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  1. ricitosdeplata

    New Galician language series on Netflix

    Yes, Bitter Daisies is pretty dark. Sorry I didn't warn y'all. Thanks for the links for Chove and Bertolina, MarkyD and Oursonpolaire. Is Grande Reportagem in Portuguese?
  2. ricitosdeplata

    New Galician language series on Netflix

    You're probably right. There was only I incident where a sales clerk continued to speak to me in Gallego in spite of my Spanish. I was embarrassed that I didn't know how to even say thank you or the other niceties. Won't make that mistake on my next camino.
  3. ricitosdeplata

    New Galician language series on Netflix

    I just finished watching Bitter Daisies set in Muriás, Asturias,Spain. It's mostly in Galician. For anyone trying to practice their listening skills in Galician this is a good resource. Since it was for the most part close enough to Spanish I could understand it. I wonder if it wouldn't take...
  4. ricitosdeplata

    English pilgrim died in 40 degrees heat near Almaden

    I was sad to hear this. May he rest in peace. I have read that as we get older our tolerance for heat changes since we might not be able to sweat, our natural cooling mechanism, making us more prone to heat exhaustion.
  5. ricitosdeplata

    Castilblanco to Almadén de la Plata - any good advices?

    Taking the taxi if your limitations is a wise move. This leg, especially during the first few days of their camino, is too long for some people. I readily admit that I took a bus to Almadén to avoid thieves since I was traveling alone and the long distance I knew would be difficult for me. I...
  6. ricitosdeplata

    Do tiny rocks jump into your boots? Cheap, easy, lightweight solution

    Dirty Girl gaiters worked great for me. Mine were psychedelic blue. When I posted a Facebook photo of myself found out my 27 year old nephew wears the same brand but with a dog print. @dougfitz I couldn't find the link to the boot guards but I'd like to try to make some that are waterproof...
  7. ricitosdeplata

    Too light? The G4 Free rucksack

    I've considered the same light approach with a Gonex 320 g 30 L payback, but take my advice with a grain of salt since ive never tried it on the camino. I bought a hip belt from amazon and plan to sew it to my light back.
  8. ricitosdeplata

    Tarta de Santiago Recipe

    @Tia Valeria and @Donna Sch, thanks for the tips. I tried the recipe for the 3rd time and this time I did not beet the eggs and sugar before adding the almond meal. The consistency of the batter was thicker more like the one I finally found on YouTube. Funny how that happened. Maybe it's like...
  9. ricitosdeplata

    DAILY -- Forum Meetup in Santiago de Compostela

    The pilgrims mass is at 7:30. A 7:00 meet up may not be the best time. The barista said that forum members come at all hours. Tertulia is a nice place to meet. I read the little book with member comments when I went there a couple of times.
  10. ricitosdeplata

    Tarta de Santiago Recipe

    I've tried this recipe twice and I'm still not happy with the results. The finished tarta is too moist so I'm wondering if I'm putting too many eggs. I try cooking it longer but the edges and bottom start to look burnt. I do weigh the ingredients for accuracy. What should the batter consistency...
  11. ricitosdeplata

    For those who walked in tennis shoes or trail runners...

    Okay, guys, why doesn't anyone ever mention all the rocks you have to walk on on the camino? Big ones, jagged ones, uneven ones, smooth ones!!! If I had known I'd never had brought my trail runners. I think there are some lighter boots around and I would have brought those. I have walked close...
  12. ricitosdeplata

    Heat wave puts pilgrim in the hospital

    I don't feel so bad about making so many stops when I get hot. At 68 I don't think my body deals with heat as well as a younger person.
  13. ricitosdeplata

    VdlP....IMPORTANT: i was harassed on my 2nd day, near Guillena

    Got a bit paranoid after reading this post and mistakenly threatened an elderly man with my trekking pole who was telling me that I was going the wrong way out of Torremejia. Farther down the road a campesino on a tractor yelled at me that I needed to turn left. Just trying to enjoy the walk now...
  14. ricitosdeplata

    VdlP....IMPORTANT: i was harassed on my 2nd day, near Guillena

    I m on the Vdlp right now. I started at Almaden de la plata. Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Glad you're continuing on the CF. I have met fewer women than men on Vdlp and only myself and 2 young women are walking alone. Other women I've seen are walking with friends or husband.
  15. ricitosdeplata

    More thanks, y'all

    Thanks, @gracethepilgrim. I'll do just that.
  16. ricitosdeplata

    What I will leave at Cruz de Ferro

    Tom, I'm sorry for your loss. The reed sounds like a great tribute to your dad.
  17. ricitosdeplata

    Brian Sewell (1931-2015), art critic and peregrino

    Thanks @Philip347 for the post of someone I was not aware of and @timr for the link to the series. I've bookmarked it for me to enjoy when I'm back from my camino.
  18. ricitosdeplata

    More thanks, y'all

    I'm on day 4 of my camino. I'm just outside of Fuente de los Cantos in Calzadillo de los Barros, so my next stage won't be over 20 km, just a little over 18. I hadn't trained much with my backpack so this is an adjustment. But every day seems slightly better. I've decided for now that I'll break...