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  1. santos

    how the weather in

    how the weather in Mid-may? im think of leaving may around 15 from canada to bayonne other question once in bayonne or biritz airport is it easy to get to train station?cuz iv never been there and blah blah..(i get all freaky in new towns) im all ready my bag is pack up 1 pair of plant...
  2. santos


    hi ppl iv been busy trying not to think of the S***y walk i had in march-april of this year and it hit to hard this week(i had a dream)(again) :roll: and iv besided iv got to go back and do this once and for all :roll: i dont know when but i know iv got to do this by next summer i jusr...
  3. santos

    Part one of my trip !!ON YOUTUBE!!

    it start here where i live then where got off and took train and the train trip to st-pied-de-port .. it part 1 of not much! :cry: of my SO CALLED pilgrimage :S
  4. santos

    leaving in 24 hours

    time is come for me to leave! my plaine is at 6:45PM morow :shock: i land in toulouse mercredi at 1145AM :shock: from there ill get lost and hopefuly make it to stjpdp the same day- week -month :shock: then i dont know and will find out once there i cant think of any of this cuz it...
  5. santos

    journal de compostelle

    Today i was doin a search on de compostelle and i found a journal of some person whom did it in 2004 from montreal canada :) for the ppl out whom can read french heres the link: ... al-st.html
  6. santos


    iv got questions! im leaving from canada-- to toulouse then should i take a taxi? or will i get rip off it about 17km from airport to train station or should i take bus ?is new the metro(subway) line open? then i take the train toulouse to stjpdp (i checked and it about 7-8hours) once in...
  7. santos

    is spanish amost on route ,,

    hola amigos! is spanish a must on route to santiago? cuz im not gettin it iv got 15 lesson and only word i can remember is hola :shock: 5 min after i turn ipod off i dont remember one thing :S can i get away wit only a few words?? cuz i see myself sayin somethin like questa hober...
  8. santos

    ready leaving ...

    got my ticket today im leaving march 27 a few question iv got just to make sure 1-once i get pilgrim-pass port does it come wit a list a auberge and map of where im goin?whats on the this pass-port? 2-i fallow the yellow arows for the next 4 week? 3- what tybe of ppl will see on route a that...
  9. santos

    change my date -2 days

    hi i got my ticket today im leaving march 27 for toulouse then i guess ill take train from there to stjpdp i get in tousoule at 11am i think train is about 2-3hours should be fun never been to france :? but im not stupid i know it 12km to train station THANX GOD FOR GOOGLE EARTH :wink...
  10. santos

    april good month 2 walk ??

    a few questiions i need to know if i leave april 1 lets says! do i need winter-rain-or spring gear? does it rain alot in april? any snow? how cold can it get? :shock: r all aberges open? tnx i need info fast b4 i ask for the time off from work!
  11. santos

    DVD of the pilgrimage my cousin did........

    today is a big day! :lol: my cousin did the pilgrimage in 2004 and he friend video tape the trip from puy to santiago!! :lol: iv been waitting 6 months for this 4 sets dvd(80minx4) :lol: im goin to burn it for me self :D and thinking of getting a vid-cam for my trip next year...
  12. santos

    Cost of pilgrimage and more...

    dont know about the 1euro per 1km!! my cousin did it from puy-santiago(abit less then 2000km)(in 2004) and he only spent 400euro in the 2 months he was gone!! you ppl got to think of how they done this 500+years ago wit almost nothing!! so i say BEANS WINE and BREAD for food!!! so you...
  13. santos

    MAY 2007 Need Info!!!

    hi ppl! i need info for next year!! i want to do the pilgrimage from st-jean-pied-de port to santiago!! i need info on what airport i should arrive by? and if i need to take train or bus to st-jean how much is it about?? any airports in santiago? if not how do i get back to st-jean and how...