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  1. vinotinto

    Hand sanitizer?

    When I did the Camino Frances in 2007, I tried to replenish my supply of hand sanitizer (alcohol-based gel/moisturizer) at a farmacia. However, the person behind the counter told me that Spain didn't have such a product. Anyone know if that's still the case in 2011?
  2. vinotinto

    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    I was introduced to Orujo at a private albergue early on during my Camino. After an excellent dinner prepared by the owner/operator and her husband, some of us bellied up to the albergue's bar. "Have you tried Orujo?" asked the barkeep, not coincidentally the owner. "Orujo? What's that?" I...
  3. vinotinto

    June in Porto?

    Hey all: I've got the time off, the desire, and maybe the cash to go from Porto to Santiago (and maybe Finisterra as well) in June (6/11 to 6/27, not counting flight days from the US to Lisbon and back). I don't want to sprint, but I do want to walk farther each day than I did on my initial...
  4. vinotinto

    A 3-Week tour: Porto - Santiago - Finisterre - Muxia?

    Like the subject line says, I'm thinking of doing a 3-Week trek. I've already done the Camino Frances, and this route intrigues me (plus, I don't have the luxury of a sabbatical this time around). I'd probably fly into Lisbon on, say, August 4th, take a train up to Porto, and begin the walk...
  5. vinotinto

    A Message on the Camino...

    All: One day while walking on the meseta, I found the following message on a piece of paper under a rock. It was placed dead center on the Camino trail. Pilgrims often leave messages along the Way for one another. But this one kind of sums up the bittersweet quality of meeting and parting...
  6. vinotinto

    The Varieties of Camino Experiences

    The title of this thread comes from two (somewhat opposed) books: The Varieties of Religious Experience, and The Varieties of Scientific Experience. Based on my experiences on this board, and on the actual Camino, the way attracts people of all ages and all walks of life. Atheists, pagans...
  7. vinotinto

    Pilgrim Menu vs. Menu Del Dia (or regular menu)

    All: Perhaps Ivar can weigh in on this, because the example I'll use is based on a restaurant in Santiago that I believe is named Casa Camilo (at least that was the embroidered name on a cloth divider that I photographed). Anyway, I had an odd but wonderful cuisine occurrence while celebrating...
  8. vinotinto

    Romance on the Camino?

    During my pilgrimage, I encounted at least one couple that had originally met on the Camino. I also saw some pairs forming up here and there between star-crossed pilgrims. Indeed, there were a few women that sparked some romantic feelings in me - especially after some good conversation over...
  9. vinotinto

    Had to show national passport at albergue - why?

    When I reached Portomarin, one of the albergues in town would not let me stay unless I showed them my national passport (in fact, everyone had to show theirs). They didn't care that I'd written my passport number on my credencial - the attendant wanted my actual passport. Later on, someone...
  10. vinotinto

    Maxipads on boot liners...

    Early on in the Camino, I staggered into the Roncal albergue in Cizur Menor (right outside of Pamplona) with sore and blistered feet. The woman who ran the place let me in early, and after I had rested for a bit she drained and dressed my blisters. Then she checked out my boots. After...
  11. vinotinto

    Pilgrim Tattoos?

    Hey all, I did the Camino during July-August of 2007, from St. Jean to Santiago. To commemorate my trek, I'm thinking of getting my first tattoo. For a design, I'm considering one of the albergue stamps, and will probably have it done on my right calf (or a smaller one on my right inside...
  12. vinotinto

    Stuff I took on the Camino (July - August 2007) - mostly US

    Hey all: I did the Camino from St. Jean to Santiago, July 14th to August 24th. I brought most of my stuff in the USA, but also supplemented my gear (or replaced it) with purchases in France and Spain. Here's what I took, bought on the Way, got rid of, and walked into Santiago with: I. GEAR...