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  1. Julia Mumford

    Has anyone used a trekking umbrella?

    I'm looking into trekking umbrellas for a Camino trip in June/July 2018. Not for rain protection, but more from the sun. The last two years I've broken out in a cold sore, and I think the sun plays a big part in this. This year I walked in October, and the weather was not as hot. I didn't get a...
  2. Julia Mumford

    Excited! St Jean here I come

    Tomorrow I fly out from Stansted (UK) to Biarritz, then Friday morning I’ll be taking my first steps on the Camino from St Jean. (This is my third Camino and I can’t wait!). My bag is packed (I really should give my pack a name as it’s full of personality!), and I’m ready to rock n roll! ---
  3. Julia Mumford

    Let’s talk budgets.

    Travelling the Camino Frances route, using half decent albergues, how much money would you budget for each day? I’m thinking in the region of €35 a day? What do you think?
  4. Julia Mumford

    Najera to Biarritz airport on a Sunday

    I’m struggling to find a reasonable route to the airport on Sunday 29th October. My last day walking is Sat 28th Oct. I finish in Najera. My flight is on Sunday 29th October @ 18.05 from Biarritz. I could finish walking a day early at Logrono and spend an extra day in the city as transport...
  5. Julia Mumford

    Packing cubes or dry sacks?

    I’ve always used dry sacks to help separate my clothes in my backpack but people on YouTube are saying that packing cubes are the way forward. What do you think?
  6. Julia Mumford

    I’ve just had my poles “pimped"

    I keep hearing stories of people walking off with other people’s poles. Its usually a case of picking up poles that you thought were yours as they all look very similar. I was at a Nordic Walking Festival in the UK a few weeks ago and i got rather excited when I noticed a stand called StixSkin...
  7. Julia Mumford

    Which route in Oct? Route Napoleón or Valcarlos?

    I am torn. It looks like the Orisson will be closed when I start my Camino late October this year. I really want to attend the Pilgrim Mass in Roncevalles so I have a few choices. Option #1 - Walk the Valcarlos Route, and stay overnight in Valcarlos. (Will I regret not walking the...
  8. Julia Mumford

    Refuse Orisson Closing?

    I’m leaving St Jean on 20th October and I’m hoping to stay at the Orisson on my first night. (I’ve stayed before and loved it). My problem is that they don’t respond to my emails, and I don’t speak French. Websites, guides and apps say that they are open from April to Oct. but is that the...
  9. Julia Mumford

    Water bottle or Hydration Pack?

    I am just curious if you guys prefer a water bottle or hydration pack? I have always carried a hydration pack for my Camino's but I have just noticed that my current Osprey one looks a bit grubby, so I need a new one. Or should I swap to a water bottle? Pro's and Cons? Thank you.
  10. Julia Mumford

    Have you any experience with any of the Camino apps?

    I'm considering downloading an app rather than taking a guide (to help with weight) on my forthcoming Camino trip (October 2017). There are numerous ones on the iOS app store and I was just curious to see if any of you have used or recommend one, if so, which one and why? Thank you. Beun...
  11. Julia Mumford

    Camino Passport Rules

    I have a quick question about the Camino Passport. In 2016, I walked from St Jean to Carrion with my best friend and my 14-year-old daughter. We had our passports stamped along the way. We are looking to walk from Carrion to Santiago in June 2018 - and collect our Compostela. I feel the...
  12. Julia Mumford

    The best gadget for the Camino!

    I have just returned from chapter two of our Camino. Chapter one was St Jean to Estella in May 2016, and then we walked from Estella to Carrion De Condes in October. (flew home on 3rd Nov). I became known as inspector gadget by our Camino family as I took a few toys along with me that made our...
  13. Julia Mumford

    iOS apps for history guide

    My daughter (14 years) and I are walking the 2nd part of our Camino in October. We walked St Jean to Estella in June 2016, and we plan to walk for 11 days in October and see how far we get. One of my regrets from the last adventure was not learning enough about the small towns / churches and...
  14. Julia Mumford

    Has anyone used DuoLingo to learn Spanish?

    I head out for part two of my Camino in 5 weeks. My first walk in June was St Jean to Estella, and part two will be Estella to Burgos (maybe beyond). Anyway, I did not know any Spanish on my previous adventure, so this time round I am learning the basics using an app called DuoLingo. I am on...
  15. Julia Mumford

    There IS room at the inn!

    So, I was fretting, panicking and had high anxiety about the lack of beds on the Camino, especially as my 13 year old daughter was with me. I even considered buying a new tent... But I need not have worried. Saturday we left St Jean at 10am and after a painful walk (OMG its steep!), we arrive...
  16. Julia Mumford

    We can't get hold of the Orrison

    We leave for our first Camino on 27th May, and start out journey from St Jean on 28th. I am walking with my 13 year old daughter, therefore I really wanted to make sure that we had our first night booked up at the Orrison. But I can't seem to book, which is now starting to worry me, as I...
  17. Julia Mumford

    Sleeping Quilts v Sleeping Bags

    I am walking the Camino Frances at the end of May for the first time. I weighed my pack yesterday and it was 19llbs! My sleeping bag alone is 4llbs, so that is the first thing that needs changing! I have been looking online and I have discovered sleeping quilts (new to me!). I really like...
  18. Julia Mumford

    Creating a video on the Camino Frances - yes or no?

    Me and my best friend are walking our first Camino in May 2016. I have spent hours watching YouTube videos of people who have recorded their experience. I run a social media company therefore it is in my nature to want to capture everything, but the other half of me is thinking "I would rather...
  19. Julia Mumford

    Has anyone geocached on the Camino Frances route?

    My daughter and I are off to walk Camino Frances for the first time at the end of May 2016 and I was wondering what the geocaching was like on route? I have set myself a goal of collecting 1000 caches this year, so it would be great to collect a few on-route. I have searched the forum, but...
  20. Julia Mumford

    Any ideas how to personalise a rucksack?

    Hi all - silly question alert! My daughter and I have bought Osprey 50l packs for the Camino Frances, however being a popular rucksack I don't want them to get mixed up with other peoples on the trail. Do any of you have any creative ideas as to how we can perhaps personalise our bags? Julia