when I walked the Norte earlier this year ... more reliable than the guide book too, although I had the older edition rather than the newest one. The route is very well marked though, and you'll meet lots of people on the way, although not as many as the...
  12. nickpellatt

    GR11 - Coast to coast across the Pyrenees

    I hadnt Tom, but it looks a good resource for hostels etc. My rough plan now will be to camp, should I ever get the chance. I dont like to plan the details of a trip .... I prefer to just go ... but I do need to plan what / where and when, often a year or two in advance. The GR11 is a bucket...
  13. nickpellatt

    GR11 - Coast to coast across the Pyrenees

    Interesting replies all ... thank you. I looked at a number of YouTube videos and posted questions to a few people who have done it, some messages were also warnings with a 'maybe you should do something else' vibe. It's hard to gauge I think ... a lot of the information I have read says it's...
  14. nickpellatt

    Did anyone regret walking the Camino?

    Shame the thread starter never came back and told us of his experience. No real regrets from me ... I made mistakes, and would have things I would change about each Camino, but certainly not regrets. I enjoyed the all, for different reasons.
  15. nickpellatt

    Waking up in the night

    My advice: DONT get a place near the bathroom - NO WAY. Because everyone else will disturb you when they go. Best spot is furthest away from the bathroom ... that way nobody walks past you to go to the toilet. You cant always be sure of a bottom bunk either. If you are young(er) and...
  16. nickpellatt

    Foot Problems Post Camino - What Did You Deal With?

    In 2017 I started the Portugues from Lisbon one week after running my first marathon, (from couch to Marathon too), and I started with foot problems, that actually seems to pass the further along the route I got. After the Camino, and back to running, I had a lot of calf injury problems that I...
  17. nickpellatt

    Santiago to Fisterra and then start my trail.. need your advise

    Is it imperative that you start in Finesterre? Getting there from Santiago, after you land ... sounds like a mission, with a taxi probably / possibly the one easy way. Whereas coming back from Finesterre to Santiago is fairly easy to do on a bus, which would certainly get you back for a flight...
  18. nickpellatt

    GR11 - Coast to coast across the Pyrenees

    I cant use Google, so it wont work for me Im afraid
  19. nickpellatt

    GR11 - Coast to coast across the Pyrenees

    I've looked at some of the links people have kindly shared, and at first glance I appear to run into the same problems I have seen when I looked before. I can't see how to book anything. And pretty much every map and forum linked isnt in English so I cant read it to navigate it easily. Not...
  20. nickpellatt

    GR11 - Coast to coast across the Pyrenees

    GR11 I have a guidebook and have looked online, but not really found clear information about accomodation. Posted on the off-chance someone may have done it, and has first hand knowledge of how it all works.