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  1. colinPeter

    Orisson - Spam

    Anyone else being "bombarded" with spam from Started this week, not sure but their email list may have been hacked.
  2. colinPeter

    Nepal Earthquake

    This could almost be posted in the "Other Pilgrim Routes and Trails" section, as so many people make the trek to the Everest base camp and many trekkers have also been caught up in this disaster. Below are some links where donations can be made to help those currently suffering in this terrible...
  3. colinPeter

    Walking with adversity

    Many of us have met and seen pilgrims walking with adversity, here is another positive story.
  4. colinPeter

    Vive l'amour

  5. colinPeter

    "Je Suis Charlie"

  6. colinPeter

    Christmas Greetings from Pope Francis to the Curia in Rome

    ARE YOU GUILTY OF ANY OF THE POPE'S '15 AILMENTS OF THE CURIA'? During today's Christmas speech Pope Francis read out 15 sins that he believed the Curia was guilty of complete with footnotes and Biblical references. These included: 1) Feeling immortal, immune or indispensable. 'A Curia that...
  7. colinPeter

    Orisson opening date for 2015

    For those walking in March 2015, this reply from Jean-Jacques. Our first evening will be for March 28, 2015, weather permitting.
  8. colinPeter

    Lunch on the road ideas

    Very interested in the thoughts of those who've walked the Le Puy route, on how they managed their on the road food, throughout the day. My understanding is that the GR65 is quite different from the "Camino Frances", where bocadillos and tortillas abound (not to mention café con lechie), and...
  9. colinPeter

    Lyon - Le Puy via Firminy (Rail Option)

    I've notice in a couple of threads that those travelling by train from Lyon to Le Puy, have mentioned they travelled LYON (PART DIEU) - SAINT ETIENNE - LE PUY. However, there is also a train via LYON (PART DIEU) - FIRMINY - LE PUY , which has more suitable departure times (and is a slightly...
  10. colinPeter

    Bains/Fay Variante

    Has anyone walked le Puy - Montbonnet via Bains/Fay? If so, how was that route? Has anyone had the chance to compare that route, with the route via Ramourouscle? If so, what was your opinion. Bon Chemin Colin
  11. colinPeter

    The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handb

    Not sure if it has been mentioned elsewhere but The Pilgrimage Road to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook [Kindle Edition] is available through Amazon.
  12. colinPeter

    Rugby World Cup - Congratulations New Zealand

    Well done to all our Kiwi rugby supporters. Very tense & exciting final, the French certainly came to play. All Blacks were by far the best team in the tournament and deserved winners. Congratulations. Col ps. Hope you didn't party to hard last night
  13. colinPeter

    Carcaboso to Aldeanueva del Camino

    Hi Guy's Is there any practical alternative to this long stage? (Other than sleeping under the stars) Thanks Col
  14. colinPeter

    Number of Sellos required

    Hi! Do you need to get 2 sellos per day on this route similar to the last 100klm of The Camino Frances? Col
  15. colinPeter

    Alternative Options

    Didn't want to impose a specific train of thought in the existing If I had to do it over again.. Thread, so thought I'd ask some specifics in a new subject. Anne said... Are there some good alternative options that might be valid for a "firstimer" to consider? And what is the "high road...
  16. colinPeter

    Descent through the woods to Roncesvalles

    Hi, I read in the various guides that the descent through the woods to Roncesvalles is a bit on the steep side. Given reasonable conditions, just how steep is it? Is it only for the mountaneers & military types, or is it OK for average first time walker with trekking poles? Col
  17. colinPeter

    Simple Spanish Translation

    Don't mean to turn this into an "online translation service", but was wondering if someone might help me with a generic translation for "I'd like", which would be OK to use across the various regions of the Camino Frances. For example: I'd like two coffees with milk please. Some online...
  18. colinPeter

    Long Dry Stages?

    Hi! I've read some of the posts on "Bottles v Hydration Packs", much of which appears to comes down to personal preference. I was wondering if some of the "old hands", have found any stages where 2 x 600 ml bottles would not be adequate in May/June? Col
  19. colinPeter

    Special Places

    Hola! Br. David's comment in the "Maps & Guides" thread, about off route or split choice "special places", makes me wonder, which ones others found the most interesting to take. Is there a thread elsewhere that looks at this for the Camino Frances? (Couldn't find with search) What have...
  20. colinPeter

    Locating Albergues

    Hi! I believe that the "way marking" is good on the Camino Frances route, but how difficult is it to locate Albergues along the way. Do "first timers" (with only basic travel Spanish) need to print out google maps etc. to find them in towns & cities. Colin