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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.

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  1. rioja routard

    recreation of a 1745 British march The Camino inspired me to do a solo walk in December 2014 from Manchester to Derby in authentic Jacobite period clothing following closely the route the army of Bonnie Prince Charlie took in 1745 from the Highlands of...
  2. rioja routard

    walking sticks / poles

    reading the post about new age bores, the subject came up of these metal walking sticks. Surely they are a high tech solution to a low tech problem! When I got tired or needed more support than my legs would give me I would find a stick which would become my friend until I no longer needed it...
  3. rioja routard

    what has happened to Arn?

    Hola I was wondering what has happened to Arn? He seemed to post so frequently and have so much enthusiasm and I wondered why he has stopped posting. I guess he is on his Camino, setting out mid April, but most people can post from an internet café? It seemed like he was a kind of a...
  4. rioja routard

    To Be a Pilgrim (radio play)

    Holà Sorry if it is slightly off topic but tomorrow afternoon Tues 11th Dec) on Radio 4, 14h15 there is a 45 minute radio play called 'To be a Pilgrim'. (93.1 or 94.4 FM) I've heard it before and it is quite funny but reinforces the nature of just setting off and walking. The message at the...
  5. rioja routard

    Wine: The Pilgrimage BIERZO

    Hola Tesco's have a red wine from the Bierzo region in Galicia called 'The Pilgrimage'. It is not cheap at £6.99 a bottle. It shows Spanish pilgrim routes on the label and Santiago de Compostela. I think it is made in the new world style so may be quite nice. As it is my birthday I will share a...
  6. rioja routard


    My mum sent me a cutting from Shell pension news saying that during an archaeological dig in the historic city centre of Aberdeen a scallop shell was uncovered thought to have been brought back from Santiago de Compostela by a 12th century pilgrim. It has two tiny holes enabling it to be...
  7. rioja routard

    (Fromista) Sahagún to León

    I have now completed the whole Francès route from SJPP to Santiago with one exception. Last July I arrived at Sahagún with painful tendon problems and footwear that had to be replaced. After purchasing new shoes I took the train to León to spend some meditative and contemplation time in...
  8. rioja routard

    LIVE from the Camino greetings from Pamplona

    Hola Ive been resting in Pamplona for a day with my German friend Ilka. I struggled from SJPP to Roncesvalles, recommend taking supplies to keep energy levels up as the last leg I nearly ran out of water and had eat all food. Take a can of red bull and have some fruit handy. I was...
  9. rioja routard

    The Peninsular war around Spanish Pilgrim routes

    Hola I am reading a really good novel at the moment called 'The Mathematics of love' by Emma Darwin, which I can thoroughly recommend. Part of it is set in the Peninsular war which I admit I know little about. I felt compelled to do some research and found it interesting that the Camino must...
  10. rioja routard

    SNCF rail route Bayonne to SJPP Hola The above French railways branch line is under threat of closure. There is a campaign to keep it open. I would like to think of my children being able to take the train instead of a bus clogging up the 'route nationales', a...
  11. rioja routard

    a question

    Hola I try not to ask questions that have not already being asked. I normally do a search and hey presto there are all the subjects answered. My sister in law wants to do a mini camino this summer for around 4 or 5 days with her mother and her children aged 7 and 10. Can anyone recommend a...
  12. rioja routard

    In memory Catherine Roux

    Hello When I saw my French sister in law Claire, last October, she told me that her aunt, Catherine who lives in the Rhône valley had seriously planned to do the Camino as she had cancer but unfortunately her health had deteriorated so much that she was unable to undertake the pilgrimage. I...
  13. rioja routard

    LIVE from the Camino I`m in Logrono

    Hola Im in Logrono, flew to Vitoria from Stansted bus to Logrono. Walking to Burgos. Good refuge here, pleasent town, lovely cathedral. Wierd backtracking as done Burgos Santiago already this year. buen camino James
  14. rioja routard

    request for prayers, spiritual welfare, good vibes

    Sorry this is off topic but I have to go to Court at Truro in Cornwall on Monday to try to restore access to my daugthers Jodie aged 14 and Francesca aged 6. If people could just think of me and wish only goodness, truth and justice to result from this then it would be very much appreciated...
  15. rioja routard

    LIVE from the Camino comedy on the Camino; Speedy Gonzales

    When I walked in July, I got overtaken the other side of Astorga by a large Italian going at a terrific pace. "Don't try and keep up with me", he warned, "I'm flying, I'm superman, Speedy Gonzales, that's me, Speedy Gonzales". He was right he was gone. really made me laugh and I often...
  16. rioja routard

    I'm off at last

    Hi pilgrims / pèlerins / pelegrinos Fly to Santander tomorrow, overnight train to Ponferrada, then straight onto Camino. My backpack is 5.5 Kg and I'm REALLY pleased about that. I assume Ponferrada is around 200km from Santiago; as I fly back from Santiago de Compostela on 9 September, if I...
  17. rioja routard

    Walking for freedom

    Remember in the film Braveheart, they fought for freedom. Well I'm walking for freedom, the freedom to carry on seeing my 6 and 13 year old daughters, who live 350 miles away. I am supposed to see them for a holiday but my ex wife seems to now think I can only have supervised contact. I am not...
  18. rioja routard

    Finishing my camino

    I have done Burgos to Ponferrada in July, planning on finishing the Camino from Ponferrada on 27 August to Santiago if my ex wife decides I can't see my daughters, who are 350 miles away! If she does let me see them then I will travel to Sarria on 4/5 September, need to get to Santiago for 9...
  19. rioja routard

    LIVE from the Camino miracle on the camino (July 2006)

    One day, on phoning my sisiter Elizabeth from a call box in San Juan de Vega couple of miles from the town of Astorga I found a pilgrim’s stick which someone had lost. These sticks become like friends to the pilgrim and they carve them with the names of places they’ve passed through. The stick...