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  1. catheriam

    Portugal Dreaming for a Year-Long Stay 2022-2023

    Portugal Dreaming for a Year-Long Stay 2022-2023
  2. catheriam

    Getting Small

    A YouTube ad came on this evening from a company out of Barcelona. Has anyone else viewed this ad from their Kickstarter campaign?
  3. catheriam

    COVID Porto Update?

    Thunderstorm predictions for mid-Missouri and especially Columbia presented a narrow window of walking opportunity today around 1:00 pm. I was in the middle of a video with dishes in the sink ... and I just strapped on my new Merrels and headed out the door to a route I knew was heavily shaded...
  4. catheriam

    Proper Bag Transfer Etiquette

    Oh in Spring 2002, even thinking taxi-backpack meant a frown of great judgment was visited upon one: "This is not the pilgrim Way! Your Camino will not count unless you walk every inch and suffer!" I did not walk every inch, I had one taxi transfer, I received my ComposteIa, I swore I...
  5. catheriam

    Trekking Poles Turned Me into the Flash

    Here's the part your neighbors are missing -- after you have put your right and left feet in and and have shaken them all about, you do what? Why, "you put your whole self in, you put your whole self out, you put your whole self in and you shake it all about, you do the hokey-pokey (arms over...
  6. catheriam

    Trekking Poles Turned Me into the Flash

    Bob, I am in mid-Missouri and "stuck" with the closest waling option 5 minutes drive away, the Katy Trail, a reconverted railroad line which snakes 240 miles through the Show Me State. And is it flat! Flat, flat, flat! On a bike, for instance, one is contantly peddling; grdients vary...
  7. catheriam

    Where did that Town Go??

    So, I am not alone? Whew! My first Camino (2002) was on the CF and in 2012, It thought to repeat it. Wait, what? Where is that town/church/alburgue? It was NOT up a hill, now way! Or, was it? Cartoon of Catherine with head exploding! I was seeking to repeat an unrepeatable memory (a Xerox...
  8. catheriam

    Porto to Santiago

    thank you for the encouragement (and you are not alone; many fools recommend it) as I live in landlocked Missouri and my Pisces nature longs for the sea! Aiming for September 2021.
  9. catheriam

    Camino Portugues

    Me, too! From Porto!
  10. catheriam

    That daily shower scramble - a different viewpoint

    A picture of the highly regarded bucket you recommend and perhaps a (bathing suited) photo of you in action, pleae and thank you?
  11. catheriam

    Is this a new type of shoe? “Hybrid hiker”

    My Hoka One One Challenger 6 ATR are not gulp-inducing for $127.00 from Zappos, and that really is my ticket limit for fabrication designed to protect my feet (although barefoot walkers do have my respect!). However, everything designed to get me on my next Camino has fought gravity and...
  12. catheriam

    Anyone in or passing through Ireland, this Greenway could be of interest.

    What a charming and professional presentation! Every one of the local and business folk who have a few words to say does so with such genuine delight and encouragement. As I plan on a USA- Dublin-Rosslare-San Santander/Bilboa route next year, this is the perfect (as noted in a subsequent...
  13. catheriam

    Pilgrim's office (SJPP) news

    The Way in our pilgrim hearts is always open.
  14. catheriam

    Irish Camino to Camino Frances?

    ".. help to add circulate money into local economies..." Yes, please! I ask St James in nightly prayers for all the help for "US" (those who live over the water) for pandemic relief so we can put the resources we have saved and budgeted and gladly -- hear me, gladly! -- put back into the...
  15. catheriam

    Updated Forum Search

    Your consideration for your Forum members in making searches just that bit easier is so like you, Ivar! Many thanks for your diligence and attentiveness to detail! May we see you soon in Santiago!
  16. catheriam

    A year ago today

    It has been one year -- a lifetime, a moment, a forever, and a "normality" which we shall never see again -- and I think of the elderly woman who stopped me on the Camino in 2002 who asked me to pray for her. I did. With tears, in Santiago, I prayed for her. And yesterday, I received a...
  17. catheriam

    Year-round pilgrims on the Camino

    In 2019 on a stretch outside Leon, a dusty and windy April day, I walked briefly alongside a retired Brit who was living in ... Seville, maybe? As you do, "First Camino? Third? (me) Fortieth? him"!! And the way he answered the question, "40th", flat, unenthused. I took a step back and he...
  18. catheriam

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    I keep walking a Camino ...and flying back to the USA. Autumn 2021 (and that's redolent of overweening optimism) will find me on a fourth Camino. Thinking April - November 2022 residence in Porto, Portugal, with launchings of walks into mountains in Eastern Portugal, weekends in Lisbon...
  19. catheriam

    What is your perspective on this rather metaphysical question?

    Exactly the town I was thinking! If you want some clangor and clang of a big Spanish city, Leon is a bus/train ride back for a weekend of shopping at El Cortes Ingles or several good outdoor equipment stores, dining out and concerts -- hard to remember events where music and people were...