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  1. ricitosdeplata

    New Galician language series on Netflix

    I just finished watching Bitter Daisies set in Muriás, Asturias,Spain. It's mostly in Galician. For anyone trying to practice their listening skills in Galician this is a good resource. Since it was for the most part close enough to Spanish I could understand it. I wonder if it wouldn't take...
  2. ricitosdeplata

    More thanks, y'all

    I want to thank all of you. Some of you have helped by commenting directly to my posts and others helped by just posting things I have found practical or encouraging or caring, not necessarily directed toward me. Thanks for those balanced posts that helped me from going overboard in my attempts...
  3. ricitosdeplata

    Medical power of attorney for health care and directive to physicians

    In 1997 I drew up a Medical Power of Attorney for Health Care and a Directive to Physicians related to end of life decisions. Does anyone know how a situation in which there is a solo traveler unable to communicate about medical treatment is treated in Spain? The chances are slim that I would...
  4. ricitosdeplata

    Waterproofing Shoulder Straps with Wax

    My Osprey Kestral 38 has a rain cover to keep it dry, but my shoulder straps might get wet since I'm going to be wearing a rain jacket and my umbrella may not be enough to protect them. Then there's the matter of sweat being absorbed daily. Any advice about waterproofing the shoulder straps of a...
  5. ricitosdeplata

    I'm Becoming a Bore to my Family

    I guess my enthusiasm/obsession for my upcoming trip is turning my family off. I just figured it out after spending a couple of days with my sister after a few not so subtle comments the morning I left. At first my feelings were hurt but now I'm feeling I have to restrict my conversation unless...
  6. ricitosdeplata

    Medical Crisis Averted, Seville here I come

    Hola, Camino Family. I've been on pins and needles waiting for final results of a brain MRI and I just found out I do not have a tumor. Hearing and balance issues are probably due to exposure to virus during repeated ear infections. So in 2 months, God willing, I'm off to Sevilla!! Wanted to...
  7. ricitosdeplata

    Converting miles to kilometers using fibonacci numbers

    It's been slow going to have to multiply and divide to figure out how many km there are in a distance in miles and vice versa. When I was using Google to convert I ran into a quicker way by using fibonacci numbers. These are the sequence of numbers that you get by ading two adjacent numbers...
  8. ricitosdeplata

    Aussie or Euro vs US sunscreen

    Is it true that Australian and the European sunscreens are more effective than ones from US? My daughter just cautioned me to try to get some Australian sunscreen because ours isn't as good. I found an article on the internet saying the same thing. Has anybody else heard about this? What brand...
  9. ricitosdeplata

    Meeting locals along the trail

    Apart from interacting with the locals we trade with, are there other ways you veteran pilgrims have found to talk with Spaniards along the camino? I imagine pilgrims are tired after a long day, but have you found opportunities after bathing and doing your wash to speak to the locals? Any...
  10. ricitosdeplata

    Starting VDLP September 17 from Castiblanco de los Arroyos

    Here goes. Haven't used the c a calendar until now. Arriving Seville on September 14, taking a bus to Castiblanco on the 16th and heading out to Almaden de la Plata on the 17th.
  11. ricitosdeplata

    RFID blockers

    I was just on Travelsmith's website trying to find a long sleeve blouse to wear in the sun, when I saw various forms of rfid blockers. On further investigation saw that you can make your own. Do any of you more techie savvy pilgrims know about these blockers and if they're necessary for phones...